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Indication that you can be a ZOO OWNER

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Nikola Chavkosk, 21 Mar 2016.

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    17 Feb 2016
    Prilep, R. Macedonia
    Zoochatters, I believe in astrology, it is one of my hobby.

    I discovered interesting finding: Two zoo owners out of six, have some planet or the Sun on the 27th degree in Gemini, believe it or not.

    John Aspinall (had mercury at 27th degree Gemini), and Uday Hussein (zoo owner) had his Sun at 27th degree Gemini (born on june 18, 1964). I only checked for six zoo owners, because I don't have birth date details from others and I don't know a lot zoo owners.

    Do you know the birth date of the Owner of Rare Species Conservation Centre? Or from any other zoo owner?

    I have mine Moon at 27th degree Gemini, so you want to check your details, please check here: Astrology: Horoscope, Sign, and Ascendant / Placidus System

    And this is one symbolic interpretation of the 27th degree in Gemini:

    Janduz interpretation, rewritten by Astrotheme
    "A man plants seeds in a well-ploughed field."
    Generous, cheerful, and hard-working character. One enjoys an excellent health and a happy life amid a large family and a host of friends. Success can be achieved in animal husbandry, or the exploitation of land, mineral, etc., as well as in arboriculture and botany. Careers in science, philosophy, religion, and the arts are also very favoured. This degree brings about fertility in all areas, including in the family with the birth of twins. If in the natal chart, this degree is in conjunction with the Midheaven and Jupiter, it promises honours and big wealth. With the Sun, the Moon or the Part of Fortune, unforeseen windfalls and legacies can be expected.
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    Useful link: (Well-known people with private zoos)
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