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International Transport of Rabbits - IATA Container 79

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by carichio, 8 May 2009.

  1. carichio

    carichio New Member

    8 May 2009
    Stuttgart, Germany
    I am responsible for relocating some rabbits from Germany to the Philippines and have been instructed the container must be according to IATA 79 standards. I have secured a transport agent for managing the transport, but they are trying to charge me on top of their hefty service fees an additional 350 + USD per container for IATA 79 certification. I have obtained a picture of such a container and it looks quite feasible to build one without spending such a ludacris amount of money. In further researching to find out the exact requirements in accordination with IATA 79, I have only been able to find very limited information without buying the handbook for 100+ USD. Would anyone with knowledge of this requirement be able to share some details about what is required for the container or perhaps share with me a way of getting a fair price on such a container.

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