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Jaguar Cubs, Singapore Zoo

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by JonnyS18, 22 Oct 2009.

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    30 Apr 2009
    After 6 Years Singapore Zoo is Able to Successfully Breed Jaguars Zoo and Aquarium Visitor News

    Singapore Zoo is on a roll with the latest addition to the jaguar family following the birth of a cub in July this year. The father and mother of the recent cub is Kahn and Angel respectively and can be spotted at the zoo’s Cat Country. Prior to the recent birth, two cubs Shamu and Shala, male and female, were born in 2003.

    “The cub is out of the off-exhibit den and yard, and is well and healthy. Its mother, Angel is quite protective as is usually the case. For the past few months, the cub has been closely monitored to ensure its safety and health. When it reaches three months old and more, the cub would have been weaned and ready to join both parents. Our zookeepers and veterinarians are ecstatic over the recent birth. With the right partner for our animals, we are committed to boosting the population of animal species which are facing ever more threats to their survival in the wild,” said Mr Biswajit Guha, Assistant Director, Zoology, Singapore Zoo.

    The father is currently in a separate holding area from its mate and cub. In the wild, a jaguar mother may separate from her partner after mating, and she would then be left to give birth and care for the cub alone.