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Hectare-sized Zoo Challenge

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by Yi Qi, 18 Sep 2018.

  1. Yi Qi

    Yi Qi Well-Known Member

    24 Feb 2018
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    The goal of this thread is to make a zoo that as its name suggests, can fit in a single hectare/two acres or less. That is literally all there is to it - no other restrictions in what you can do, you can't exceed a hectare in size.
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  2. Neil chace

    Neil chace Well-Known Member

    27 Aug 2018
    I would make the entire zoo just 1 large indoor rainforest exhibit woth free-flying birds, primates, reptiles and more. Of course the snakes, caiman and howler monkeys would not be free-ranging.
    Potential species would include-
    Crested oropendula
    Crested screamer
    Green aracari
    Victorian crowned pigeon
    Bolivian grey titi monkey
    Cotton top Tamarin
    Three toed sloth
    Violet turaco
    Red-footed tortoise
    Caiman Lizard
    Hawk-headed parrot
    Matamata turtle
    African pygmy goose
    Crested wood partridge
    raggiana bird of paradise
    Malayan tapir
    Rodriguez fruit bat
    Crested coua
    Venezuelan troupial
    Ringed teal
    Scarlet ibis
    Red howler monkey
    Cuvier dwarf caiman
    Giant otter
    Southern tamanduaa
    Palawan peacock peasants
    Black-naped fruit dove
    Nicobar pigeon
    Elegant crested tinamou
    Pygmy Marmoset
    Blood python
    Green tree python
    Guinea turaco
    Superb starling
    Taveta weaver
    Red-crested cardinal
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  3. steveroberts

    steveroberts Well-Known Member

    7 Oct 2016
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Hard challenge but challenge accepted, p.s i do not agree with the minimal space the animals are given in any way and i welcome criticism as i know its not a zoo i would ever create in real life. After this i'll probably do a mixed exhibit just to feel better about doing this but anyway here goes.


    50m west-east
    40m north to south

    North to South direction in meters

    2m enclosure access point for keepers
    24m enclosure space (called visitors left for explaining)
    2m wide visitor pathway which runs 50m
    10m enclosure space (called visitors right for explaining)
    2m enclosure access point for keepers

    Visitors walk the 2 meter wide pathway that runs 50 meters
    * the first meter mentioned in animal enclosures is the meters along the 50m path)


    Golden-Lion Tamarins Aviary (enclosure 9m by 10m)


    Lowland Tapir (enclosure 10m by 24m)


    Slender-tail Meerkats viewed over a glass wall (enclosure 9m by 10m)


    Pygmy Hippo (enclosure 10m by 24m)


    Short-Clawed Otter viewed through glass wall (enclosure 10m by 10m)


    Sun Bears (enclosure 10m by 24m)


    Clouded Leopard (viewed through glass) (enclosure 11m by 10m)


    Dholes (enclosure 10m by 24m)


    Serval (viewed through glass) (enclosure 11m by 24m)


    On the end of the lefthand side is still 10m

    this is divided between three metre (w-e) glass terrerians and a 5m (w-e) aviary with a 2m
    visitor walking path between that goes 24m at the end of which is a 2m by 2m toilet


    Land Iguana tank (6m long as the visitors go by 3m from the front to back)
    Green Tree Python (2m long by 3m)
    Indian Star Tortoise (4m by 3m)
    Freshwater Crocodile (12m by 3m)

    Right * from the start of this walkway again (i.e beginning opposite Land Iguana)

    12m long aviary by 5m with: Scarlett Macaw, Blue & Gold Macaw, Great Green Macaw & Sun Conures

    12m long aviary by 5m with: Lesser Flamingos (maybe Ducks too)

    ..... and that's it

    (i toyed with having Binturongs instead of Serval, and having Spider Monkeys or a pair a Gibbon species where the reptiles and birds are {would of been 2m walkway by 8m x 24m enclosure. I just thought a zoo should have mammals, birds and reptiles represented, kind of thought about Bushdogs and Lemurs and quite a few others for such a tiny tiny zoo)

    (the 2m by 2m toilet space runs along the 2m keeper access path on the north boundary of the zoo and does not take up space on the 24m long 2m wide bird & reptile walkway)

    (would love to do more mixed exhibits and obviously space is terrible)
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  4. Mr. Zootycoon

    Mr. Zootycoon Well-Known Member

    3 Jun 2015
    probably in a zoo
    The main advantage of having binturong is that it's much easier to fit them into a smaller zoo, as you can make better use of hight to compensate for limited ground space. The downside is that they are most likely less attractive to visitors.

