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San Diego Zoo Safari Park List of Species on Exhibit 1-4-2014 SD Safari Park

Discussion in 'United States' started by sandiegomaster, 5 Jan 2014.

  1. sandiegomaster

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    21 Apr 2010
    San Diego, Ca, USA
    List of species on exhibit at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park 1-4-2014

    Inspired by geomorph and his great post I will attempt to do the same, list every species on exhibit. I will be listing the animals based on the path that I took today which took 5.5 hours with a pregnant wife, four kids (only one is mine) and my sister. We started at 11 am and the zoo was so full that we ended up parking at the third to last row in the parking lot. I have never seen the zoo this full without it being a weekend in the summer. Find a copy of the parks map and follow along.

    First things first,

    Entrance Area, (2 pathways, one through a aviary and one around it)
    We started through the aviary and ended the day going the other way.

    Wings of the World (walkthrough aviary, 28 bird species)
    Southern bald ibis
    African openbill stork
    Falcated duck
    Bartlett’s bleeding-heart dove
    African spoonbill
    Ringed teal
    White-winged wood duck
    Scarlet ibis
    Northern purple roller
    Victoria crowned pigeon
    Roseate spoonbill
    Wattled starling
    Surinam crested oropendola
    Madada ibis
    Nicobar pigeon
    Ocellated turkey
    Taveta golden weaver
    White-headed lapwing
    Green imperial-pigeon
    Storm’s stork
    Red-crested turaco
    Elegant crested tinamou
    Golden-breasted starling
    Red-breasted merganser
    Hawaiian goose
    Black-bellied whistling duck
    Himalayan monal

    Flamingo Exhibit (3 birds)
    Just past the aviary and right before an animal ambassador stage
    Chilean Flamingo
    Moluccan radjah shelduck
    White-faced whistling duck

    Exhibits by wooden structure of the lagoon.
    Southwest African meerkat

    Exhibit on opposite side of meerkats
    Storm’s stork (also in wings of world aviary)
    Bar-headed goose
    Common shelduck
    Red-breasted goose

    Shares back wall of meerkats exhibit
    Black duiker

    Nairobi Station (2 exhibits, then a nursery)
    Fennic fox
    Ornate monitor
    Lion cubs in the nursery

    Nairobi Station past nursery (11 exhibits)
    Lesser hedgehog tenrec
    Pancake tortoise
    African bullfrog
    Blotched blue-tongued skink
    Black milksnake
    Whites tree frog
    Ball python
    Sugar Glider
    African Grey Parrot
    One empty cage

    Exhibit on Other side of Nairobi Station, just past the black duiker (1 enclosure)
    Red-knobbed Hornbill
    Malay Great Argus Pheasant

    Local birds sign on lagoon
    Black-crowned night heron
    Northern pintail

    Exhibit seen from wooden bridge in lagoon
    Empty exhibit being remodeled

    Lagoon Birds (13 birds)
    Red-crested Pochard
    Bar-headed Goose
    Swan Goose
    White-faced Whistling Duck
    Orinoco Goose
    South African Shelduck
    White-breasted Cormorant
    Shoebill Stork
    African Darter
    Red-crested Pochard
    Pink-backed Pelican
    Bar-backed Pelican
    Black-crowned Night Heron

    Old Lemur Island
    Just a bunch of local ducks

    Kalahari Cupboard (I swear it says that on the map) 2 exhibits

    Red River Hog

    Other Exhibit
    Cavendish’s Dik Dik

    Here they have built a boat playground that has seating for the restaurant on the boat and a net so kids can climb down into a play area.

    Across from the boat (1 building exhibit)

    Rodrigues (Flying Fox) Fruit Bat

    From here there are several restaurants before coming up to Lorikeet landing, which we looked in and then walked to the Hidden Jungle

    Lorikeet Landing (walkthrough aviary) (1 bird)
    Rainbow Lorikeet

    Hidden Jungle Entrance Cave (17 exhibits)
    White-eyed Assassin Bug
    Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (2 exhibits)
    Emperor Scorpion (2 exhibits)
    Angolan Python
    Tropical Girdled Lizard
    Pancake Tortoise
    African Giant Millipede
    Giant Lead-tailed gecko
    Madagascar Tree Boa
    Mali Uromastyx
    Banded Velvet Gecko
    Mombassa Golden Starburst Tarantula
    Horned Baboon Tarantula
    Empty exhibit
    Fort Hall Baboon Tarantula

