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Most interesting zoos in South America?

Discussion in 'Central & South America - General' started by Anastazina, 25 Jul 2014.

  1. Anastazina

    Anastazina New Member

    25 Jul 2014
    Prague, Czechia
    Hi, I would like to visit some zoos (or aquariums) in the South America (south of the Panama canal).

    Can you please recommend some really interesting zoos there (worth visiting for somebody spoiled by European zoos). I would love to see some animals not available in Europe (probably some rare local species).
  2. carlos55

    carlos55 Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    Not in south america, but in mexico, zoomat (zoologico miguel angel del toro) in the southern state of chiapas is wonderfull.
    Only regional fauna in a tropical forest. But to get to chiapas you should get to cancun or mexico city first.
    From south america i know brazil best. Riozoo in rio de janiero has many local species but the installations are very outdated. sao Paulo zoo has many local species, but quite a few are off exhibit. The national zoo is in brasilia, which must be reached from rio or sao paulo. it is a huge zoo with many native species.
    Check the pictures on the gallery for al these zoos, of course.
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  3. reduakari

    reduakari Well-Known Member

    17 Mar 2008
    berkeley california USA
    Temaiken in Argentina is among the best zoos in the world (more from a quality of the guest experience perspective than collection, although there are some interesting rarities to be sure)

    Parque des Aves in Brazil is also very good--extraordinary bird collection right at the edge of Iguassu Falls

    Lima's Huachipa Zoo has some real rarities (marine otter, red uakari, silky anteater etc.)

    I've not been but have heard very good things about Cali Zoo as well
  4. Onychorhynchus coronatus

    Onychorhynchus coronatus Well-Known Member

    30 Sep 2019
    I'm biased but Municipal Zoological Park Quinzinho de Barros /Sorocaba zoo (Sao Paulo state) surely counts as one of the most interesting in terms of its native Brazilian species that can be seen in few other locations: Southern muriqui , buffy tufted marmoset, pampas/pantanal cat, maned wolf, pampas deer, golden lancehead viper, black caiman etc.