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Shaldon Wildlife Trust Keeper for the day Shaldon Zoo

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Paulag, 4 May 2011.

  1. Paulag

    Paulag Member

    27 Feb 2011
    UK Midlands
    Just had a super day at Shaldon Zoo in Devon on their keeper for a day scheme. A wonderful opportunity to meet many of the lovely smaller species that they keep there such as lemurs, marmosets and capuchins. I am particularly fond of the potoroos, agouti and Madagascan giant jumping rats, which came out for their food and you so rarely get to see these lovely creatures in daylight.

    They also have some new species such as the Saki Monkeys and we got the amazing chance to see the owston's palm civet up close.

    Highly recommended and wonderful value for money.