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Link to 'my' spare guide list

Discussion in 'Zoo Memorabilia' started by zoospud, 26 Dec 2008.

  1. zoospud

    zoospud Well-Known Member

    28 Jul 2007
    Chester, UK.
    Dear All

    I update my spares list several times each month and then email upon request. However, this can cause confusion with people requesting guides I have already promised.

    So in 2009 I am going to try a new system. I am planning to maintain my list via a sub section of my personal home page.

    < Zoospud Spares > .

    I am not sure this concept will work but if anyone else has an on-line spares list they wish to be 'open' then may be they could add their link to this tread. Just to keep things tidy !

    If anyone is interested in any of my spares then please contact me either by email or by Private Message.

    Cheers, Zoospud.