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lets buy jumbo

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Coquinguy, 16 Nov 2006.

  1. Coquinguy

    Coquinguy Well-Known Member

    30 Aug 2005
    the only african elephant in new zealand, 40 year old Jumbo, is for sale! lets buy her.
  2. patrick

    patrick Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2004
    melbourne, victoria, australia
    i read she was only 20 something. but you are probably right. i think she should go to dubbo, be with other africans. at the very least she may get some company from the asian elephants in auckland. they seem totally dis-interested in breeding elephants, so the least they can do is take in another animal. whatever happens i think its totally unfair to expect her to have to live out the remainder of her life alone and i hope she isn't just sold to a private individual (who has no other elephants).

    shits me that circus owners get years of service from these animals and then rather than retire them by donating them to the best home, they try to sell them and make a quick buck..
  3. Jarkari

    Jarkari Well-Known Member

    24 Aug 2006
    Orange, NSW
    Buying Jumbo

    Hi Guys.
    Is there anyone who would be able to get the details of Jumbo's owner, as in contact details... Would be appreciated if someone could help me out... I'm in Sri Lanka working with a big Tusker Bull at the moment and the interent here is ****. But I am interested very much in helping old jumbo finda nice place to live, preferably with africans. Can't give out too much at the moment until i get back in the country, be appreciated guys... thanks