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Invertebrate Exhibits

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Zoovolunteer, 3 Jul 2013.

  1. Zoovolunteer

    Zoovolunteer Well-Known Member

    4 Dec 2008
    Some zoos have quite large exhibits of various invertebrates, but aside from butterfly houses invertebrates are hard to make into an interesting exhibit for the average visitor, as many spend a lot of their time motionless (at least in daylight). What species does your local zoo show and what are the best displays you have seen?
  2. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    The two best Insectariums I have seen were at the St. Louis, and the award winning World of the Insect at the Cincinnati Zoo. If you come by tomorrow and go to my "Moebelle's Zootubes" thread I will have a video tour posted of the building.

    Here's a list of the species exactly in order at World of the Insect.

    *What is an Insect?: Green-leaf Cockroach, Emerald Beetle, Vinegaroon, Amazon Millipede, Blue Death Feining Beetle, Mexican Red-knee Tarantula, Zebra Bug, Togo Tarburst Tarantula, Bat Cave Cockroach, Giant Jumping Stick, Cave Whip Spider.
    *Success of the Insect: Red-eyed Assassin Bug, Magnificent Flower Beetle, Florida Orb Weaver Spider, Emperor Scorpion.
    *What Insects Eat: Jade-headed Buffalo Beetle, Thorny Devil, Domino Roch, Brown Recluse Spider, Desert Hairy Scorpion, Giant Black Stag Beetle, Honey Ant.
    *Defense and Escape: Emperor Scorpion, Tin Foil Beetle, Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, Sunburst Diving Beetle.
    *What Eats Insects: Blue Spiny Lizard, Black Tree Monitor, Rough Green Snake, Dyeing Poison Dart Frog, Madagascar Giant Day Gecko, African Helmeted Turtle, Emperor Tamarin.
    *Insects in Motion: Australian Walking Stick/Giant Spiny Leaf Insect, Water Scavenger Beetle, Giant Water Bug, Water scorpion, Water Strider.
    *Naked Mole Rat: A Termite-Like Mammal: Naked Mole Rat
    *Egg to Adult: White-eyed Assassin Bug, Yellow-bellied Beetle.
    *Insect Lifestyles: Taxicab Beetle, Green Leaf Katydid, Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Goliath Bird Eater, Malayan Leaf Katydid, Giant Cockroach, Bullet Ant, Giant Walking Stick/Malayan Leaf Katydid, Leaf-cutter Ant, Big headed Ant, Honeybee.
    *Butterfly Rainforest: African-helmeted Turtle, African Pygmy Goose, Jambu Fruit Dove, Spangled Cotinga, West Peruvian Dove, White-naped Pheasant Pigeon, Golden-headed Manakin, Blue Ground Dove, Passion Flower Butterfly.
  3. TheOnlineZoo

    TheOnlineZoo Well-Known Member

    13 Jul 2013
    Austin, Texas, USA
    In addition to the Cincinnati Zoo and the Saint Louis Zoo (both of which are great), there is a nice insectarium in New Orleans. The Audubon Buttefly Garden and Insectarium is owned by the same company that owns the zoo and aquarium in New Orleans.

    Many zoos and other facilities have smaller insect exhibits, including Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, and the Museum of Life & Science in Durham, North Carolina.

    As for non-insect invertebrates, most aquariums have a decent selection scattered throughout their facility, but I can't recall seeing any invertebrate exhibits of a significant size.