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Hi from sOUTH aFRICA

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by SouthAfrican, 28 Jun 2015.

  1. SouthAfrican

    SouthAfrican New Member

    28 Jun 2015
    Johannesburg, South Afric
    Hi all!

    I am curator of mammals at a small South African Zoo, I have previously worked for Johannesburg Zoo and Al Ain Zoo in the United Arab Emirates.

    I have joined this forum mostly for advice on primate behaviour (my previous experience is mostly with carnivores and reptiles) as well as DIY help for enclosure improvements... how to build rope ladders, hammocks, feeding platforms etc as well as for help with reducing conflict between my 1.1.0 Red Ruff Lemurs and 1.1.0 Ring Tailed Lemurs in our walkthrough aviary. Sigh the poor geriatric ring tails are being harassed by the female red ruff :mad:

    my care list is of:

    1.1.0 Linnae's Two Toed Sloths with 1.0.0 Goeldi's Monkey
    1.2.0 Emperor Tamarins
    1.2.0 Spix's Saddle Back Tamarins
    0.1.0 Spix's Saddle Back Tamarin (hand reared, rejected by group)
    2.1.0 Red Handed Tamarins
    0.1.0 Red Handed Tamarin (rejected from group)
    0.4.0 Ring Tailed Lemurs
    1.1.0 Ring Tailed Lemurs
    2.0.0 Ring Tailed Lemurs
    2.1.0 Red Ruffed Lemurs
    1.1.0 Red Ruff Lemurs
    2 x 1.1.0 Blue Duikers
    2 x 1.1.0 Red Forest Duikers
    4.3.0 Meerkats
    1.1.0 Meerkats (to be introduced to the group)

    Not a lot but hey I want to make their lives the best I possibly can :eek:

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. Macaw16

    Macaw16 Well-Known Member

    28 Feb 2015
    York, England
    Welcome to ZooChat! Which zoo, if you don't mid me asking?