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Edinburgh Zoo List of Species On Exhibit 04/01/15

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by lowland anoa, 23 Feb 2015.

  1. lowland anoa

    lowland anoa Well-Known Member

    29 Dec 2014
    Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
    I will try to list all species that were on exhibit when I last visited Edinburgh Zoo

    Entrance Enclosure:
    Aviaries near the monkey house:
    Eastern white pelican
    Black stork
    Waldrapp ibis, Madagascar Teal
    Steller's sea eagle
    East crowned crane, Hamerkop, Kirk's dik-dik, Teal?
    Vivarium near sea eagles:
    Leopard gecko
    Hunting dog enclosure:
    Painted dog
    Monkey house:
    Diana monkey
    Yellow-breasted capuchin
    Barbary Ape
    Black howler
    Red-bellied lemur
    Crowned lemur
    L'Hoest monkey
    Panda experience :
    Giant panda
    Penguin Rock:
    King penguin, Gentoo penguin, Northern rockhopper penguin
    Enclosure near Mansion House:
    Red river hog
    Taiwan beauty snake
    Pygmy Hippo
    Asian small-clawed otter
    Gelada enclosure:
    Gelada baboon
    Brilliant Birds Entrance tanks:
    Leafcutter Ants
    Blind cave fish
    Figure 8 pufferfish
    Banded archer fish
    Blue poison dart frog, Anthony's poison frog
    Pied Imperial pigeon, Bali myna, Java sparrow, Red junglefowl, Mindanao bleeding-heart, Nicobar pigeon, Victoria crowned pigeon, blue-crowned laughingthrush, Chestnut-backed thrush, Montserrat oriole, Lilac-breasted roller, Andean cock-of-the-rock
    Enclosures near sun bears:
    Visayan spotted deer, Visayan warty pig
    Eurasian eagle owl
    Javan Banteng
    Azara's agouti, Southern pudu
    Buff-cheeked gibbon
    Dwarf mongoose
    Egyptian vulture
    Cats row:
    Scottish wildcat
    Sumatran tiger
    Asian lion
    Sun bear exhibit:
    Malayan sun bear
    Seabird enclosure:
    African Plains
    Nyala, Lesser Kudu, Grevy's zebra
    Exhibts near AP:
    Eastern Kiang
    Kuhl's hog deer
    Koala Territory:
    Queensland Koala

    Part 2 coming soon.