    Hidden Jungle First Walkthrough Aviary (14 birds)
    Purple-crested Turaco
    Black-cheeked Lovebird
    Blue-capped Cordon-bleu
    African Fire-finch
    Magpie Mannikin
    Purple Grenadier
    Long-tailed Paradise-whydah
    Northern Red Bishop
    Pink Pigeon
    Speckled Mousebird
    Pin-tailed Whydah
    Melba Finch
    Lavender Waxbill
    African Pygmy Goose

    Hidden Jungle Second Walkthrough Aviary (18 birds)
    Black-cheeked Lovebird
    Hottentot Teal
    Green Woodhoopoe
    Ross’s Turaco
    Marbled Teal
    Long-toed Lapwing
    Oriole Warbler
    Yellow-crowned Gonolek
    Reichenow’s Helmeted Guineafowl
    White-headed Buffalo Weaver
    Black Heron
    Speckled Mousebird
    Superb Starling
    Eastern Hammerkop
    Taveta Golden Weaver
    Red-capped Cardinal
    White-crowned Robin-chat
    Old World Comb Duck

    The hidden jungle ends just past the lorikeet landing

    2 exhibits behind Lorikeet landing

    Exhibit one (2 birds)
    Congo Peafowl
    Great Blue Turaco

    Exhibit two (5 birds)
    Bearded Barbet
    Crested Guineafowl
    Madagascar Crested Ibis
    Red-billed Pintail
    Old World Comb Duck

    Now down the path to a fork in the road, one way leads to the tram the other to the gorillas, we went towards the tram.

    Walkthrough Exhibit
    Ring-tailed Lemur

    Now we go down the elevator and start the Africa loop and the first area

    Africa Woods (7 exhibits) animals in same exhibit are separated by a coma
    Eastern Giant Eland
    Sudan Red-fronted Gazelle
    Hooded Vulture, Western Eqyptian Vulture, South African Shelduck
    Yellow-backed Duiker, Okapi
    Southern Gerenuk, Kori Bustard, Western Red-flanked Duiker, Demoiselle Crane
    East African Crowned Crane

    Africa Outpost (7 exhibits, big lagoon)
    European White Stork, Secretary Bird, Kori Bustard
    Local Hummingbirds sign with plants to attract them. Not counting as exhibit. (Black-chinned Hummingbird, Anna’s Hummingbird, Costa’s Hummingbird, Allen’s Hummingbird)
    Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
    Southern Warthog, South African Bat-eared Fox
    Lesser Flamingo (big lagoon)
    Kikuyu Colobus (island exhibit)
    Greater Flamingo (big lagoon)
    Empty exhibit (Jameson research island)
    African Sacred Ibis (island exhibit)
    Abdim’s Stork (island exhibit)
    South African Cheetah
    Southern Steenbok, Kori Bustard, West African Crowned Crane, Abdim’s Stork

    Next is probably the part everyone is most excited about. I wrote down every name as the guide pointed them out, hopefully I didn’t mix any of them up.

    Loading barn


    Africa plains exhibit
    Grant’s Gazelle
    Thomson’s Gazelle
    Kenya Impala
    Fringe eared Oryx
    Reticulated Giraffe
    East African Crowned Crane
    Marabou Stork
    Southern White Rhinoceros
    Yellow-billed Stork
    East African Sitatunga
    Nile Lechwe
    Lake Victoria Defassa Waterbuck
    Masai giraffe (not sure if he was right about this since he said it was in the other yard as well)

    South African Cheetah

    Greater Flamingo

    Single yard
    East African Black Rhino

    Island in large yard
    Dalmatian Pelican
    Great White Pelican

    Desert Exhibit

    Marsh (saw at least five different bird species)
    Blue Crane (I believe I saw it, not confirmed by driver)
    Yellow-billed Stork
    Goliath Herons (I believe I saw it, not confirmed by driver)
    Egyptian Geese (I believe I saw it, not confirmed by driver)
    Western Rueppell’s Vulture

    Single Exhibit with a baby born one hour ago
    Soemmering’s Gazelle

    Large yard
    Ellipsen Waterbuck
    Sable Antelope
    Patterson’s Eland
    Masai Giraffe
    Blue Wildebeest
    Cape Buffalo
    Northern White Rhino
    South African Springbok
    Rothschild’s Giraffe

