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Loro Parque tries to stop dolphinaria haters

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Tiger, 20 Oct 2021.

  1. Tiger

    Tiger Well-Known Member

    1 Jul 2021
    I'm not 100% sure if there is already a thread for this (actually, I'd find it a little bit weird if there wasn't), but i can't find one, so: In a new "document," Loro Parque examines statements of animal rights activists and proves that they are not true. Would this be a good first step towards the end of Dolfinaria haters?
    Below the document:
  2. Randomname0183

    Randomname0183 Well-Known Member

    3 Oct 2021
    Kent, UK
    Having read on multiple occasions the document, it does have some rather decent points and truths, however there are some issues on some fronts, such as the youngest animal sent to LP (which was separated) was 2 year old Skyla, who died earlier this year, making the point about loro parque not separating your claves not entirely true. Dental damage is has mentioned in the document a thing seen in wild orcas, but it happens for different reasons I think (wild offshores get dental wear from shark and ray skins, and Norwegians from suction feeding, neither of which happen in captivity). I did notice that the document completely ignores the fact of inbreeding in the park. In whole the document seems to mainly tell the truth and be a reasonable rebuttal to some statements made by anti-cap organisations.
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  3. Jambo

    Jambo Well-Known Member 5+ year member

    30 Jul 2018
    Somewhere near a zoo
    Loro Parque technically did not seperate Skyla; Seaworld did. I don't back Seaworld's decision to send the four Orcas to Loro Parque entirely, as most of the whales were much too young at the time of transfer. It was always going to be a disaster.

    Dental wear with their orcas is inevitable. They chew on gates, bit down on drains, rip paint ect. all likely due to boredom. Unfortunately this has led to a lot of deaths within captivity due to the set on of infections as a result of this. Teeth are also constantly drilled or even taken out to help prevent this. Some orcas though, such as Kasatka and Takara had almost perfect teeth.

    Inbreeding has occurred twice at Loro Parque; Keto bred with his niece Kohana. It was surprising as the four orcas were initially sent on 'breeding loan' despite them all being related. Loro Parque haven't bred Kohana since 2012 though, and possibly will focus their efforts on breeding from Morgan in the future.
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