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London Zoo love rivals in vicious fight over llama keeper -

Discussion in 'Google News: Zoos' started by RSS, 5 Sep 2015.

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    <table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="7" style="vertical-align:top;"><tr><td width="80" align="center" valign="top"><font style="font-size:85%;font-family:arial,sans-serif"><a href=""><img src="//" alt="" border="1" width="80" height="80"><br><font size="-2"></font></a></font></td><td valign="top" class="j"><font style="font-size:85%;font-family:arial,sans-serif"><br><div style="padding-top:0.8em;"><img alt="" height="1" width="1"></div><div class="lh"><a href=""><b>London <b>Zoo</b> love rivals in vicious fight over llama keeper</b></a><br><font size="-1"><b><font color="#6f6f6f"></font></b></font><br><font size="-1">An employment tribunal heard that after Mr Davies split from Miss Sanders he asked Miss Westlake out. She turned him down initially and Mr Davies began seeing another woman, who works in the <b>zoo's</b> gift shop - before pursuing Miss Westlake a second&nbsp;...</font><br><font size="-1"><a href="">London <b>Zoo</b> love rival zookeepers in vicious cat-fight over the llama expert</a><font size="-1" color="#6f6f6f"><nobr>Daily Mail</nobr></font></font><br><font size="-1" class="p"></font><br><font class="p" size="-1"><a class="p" href=""><nobr><b>all 2 news articles&nbsp;&raquo;</b></nobr></a></font></div></font></td></tr></table> More...