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How many zoos have you visited? (poll 2)

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Arizona Docent, 27 Jan 2018.


How many zoological parks have you visited?

  1. 1-9

    21 vote(s)
  2. 10-24

    51 vote(s)
  3. 25-49

    33 vote(s)
  4. 50-99

    41 vote(s)
  5. 100-199

    32 vote(s)
  6. 200-299

    7 vote(s)
  7. 300 or more

    9 vote(s)
  1. Vision

    Vision Well-Known Member

    29 Aug 2015
    Antwerp, Belgium
    Thanks for that! I knew that thread existed and you ended up choosing Vienna, but I couldn't find it when looking for it briefly earlier, and the discussion might spark some ideas! Vienna is definitely a likely candidate for my 100th, as well.

    It actually depends what counts as a "zoo" and what doesn't for my total. Currently I count all zoos, terraria, aquaria, bird parks, animal rehabilitation centres and theme parks containing significant amounts of animals (like Skansen in Stockholm and Sea World...), but there's a few 'borderline' cases:
    Sentosa Animal Encounters, which only consists of an aviary and 2 small animal shows;
    Tivoli Aquarium, which is a theme park that has a very small "aquarium" with 3 medium-sized various tanks and a large reef tank (containing bonnethead and black-tipped reef sharks and a large amount of reef fish), but not much more;
    A turtle hatchery in Bali, with 2 'permanent resident' species of sea turtle, though it only consists of a few shallow plastic tubs in a resort;
    And a crocodile farm and ostrich farm in Malaysia, both keeping the species they specialize in plus a few others (cassowaries in the ostrich farm, a few reptile tanks in the crocodile farm).

    Either way, depending on whether or not those count, I've been to anything in between 99 and 94 collections... So I have a bit of free space to plan things around (in April I'll likely be visiting Zagreb's zoo, but I'm not sure if that's quite special enough to be my 100th :p)
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  2. Chlidonias

    Chlidonias Moderator Staff Member

    13 Jun 2007
    MIA (Missing In Asia)
    My 100th collection turned out, through fortuity, to be the Singapore River Safari which is quite a good one to have at that position. But that was when I was on 116 collections - seeing I retroactively (retrospectively? Um, whichever is the right word in that sentence...) just added in another five aviary collections, I think that will shift my number 100 to the Alipore Zoo in Kolkata (India).
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  3. BeakerUK

    BeakerUK Well-Known Member

    21 Oct 2017
    This prompted me to write down all the places I have been to, having thought it was about 60, but was surprised that it came out at 73 (74 if my memory is not deceiving me, and there being a shire horse centre somewhere in Buckinghamshire many years ago - am I just imagining that?)

    The bulk of that has been in recent years when I have been in a position to indulge my interest more. I'd really like to visit more distant zoos, but ancient car and limited funds make it difficult.
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  4. CGSwans

    CGSwans Well-Known Member

    12 Feb 2009
    My total somewhat arbitrarily excludes two butterfly parks - in Bali and at Sentosa - which were both so relatively devoid of butterflies and generally insubstantial that I can't bring myself to include them. I also exclude the Melbourne Museum, which many do count because of its sizeable invert collection, but I think the live displays are such a small part of the overall whole that I can't think of the institution itself as a 'zoo'.
  5. agnmeln

    agnmeln Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2017
    I didn’t even think to include Martin Mere in my count - I used to live just down the road so I’ve been going since I was pretty young, probably from the age of around 7 or 8 years old.
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  6. drill

    drill Well-Known Member

    26 Feb 2017
    Norfolk, Va
    105 most recently the Duke Lemur Centre on 1/15/18.
  7. Shorts

    Shorts Well-Known Member

    29 Apr 2009
    Behind You! (to the left)
    Each to their own but I wouldn't personally include a shire horse centre (there's probably an interesting debate in there somewhere) -it's too close to including a horse in a field for my liking (and leads to including farm parks which seems too far from a zoo for me). Let's face it, ten shire horse centres doesn't equal one small zoo. :D
  8. CGSwans

    CGSwans Well-Known Member

    12 Feb 2009
    One dog can equal a zoo, but it might be a shih tzu.
  9. Vision

    Vision Well-Known Member

    29 Aug 2015
    Antwerp, Belgium
    Hmmm, finally have some time so here's my list:

    EUROPE - 66:
    Belgium - 12

    Boudewijn Seapark
    Dierenpark Planckendael
    Familiepark Harry Malter
    Monde Sauvage Safari Park
    Olmense Zoo
    Pairi Daiza
    Sea Life Blankenberge
    Serpentarium Blankenberge
    Zoo Antwerpen
    Zwin Natuurcentrum

