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Japanese Aquariums

Discussion in 'Japan' started by snowleopard, 11 Jan 2015.

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    1 Dec 2007
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    Through doing online research and speaking with zoo nerds over the years it appears that one of the great countries in terms of aquariums is Japan. That island nation has long had a history with the surrounding ocean and according to a recent issue of International Zoo News there are at least 66 accredited aquariums in the nation. Interestingly enough there are apparently 86 accredited zoos, making Japan one of the few countries on Earth where there are almost as many aquariums as zoos. By comparison the United States has at least 120 aquariums but also 600 zoos. However, in terms of quality it seems that Japan is a strong candidate for having many top-class aquariums and the link below has short profiles (and further links) to 16 of the very best aquariums to be found in Japan.

    Aquariums in Japan