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Jersey zoo / Durrell Trust - Old issues of Solitaire ?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Onychorhynchus coronatus, 13 Dec 2020.

  1. Onychorhynchus coronatus

    Onychorhynchus coronatus Well-Known Member

    30 Sep 2019
    Does anyone know where I can find online old editions of "The Solitaire" journal from the early 2000's or just general newsletters from this period ?

    I've been writing a history of Jersey zoo's ex-situ conservation programes for the 1990's for a thread.

    So far have been getting a decent amount of information from old editions of "The Dodo" journal and just general literature searches.

    Around 2000 the journal changed name to "The Solitaire" and the only editions I can find of this are from the past five years.

    Thanks in advance guys !
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