    Czech Republic - 13
    AkvaTera Plzen
    Decin Zoo
    Dvur Kralove Zoo
    Krokodyli Zoo Praha
    Morsky Svet Praha
    Prague Zoo
    Usti Nad Labem Zoo
    Zoo Brno
    Zoo Jihlava
    Zoo Plzen
    Zoo Olomouc
    Zoo Ostrava
    Zoo Zlin

    Denmark - 3
    Copenhagen Zoo
    Den Bla Planet
    Tivoli Gardens Aquarium

    France - 7
    La Citadelle Besancon
    Menagerie Jardin Des Plantes
    Parc Animalier Des Angles
    Parc Des Felins
    Parc Zoologique De Paris
    Zoo De Bordeaux-Pessac

    Germany - 11
    Allwetterzoo Munster
    Berlin Tierpark Friedrichsfelde
    Berlin Zoologischer Garten
    Kolner Zoo
    Tierpark Nordhorn
    Weltvogelpark Walsrode
    Wuppertal Zoologischer Garten
    Zoo Duisburg
    Zoo Frankfurt
    Zoo Krefeld
    Zoo Leipzig

    Ireland - 1
    Dublin Zoo

    Italy - 1
    Parco Faunistico del Monte Amiata

    Netherlands - 10
    Burgers Zoo
    Dierenpark Amersfoort
    Dierenpark De Oliemeulen
    Dierenpark Zie-ZOO
    Diergaarde Blijdorp
    Natura Artis Magistra
    Safaripark Beekse Bergen
    Vogelpark Avifauna

    Poland - 3
    Nowe Zoo Poznan
    Stare Zoo Poznan
    Zoo Wroclaw

    Sweden - 1

    Turkey - 1

    Sea Life Akvaryum

    United Kingdom - 3
    Belfast Zoo
    Llanelli Wetland Centre
    ZSL London Zoo

    Canada - 3

    Biodome Montreal
    Niagara Falls Bird Kingdom
    Toronto Zoo

    United States of America - 5
    Bronx Zoo
    Central Park Zoo
    Prospect Park Zoo
    San Diego Zoo
    SeaWorld San Diego

    AFRICA - 1:
    South Africa - 1

    Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre

    ASIA - 20:
    China - 2

    Chengdu Panda Breeding Center
    Shanghai Zoo

    Indonesia - 5
    Batu Secret Zoo
    Gembira Loka Zoo
    Nirwana Gardens Mini Zoo
    Project Penyu Turtle Hatchery
    Taman Safari Prigen

    Laos - 1
    Luang Prabang Bear Sanctuary

    Malaysia - 3
    Brinchang Butterfly Farm
    Desaru Ostrich Farm
    Sunway Lagoon Kuala Lumpur

    Singapore - 9
    Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum
    Jurong Bird Park
    Sentosa Animal & Bird Encounters
    Sentosa Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
    S.E.A. Aquarium
    Singapore Night Safari
    Singapore River Safari
    Singapore Zoo
    Underwater World Singapore

    OCEANIA - 3:
    Australia - 2

    Sydney Aquarium
    Wildlife Sydney

    New-Zealand - 1
    Kiwi & Birdlife Park


    I desided to omit Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm and Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm as they both didn't have quite enough non-farming animals for me to really consider them. Another omission was Museu Municipal de Puigcerdá, where I saw a temporary poisonous reptile exhibition in the early 2000's, but this is normally only a museum, not a zoo.
    Desaru Ostrich Farm stayed in because they do have quite some cassowaries and emus, do tours and charge entry. Additions are Apenheul (I was even a member for two years, no idea how I could forget adding Apenheul!) and a bear rescue centre in Laos.

    That brings my total to 98, giving me two more places before 100!
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  10. TZDugong

    TZDugong Well-Known Member

    17 Nov 2017
    Toronto, ON
    Just remembered that I saw 3 small zoos in Southwest Australia, bringing my total to 52 zoos!
  11. Chlidonias

    Chlidonias Moderator Staff Member

    13 Jun 2007
    MIA (Missing In Asia)
    When were you in NZ? Did you see any birds, or was this when you were much younger?
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  12. Maguari

    Maguari Never could get the hang of Thursdays. Premium Member

    12 Oct 2007
    Chesterfield, Derbyshire
    I count places advertised as farm parks if they have non-domestic species as well, even if only common species (fallow deer, meerkats, wallabies, etc). If they exclusively display domestic forms I wouldn't count them; though there are certainly some borderline cases.

