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Melaka Oceanarium

Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by devilfish, 1 Feb 2015.

  1. devilfish

    devilfish Well-Known Member

    5 Jul 2008
    Knowle, UK
    I visited Melaka Coral Wonderland twice in 2013, both visits within a few days of each other. It is popular, and makes a lot of money, but for some of the fish it must be a terrible place to be held captive.

    I had a lengthy discussion with the managers who outlined their plans for a new, large aquarium in Melaka and were hoping to make it one of the world's biggest. I hadn't thought much of these claims but it seems that some of their plans are coming to fruition:

    The Shore Oceanarium | The New Premier Tourist Attraction in Melaka
    Coming Soon!
    ????? : The Shore Oceanarium |

    I don't know whether or not the old aquarium is still running.

    (For my initial visit reviews:
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  2. Chlidonias

    Chlidonias Moderator Staff Member

    13 Jun 2007
    MIA (Missing In Asia)
    I was just browsing Tripadvisor, and the Coral Wonderland in Melaka has closed down, probably around June or early July 2014 judging by the reviews posted.

    But the Shore Oceanarium is now open - I guess around August 2014? (In devilfish's post above, the first link is their website - which is not very helpful - and the fourth is their Facebook which is better for photos).

    Also Tripadvisor: Awesome underwater animals ... - Review of The Shore Oceanarium, Melaka, Malaysia - TripAdvisor

    It seems a lot of money has been spent on the facility, with giant tanks and 3D theatres, although it looks like they have retained their death-pools.