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monkey world

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by GorillaBoy, 15 Jun 2009.

  1. GorillaBoy

    GorillaBoy Well-Known Member

    20 May 2009
    i think monkey world is a fantastic ape rescue centre and also they are building a new orangutang nursery so when its built, the nursery orangutangs will move into the new enclosure and im surei heard they were goingto bring in a new male orangutang to start a new bloodline to start a up a new group with the new male and hsiao quai (mother of kai) hsiao lan (female living with hsiao quai and kai). But gordon will live in the pavillions with a couple more rescued female orangs from the tawainese centre in taiwan so a lot will happen in the next couple of years

    yours sincerley GB