    The other thing that certainly wouldn't count is anywhere whose primary purpose is sale of animals, even if in some cases they are more interesting than the nearest 'zoo' equivalent (Wharf Aquatics vs Matlock Bath Aquarium, for example!).
  13. Vision

    Vision Well-Known Member

    29 Aug 2015
    Antwerp, Belgium
    @Chlidonias both!

    I visited New Zealand in the summer of 2008, so I would have been just under 11 at the time. With the family we toured throughout both islands, I believe we landed in Christchurch and took off from Auckland. I vividly remember at least some highlights like the Oamaru blue penguin colony, yellow-eyed penguins, Australasian gannets, a royal albatross, a lot of fur seals and a kea. The albatross was from a dolphin/whalewatching boat, from which we also saw common dolphins. We also saw a large cetacean from the shore splashing in the distance, but 10-year-old me couldn't quite figure out what those were. :p

    From pictures I know I've seen a few others, as well, like paradise shelduck, spotted shag, black shag, NZ pigeon, weka, red-billed gull and kelp gull.

    From a birders' perspective now it's slightly annoying I went there when I did, but overall it was still a wonderful experience!
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  14. CGSwans

    CGSwans Well-Known Member

    12 Feb 2009
    Ok, now I feel old.
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  15. Vision

    Vision Well-Known Member

    29 Aug 2015
    Antwerp, Belgium
    @CGSwans, If it makes you feel better, it was only a few weeks before I turned 11, so I edited my post accordingly. :p

    Either way, typing that out weirded me out as well... I can't get used to 2008 being 10 years ago!
  16. Chlidonias

    Chlidonias Moderator Staff Member

    13 Jun 2007
    MIA (Missing In Asia)
    @CGSwans - I think when @Vision visited NZ I was already older than you are now...
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  17. snowleopard

    snowleopard Well-Known Member Premium Member

    1 Dec 2007
    Abbotsford, B.C., Canada
    I've visited 325 zoos in the USA, 25 zoos in Canada, 19 zoos in Australia, 2 zoos in Switzerland and 1 zoo in Trinidad & Tobago for a grand total of 372 zoos*. I tend to go an entire year at a time without visiting a single new facility, before beginning another 'Snowleopard Road Trip' that significantly boosts my all-time total. :)

    288 zoos + 84 aquariums = 372 'zoos'

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  18. CGSwans

    CGSwans Well-Known Member

    12 Feb 2009
    Indeed, it's half a lifetime ago.

    For some.
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  19. jayjds2

    jayjds2 Well-Known Member

    10 Nov 2015
    Like many others, I am in what is (currently) the most common category, 100-199 zoos. My current total is 126, which could grow by only a few or quite a bunch this year. In order to make Bronx my 100th zoo, I picked and chose a few of the institutions I counted (mainly variation with a museum and a theme park that included animals, and a few butterfly places) but now have grudgingly just decided to count all of them. Bronx is still my 100th in my heart though, especially considering I have no memory of a few I visited as a child, which evened out the score. Here they are, in no particular order other than the state in which they are located (which has little significance, I just used this to organize my list initially. If anybody is wondering, the state I have visited the most zoos in is Texas, with 28, followed by Florida, with 21). The year of my most recent visit is in parentheses behind the facility's name. The only facilities which may be countable to some that I don't count are the Marine Mammal Center (no permanently captive animals) and Bluebird Gap Farm (which is just a farm. They have peacocks, though it really cannot be considered a zoo).

    1. SeaWorld San Antonio (2016)
    2. Dallas Zoo (2017)
    3. Fort Worth Zoo (2017)
    4. Houston Zoo (2016)
    5. Cameron Park Zoo (2016)
    6. The Texas Zoo (2016)
    7. San Antonio Zoo (2016)
    8. Exotic Resort Zoo (2015/2016, I am not entirely sure. It is unremarkable.)
    9. Gladys Porter Zoo (2016)
    10. Moody Gardens Rainforest (this and the aquarium have separate admission fees, so I count them separate accordingly) (2016)
    11. Moody Gardens Aquarium (2016)
    12. Austin Zoo (2015)
    13. Austin Nature and Science Center (2015)
    14. The Meadows Center (2015)
    15. Capital of Texas Zoo (2016)
    16. Topsey Exotic Ranch (2016)
    17. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (2016)
    18. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (2016)
    19. Dallas World Aquarium (2017)
    20. Texas State Aquarium (2015)
    21. SeaLife Grapevine (2016)
    22. Children's Aquarium at Fair Park (2016)
    23. Downtown Aquarium Houston (2016)
    24. Caldwell Zoo (2016)
    25. Ellen Trout Zoo (2016)
    26. Texas Discovery Gardens (2016)
    27. Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo (2016)
    28. DFW Reptarium (2017)