    Right side Exhibit
    Somali Wild Ass
    Barbary sheep

    Up top hard to see, tram guy said they were there but no detail
    Ibex (unknown)
    Sheep (unknown)

    Back to top of large yard
    Uganda Kob
    Greater Kudu
    Roan Antelope

    Northern Side of Bridge

    West African Crowned Crane
    East African Bongo Antelope
    Red-fronted Gazelle
    Pink-backed Pelican
    Dalmatian Pelican (he said it was a second group they keep separate for genetic purposes)

    Exhibit cut into the large yard with a newborn
    Grevy’s Zebra

    Exhibit on top of the hill
    Ankole Cattle
    Barbary Stag (Red Deer)

    Other animals that I didn’t see today that are in the fields somewhere according to lots of signs
    East African Kori Bustard
    Black Spur-winged Goose
    Scimitar-horned Oryx
    Saddlebill Stork
    Southern Ground Hornbill
    African Sacred Ibis
    Red or Zambesi Lechwe
    European White Stork

    I asked the tram guy afterwards if there was any animal that he didn’t mention and wasn’t on the signs that was out there are he said

    Now I need help with this list, if there are any more animals that anyone knows about on the tram, lets add them to the list.

    Lion exhibit just after the tram

    African Lion

    Cheetah run is across from the lion exhibit

    Africa Plains Enclosure that is just before the Asia Enclosure that can’t be seen without a behind the scenes tour
    Grant’s Gazelle
    Thomson’s Gazelle
    Kenya Impala
    Fringe eared Oryx
    Reticulated Giraffe
    East African Crowned Crane
    Marabou Stork
    Southern White Rhinoceros
    Yellow-billed Stork
    East African Sitatunga
    Nile Lechwe
    Lake Victoria Defassa Waterbuck

    Tiger Exhibit
    Sumatran Tiger

    Must turn around and go back due to construction

    Elephant Yard
    African Elephant

    Up the hill that puts you by the bats exhibit, walk around the lagoon trail past the hidden jungle to a bird exhibit and a wooden bridge that leads to the gorillas
    Red-crested Turaco
    Hadada Ibis

    Gorilla’s, not out because the exhibit is being remodeled
    Western Lowland Gorilla

    Bird cage after the Gorilla’s
    Western White-crowned Robin-chat
    White-bellied Bustard
    Emerald Starling

    Walk all the way to the through the village to the restaurant past the bazaar, One exhibit behind the restaurant
    Geoffroy’s Marmoset

    Kids play area (1 exhibit)
    Buff-crested Bustard

    Exit, opposite side that we came in (4 exhibits)

    South African Shelduck, Coscoroba Swan
    Salmon-crested Cockatoo
    Hyacinth Macaw
    Lowland Paca

    The tree shop used to have the cockatoo in there but currently they do not have a bird on there bird post until something replaces the cockatoo in the entrance way.

    Now as you can see I missed part of the zoo, the New Tiger Trails opens up on memorial day this year and past that is the American Exhibit Condor Ridge. Tiger tails is looking pretty cool and I can’t wait until it opens. I could have gone up to Condor Ridge following the new path today but everyone is ready to go so lets do it off memory from one month ago.

    Note: There is also nothing about the Asia Enclosure since there are no signs anywhere for the Asia enclosure and I am only writing up about known and seeable animals on exhibit.

    Condor Ridge by memory from last month

    two bird exhibits that don’t change
    Thick-billed Parrot
    Bald Eagle

    Three exhibits that change occasionally
    Ocelot or North American Porcupine (seen both over the last two months)
    Harris’s Hawk
    Burrowing Owl and two other bird species (can’t recall what they are)

    Final two exhibits
    Big Horn Sheep
    California Condor

    A little fun, what is supposedly in the new tiger trails exhibit
    red-crowned cranes
    western tufted deer
    crocodile monitors
    sailfin lizards
    reticulated pythons
    fly river turtles
    Chinese thread turtles
    And there is a crazy rumor that there might be a tiger as well :eek:

    We are finished :D:p:):cool:
  2. sandiegomaster

    sandiegomaster Well-Known Member

    21 Apr 2010
    San Diego, Ca, USA
    An interesting note, there is not a single fish species that is seen or listed anywhere at the Safari Park.
  3. DavidBrown

