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Make a zoo out of real exhibits

Discussion in 'Speculative Zoo Design and Planning' started by amur leopard, 16 Oct 2019.

  1. amur leopard

    amur leopard Well-Known Member

    23 Feb 2019
    A thread like this has probably already been posted but....

    The idea is that everyone takes their favourite exhibits for different animals at different zoos and comes up with a massive zoo, which we slowly draw a map for.

    For example, if I think the best king cobra exhibit is Kolmarden's, I add that to the reptile house.
    When you suggest something, write how many of that animal you want in the exhibit (keep numbers low and realistic).

    I'll start off with a few of my own in a bit. If someone disagrees with you that it is the best, we can have a vote all together to settle it... :)
  2. amur leopard

    amur leopard Well-Known Member

    23 Feb 2019
    For example, I will start with an exhibit for polar bears, say that from Arctic Ring of Life in Detroit.
    However, if anyone doesn't think it is the best, they can say what they think is the best and then we can have a vote. Then, if I add, say, an Arctic fox exhibit, I can use Munich's exhibit because I like it, but someone might say that actually Detroit's is better and then after a vote, if Detroit's wins, then we use Detroit's

    In all seriousness, however, I am adding a polar bear exhibit: Detroit's Arctic Ring of Life.

    As we go around adding exhibits, I will try adding some sort of order so that it is orderly. We start with the Arctic, then move down through Canada to the USA, then Mexico and Caribbean, but not forgetting Florida, and then into South America, then the Amazon, then the Amdes and Tierra Del Fuego and Antarctica, then going up into Madagascar, West into Africa, the Okavango delta, the Congo, Ethiopia and the Sahara, as well as the Atlas mountains, moving on to Spain and Iberia, France, the UK, into Northern Europe, past the Alps, Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, down to the middle East, up into Iran, Mongolia, Central Asia, China, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, SE Asia, through to Indonesia and finally Oceania etc..
  3. amur leopard

    amur leopard Well-Known Member

    23 Feb 2019
    I'm also going to add Calgary's Musk Oxen exhibit, although I'm not sure it is the best...

    Plus Antibes Marineland's Steller sea lion exhibit
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  4. Sarus Crane

    Sarus Crane Well-Known Member

    23 Apr 2017
    Here are some of my favorite exhibits. I've tried to keep my list as short as possible:

    -Aquarium (ZSL London Zoo)

    -Reptile House (St. Louis Zoo)

    -Bird House (Philadelphia before McNeil Avian Center renovation)
    -Ostrich (Paignton Zoo)
    -Greater Flamingo (Burger's Zoo)
    -Lesser Flamingo (Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)
    -Mixed Species African Aviary (Jacksonville Zoo's River Valley Aviary)
    -Kori Bustard (Zoo Atlanta)
    -East African Crowned Crane (Weltvogelpark Walsrode)
    -Great Indian Hornbill (Zoo Miami)
    -Nicobar Pigeon (Toronto Zoo's Indo-Malaya Pavilion)

    -Sable Antelope (Omaha Zoo)
    -Giant Eland (Zoo Miami)
    -Giraffe (North Carolina Zoo)
    -Asiatic Lion (London Zoo)
    -African Elephant (Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)
    -Asian Elephant (Zoo Miami)
    -Indian Rhino (Toronto Zoo)
    -Gaur (ZSL Whipsnade Zoo)
    -Banteng (Zoo Berlin)
    -Barasingha Deer (Audubon Zoo)
    -Eld's Deer (Disney's Animal Kingdom)
    -Amur Tiger (Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)
    -Clouded Leopard (Smithsonian's NZP)
    -Giant Otter (Philadelphia Zoo)
    -Giant Anteater (Audubon Zoo)
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  5. Sneeuwpanter

    Sneeuwpanter Well-Known Member

    1 Apr 2011
    Tropical hall - Gondwana land - Zoo Leipzig
    Aquarium (in a zoo) - Burgers Ocean - Burgers Zoo
    Mangrove - Burgers Mangrove
    Hippo - Zoo Beauval
    Lions - Zoo Beauval
    Asiatic savannah - Zoo Beauval (which more zoos should do)
    Crocodiles- Blijdorp
    Elephant - Wildlands Emmen
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  6. Bisonblake

    Bisonblake Well-Known Member

    31 Jul 2019
    I like this idea. Here are my favorite exhibits. Sorry if I'm a little bias towards Detroit.
    Polk Penguin Conservation Center: Detroit Zoo
    Japanese Macaque Forest: Lincoln Park Zoo
    Manatees: Columbus Zoo
    Arctic Ring of Life (Polar Bears, Gray Seals, Harbor Seals, Arctic Fox): Detroit Zoo
    African Penguins: San Diego Zoo
    Devereaux Tiger Forest (Amur Tiger): Detroit Zoo
    Red Panda Forest: Detroit Zoo
    Pronghorn and Bison: Columbus Zoo
    Flamingos: Columbus Zoo
    Bonobo: Columbus Zoo
    Red River Hog: Lincoln Park Zoo
    Sea Lion Sound: Saint Louis Zoo
    Reticulated Python: Detroit Zoo
    Asian Small-Clawed Otter: Columbus Zoo
    Japanese Giant Salamander: Detroit Zoo
    Giant Panda: National Zoo
    Colobus Crossing: Louisville Zoo
    Pygmy Hippopotamus: Louisville Zoo
    Great Apes of Harambee (Chimpanzee, Drill): Detroit Zoo
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  7. LionTamarin

    LionTamarin Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2021
    United States
    Quinn Family Tundra Trail
    Musk Ox Exhibit (Point Defiance Zoo)
    Arctic Fox Exhibit (North Carolina Zoo)
    Polar Bear Exhibit (Saint Louis Zoo)
    Harbor Seal Exhibit (Alaska Zoo)
    Snowy Owl Exhibit (Brookfield Zoo)