    29. Waikiki Aquarium (2011)
    30. Honolulu Zoo (2011)
    31. SeaLife Park Hawaii (2011)

    32. Los Angeles Zoo (2015)
    33. San Diego Zoo (2015)
    34. San Diego Zoo Safari Park (2015)
    35. San Francisco Zoo (2015)
    36. Aquarium of the Bay (2015)
    37. Aquarium of the Pacific (2015)
    38. Monterey Bay Aquarium (2015)
    39. SeaWorld San Diego (2015)

    40. Virginia Living Museum (2010)
    41. Virginia Aquarium (2016)
    42. Virginia Zoo (2016)
    43. Virginia Safari Park (2007)
    44. Busch Gardens Williamsburg (2008)
    45. Metro Richmond Zoo (2016)
    46. Nauticus (2008)
    47. Roer's Zoofari/Reston Zoo (2016)
    48. Hidden Pond Nature Center (2017)
    49. Three Lakes Nature Center and Aquarium (2008)

    50. Saint Louis Zoo (2017)
    51. Grant's Farm (2015)
    52. Kansas City Zoo (2017)
    53. SeaLife Kansas City (2012)
    54. Wild Animal Safari (2012)
    55. Dickerson Park Zoo (2012)
    56. World Bird Sanctuary (2017)
    57. Butterfly House (2009)

    58. Maryland Zoo in Baltimore (2017)
    59. National Aquarium in Baltimore (2017)
    60. Salisbury Zoo (2016)
    61. Catoctin Mountain Wildlife Preserve and Zoo (2017)
    62. Plumpton Park Zoo (2017)

    Washington, D.C.
    63. Smithsonian National Zoo (2018)
    64. National Aquarium in DC (closed) (2008)
    65. Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History (Insect Zoo) (2017)

    66. Philadelphia Zoo (2017)
    67. ZooAmerica (2016)
    68. Hershey Gardens (Butterfly Atrium) (2017)
    69. Elmwood Park Zoo (2017)
    70. National Aviary (2017)
    71. Pittsburgh Zoo (2017)

    New Jersey
    72. Adventure Aquarium (2017)

    73. SeaWorld Orlando (2010)
    74. Disney's Animal Kingdom (2017)
    75. Epcot (The Seas with Nemo and Friends) (2017)
    76. Santa Fe Teaching Zoo (2016)
    77. St. Augustine Alligator Farm (2017)
    78. Lubee Bat Conservancy (2016)
    79. Lowry Park Zoo (2016)
    80. Florida Aquarium (2016)
    81. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park Visitor Center and Aquarium (2017)
    82. Butterfly Rainforest (2016)
    83. Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park (2017)
    84. Busch Gardens Tampa (2017)
    85. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens (2017)
    86. St. Augustine Aquarium (2017)
    87. Lemur Conservation Foundation (not open to the public) (2017)
    88. Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens (2017)
    89. Zoo Miami (2017)
    90. Frost Museum of Science (2017)
    91. Palm Beach Zoo (2017)
    92. Lion Country Safari (2017)
    93. Brevard Zoo (2017)

    94. Tulsa Zoo (2012)
    95. Oklahoma Aquarium (2012)

    96. Louisville Zoo (2014)
    97. Kentucky Down Under (2014)
    98. Newport Aquarium (2017)

    99. Memphis Zoo (2017)
    100. Nashville Zoo (2017)
    101. Aquarium Restaurant Nashville (2004-2006, unknown)
    102. Zoo Knoxville (2010)
    103. Chattanooga Zoo (2010)
    104. Tennessee Aquarium (2010)
    105. Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies (2009)

    106. Cincinnati Zoo (2017)
    107. Columbus Zoo (2017)
    108. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (2010)

    109. Mesker Park Zoo (2013)

    110. Georgia Aquarium (2010)
    111. Zoo Atlanta (2010)

    North Carolina
    112. Sylvan Heights Bird Park (2017)
    113. Duke Lemur Center (2016)
    114. Greensboro Science Center (2016)
    115. Carolina Raptor Center (2017)
    116. North Carolina Zoo (2017)

    117. Brandywine Zoo (2017)

    West Virginia
    118. Oglebay's Good Zoo (2017)

    New York
    119. Staten Island Zoo (2017)
    120. Bronx Zoo (2017)
    121. Central Park Zoo (2017)
    122. Prospect Park Zoo (2017)
    123. New York Aquarium (2017)
    124. Queens Zoo (2017)

    125. Topeka Zoo (2013)

    126. Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo (2017)

    I think this is a very good total considering my age, and I hope it will grow a lot this year! The next addition will be next month :)
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  20. TZDugong

    TZDugong Well-Known Member

    17 Nov 2017
    Toronto, ON
    I would visit this place just for its hilarious name!