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Low/no animal attractions

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by TheMightyOrca, 6 Dec 2014.

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    28 Jan 2014
    League City, Texas
    A lot of zoos and aquariums feature museum-style attractions that have few to no animals. These attractions are usually interactive, and often work to show an environment or species that the facility otherwise can't display, or try to show these things in a new way. Say you're going to build such an exhibit. The only rule is that you can't have more than one large animal species, and no more than five small species.

    I'd do a deep sea thing. Not many deep sea animals have been successfully kept in captivity (YET) so I'd want to take different techniques to show life in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean, and create an exhibit that makes the guest feel like they're there.

    It consists of two rooms connected by a hallway. The first room is a general museum-style exhibit where guests can look at models, skeletons, and preserved specimens of deep sea creatures. There might be some live animals, depending on which ones can survive in captivity. Though I'm having trouble finding much info on the topic that isn't in Japanese... If I could get a frilled shark, that would be just fantastic. Maybe at some point, anglerfish, vampire squid...

    But the big attraction is the second room. As guests walk down the hallway, it starts to get darker. The murals of sea life painted on the walls are no longer visible. But then they get to that second room. It's tunnel shaped, to give the impression of an underwater tunnel. Images of moving bioluminescent sea life are projected onto the walls, with a 3D effect to have the creatures swimming around and above guests. If possible, get full-blown holograms. I was watching Mission Blue, and there's a scene where they go down to the darkest depths of the sea. There is nothing, until they turn out the lights. Then ocean life all around them lights up. I want to replicate THAT. Wouldn't that be grand?