    Also think about reducing the number of large animals like sun bears, clouded leopards, dholes, crocodiles and tapirs. You're inevitably going to give them less than optimal enclosures. You could use the space better to house a larger variety of smaller species. And don't forget quarantines, storage, keeper areas, playgrounds, more visitor facilities...
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  5. zoomaniac

    zoomaniac Well-Known Member

    17 Apr 2009
    Schwerzenbach, ZH, Switze
    One question: When you say 1 hectar as maximum size, does that mean that the zoo may have more then just one (ground)floor?
  6. steveroberts

    steveroberts Well-Known Member

    7 Oct 2016
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Sorry my bad, its 10,000 sq m not a 1,000 thank god! So thats 100m x 100m
  7. EmmettTheOtter

    EmmettTheOtter Well-Known Member

    27 May 2019
    Washington DC
    Here we go
    This will be small but also have big enough exhibits
    Located in Northeast US

    North America
    North American River Otter
    Bald Eagle
    Least Weasel
    Black Bear

    Red Panda
    Snow Leopard
    Red-Crowned Crane
    Japanese Macaque

    Snowy Egret
    Wood Duck
    Red-Winged Blackbird
    Lesser Yellowlegs
    Green Heron

    Poison Dart Frogs
    Five-Lined Skink
    Eastern Box Turtle

    21 Species Total
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  8. MonkeyBat

    MonkeyBat Well-Known Member

    19 Aug 2019
    I guess I'll do it :)

    Gaithersburg Zoo

    A small zoo in Gaithersburg Maryland. Originally a small nature center in a small park area, it soon blossomed into a cute little zoo with the reception of two orphaned otters. The zoo is a local treasure in close proximity to bug giants such as the National and Maryland Zoos.

    The zoo starts out with a small waterfall and pond. Here you can find...

    Bald eagles, Sandhill cranes, Wood ducks, Eastern painted turtles

    Various displays for the kids are located here., including a large nest and a "compare your wingspan" display. Kids (and adults for that matter) can compare their arm length with an eagle. Another small pond with a waterfall is right beside it. It contains

    River otters

    The visitor continues on a boardwalk. To large covered enclosures contain


    A small displays shows how cougars could once be found in the nearby Appalachians, but are now extinct in the region.

    The visitors exit the boardwalk to a small farm area. Here there is a small playground and some petting zoo displays. There is also a large barn with exhibits and a place for kids to milk a cow and a fake market where kids can shop for groceries.

    Outdoor displays: Guinea hogs, Nubian goats, Narragansett Turkeys, Cotsweld sheep, Miniature donkeys, Holstein cows, Silkie chickens, Plymouth chickens

    Barn displays: Orb weavers, Corn snakes, Striped skunks, Barn owls, House mice, Honeybees, Black ratsnakes

    Just down a slope is the former nature center,which has been converted into Tropical worlds. Two small aviaries along the slope include,

    Black spider monkeys

    The building itself is quite small, and is a hexagonal shape. Terrariums cover the walls. They contain

    Rhinoceros iguana (Large tank in the middle)
    Blue poison frogs, Strawberry poison frogs
    Red-kneed tarantulas
    Walking sticks
    Clown Anemonefish, Yellow tang
    Madagascar day geckos
    Rainbow boa
    Long-tailed salamander
    Alligator lizard
    As well as multiple nudibranches

    A small mini exhibit, called Asian Forests, soon follows. It is home to two large habitats for

    Red pandas, Mandarin ducks, Red crowned cranes
    White handed Gibbons, Markhor

    Finally, there is a large aviary. It is home to

    Scarlet macaws, Scarlet ibises, Spotted whistling ducks, Cattle egrets, Victoria pigeons, Golden pheasants, White-throated kingfishers, Ringed teals, Grey crowned cranes, Chilean flamingoes

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