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Multiple Zoo visits in a day - worldwide

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by vogelcommando, 29 Nov 2015.

  1. vogelcommando

    vogelcommando Well-Known Member

    10 Dec 2012
    fijnaart, the netherlands
    Stubeanz started a very intresting thread in July 2015 - .
    This is very helpfull for the UK and snowleopard has shown us what is possible in the USA but what about other countries ( the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Singapore and so on ) ?
    I normanly spend a lot of time at a single zoo but have done already quite a lot 2 zoos in one day and if I remember right 3 is my record ( Eckerförde, Gettorf and Kiel - Germany ).
    Thinking about the possibilities I guess it would be however very posible to visit 4 - 5 collection a day without difficulties.
    Alone in and around Breda and Tilburg there are 6 collections in a radius of 30 kilometers and one day I will try to visit them all in one day just to show I'm a REAL zoo-nerd !
    Would like to know what your record is and which other zoo-hot-spots can provide more as 2 zoos a day.
  2. Cetacean_lover

    Cetacean_lover Member

    27 Nov 2015
    Seattle, Wa. US
    Singapore has a nice collection of zoos and aquariums. They have three (Singapore Zoo, River Safari, and Night Safari) that are accessible by a single parking lot! As the Night Safari is obviously open late, it is definitely possible to hit all three in one day.
  3. sooty mangabey

    sooty mangabey Well-Known Member

    29 Apr 2008
    Sussex by the Sea
    All those tiny bird parks between Karlsruhe and Darmstadt make it possible to 'do' ridiculous numbers of places in a day - seven, eight, nine.... They're mostly pretty basic, though.

    There's a great stretch of good places between Magdeburg and Halle: Bernburg, Aschersleben, Stassfurt (pretty poor), Schonebeck (excellent rodent collection) - on a long summer's day, with sensible opening times, these can easily be combined with either of the bigger places at either end, for a very enjoyable quintet.

    Lots and lots of 3 or 4 zoo days possible through Germany.....

    This summer I saw Decin (x2), Liberec, Zittau, Gorlitz (x2) in one day. Again: sensible opening hours (8.00 at Decin) and closing times (I think it was 7.00 at Gorlitz), pretty small places, didn't really have to rush: would have liked a little longer at Liberec, but saw pretty much everything and was sufficiently grumpy about the rudeness of the staff that I was quite glad to leave and head to the very small, pretty inconsequential, but very friendly Zittau.