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Kolkata zoo zooms in on rowdy visitors - Times of India

Discussion in 'Google News: Zoos' started by RSS, 29 Oct 2015.

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    <table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="7" style="vertical-align:top;"><tr><td width="80" align="center" valign="top"><font style="font-size:85%;font-family:arial,sans-serif"></font></td><td valign="top" class="j"><font style="font-size:85%;font-family:arial,sans-serif"><br><div style="padding-top:0.8em;"><img alt="" height="1" width="1"></div><div class="lh"><a href=""><b>Kolkata <b>zoo</b> zooms in on rowdy visitors</b></a><br><font size="-1"><b><font color="#6f6f6f">Times of India</font></b></font><br><font size="-1">KOLKATA: A young man first tries to scale the grille fence and enter the enclosure of Babu, a 31year-old chimpanzee, at Alipore <b>zoo</b>. Though stopped by a security guard, the youth does not give up: He starts tossing fruit and popcorn packets inside the <b>...</b></font><br><font size="-1" class="p"></font><br><font class="p" size="-1"><a class="p" href=""><nobr><b></b></nobr></a></font></div></font></td></tr></table> More...