    DavidBrown Well-Known Member

    12 Aug 2008
    California, USA
    There used to be a tank of Rift Lake cichlids at the field camp section of African Outpost, but I haven't seen it for some time.
  4. Otter Lord

    Otter Lord Well-Known Member

    13 May 2009
    San Diego, CA, USA
    The last bolded section with what is supposedly in Tiger Trails isn't going to be there. It is just the Sumatran tigers now.
  5. sandiegomaster

    sandiegomaster Well-Known Member

    21 Apr 2010
    San Diego, Ca, USA
    Hey Otter Lord,

    That is unfortunate, I'm surprised that they got rid of the plans to have other animals as well. Do you know if there are future plans to add some more animals since they have a long pathway that will have no exhibits on it on the east side? (at least that's what it looks like by the plans pictures)
  6. Otter Lord

    Otter Lord Well-Known Member

    13 May 2009
    San Diego, CA, USA
    No, I haven't heard of any plans. Everything else is speculation. Anything they build out towards condor ridge is good because they need to link that area of the zoo with the African portion using the space in between. At the moment that area after the exhibit (which used to be a protea garden), both the old tiger and lion exhibits, and a small valley are potential space for new exhibits. Although, the topography is tricky in that area is rough and requires a bit of ingenuity to design something creative.

    The park still has to fulfill promises on an Asian tram. I can foresee a set-up similar to their African one, where it currently surrounded by a strong lion exhibit and village area with amenities. So I strongly presume that they would make more attractions in that area so Asia was more accessible, which also bringing maybe some bigger-ticket Asian animals since they don't have Asian elephants anymore.
  7. sandiegomaster

    sandiegomaster Well-Known Member

    21 Apr 2010
    San Diego, Ca, USA
    They have already laid the cement going to condor ridge, it was just poured when I was out there this weekend. It was a bit of a windy trail, I thought that they were making space for a few animal exhibits.

    I never hear anything about the Asian tram, I wish they would say something about it but it has been years and I'm starting to wonder if it will even be started in the next five years.

    I just realized that the park isn't raising any money for an exhibit right now, I wonder if they are just focusing on Africa rocks at the zoo and there not going to announce much more until all the funds are raised for that.

    Both the park and seaworld are opening up big attractions this year, I think they might even be in the same month, I wonder which one will bring in more tourist? I got to admit that I am a little more excited about the seaworld exhibit now that there isn't going to be anything but tigers.
  8. gerenuk

    gerenuk Well-Known Member

    4 Jul 2010
    It would make sense that the park has no new developments currently planned, because they are making a new masterplan from what I understand.
  9. Otter Lord

    Otter Lord Well-Known Member

    13 May 2009
    San Diego, CA, USA
    Some corrections to your list. The African Plains exhibit that you "cannot see without a tour" is the same as what you've listed as African Plains. This exhibit is supposed to be East Africa too. It also still has Ugandan giraffe, not Masai. South Africa now has Masai. Dik dik are in with the Nyala too.

    Grevy's Zebra are in the African veldt exhibit which previously held Addax. This is the exhibit behind the marsh with the vultures and blue crane. Barbary sheep are in the old Grevy's zebra exhibit on the hillside between Central and South Africa. It has been this way since I visited in late December and the same way when I visited today.

    Southern ground hornbill are left of the lake that has the pelican islands. There is a small land area on the shore for them. Red lechwe are with the Bongo in the Central Africa Rainforest exhibit. No blesbok in Central Africa. Central Africa has Uganda Kob, Northern White Rhinoceros, Greater Kudu, & Roan Antelope. Scimitar horned Oryx are in North Africa still with Ankole and Barbary red deer. Barbary sheep are not with the Somolian wild ass anymore and it has been that way for quite some time.

    The mountain exhibit has Nubian ibex and desert bighorn. They aren't mentioned in the tour at all but I spotted them with my camera lens. There are Bactrian camels with the Przewalksi's wild horse on the hillside exhibit by condor ridge as well.
  10. sandiegomaster

    sandiegomaster Well-Known Member

    21 Apr 2010
    San Diego, Ca, USA
    Thanks Otter for the correction, btw if you go back and read I wrote

    "Africa Plains Enclosure that is just before the Asia Enclosure that can’t be seen without a behind the scenes tour"

    I should have phrased it better, I meant that the Asia enclosure required the behind the scenes tour.

    I thought the driver was wrong when he said Masai giraffe, thanks for the correction.