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Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens How to get an entry level job there

Discussion in 'United States' started by FrightyDog, 20 Feb 2015.

  1. FrightyDog

    FrightyDog Member

    20 Feb 2015
    Hacienda Heights, CA, USA
    I am currently trying to get a job with animals. I have no legal experience with animals, and I am getting more confused with how to get some with no degree. I am enrolled in college on my way to getting an associates in natural science. From there I am going to move up to Humboldt University to get a BA in Zoology. As of now I want experience to work at a higher leveled job. The zoo is offering a program to be a camp counselor for the summer so I applied there. Is the only thing left is to volunteer? I currently work at In n out and I am a full time student. I go to school and immediately go to work. I need money and volunteering isn't really in my agenda. Any way I can start my path in animals? Anyone know of local job opportunities? Thanks