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My Fantasy Zoo

Discussion in 'Fantasy Zoos' started by noobmaster69, 18 Jul 2019.

  1. noobmaster69

    noobmaster69 Member

    16 Jun 2019
    So my dream zoo can be located in anywhere but I liked it to be a large area surrounded by forest to make it look natural with a portion of the zoo on a hill with a wheelchair accessible ramp.

    Lower section:

    Entrance Area:
    As soon as you step out of the ticket booth and the gift shop, you see an almost obligatory huge pool which will hold a large flock of Caribbean flamingoes and some great white pelicans. Wild waterfowl can fly in and out anytime they want to. Keeper gates will be craftily hidden from guests. And free-roaming blue peafowl to spice things up.

    Turning right from the entrance area leads you to a replica of an African village. A small cafe to grab food and drinks is gonna be located near here, from there, guests can view a mob of meerkats and on the other side are 2 aviarys, the larger one with African grey parrots and the smaller one with carmine bee-eaters.

    Getting out of the replica village, you see a grassy and open paddock home to the cheetahs with a small viewing tower to look down on them. Next to the cheetahs are African painted dogs in an enclosure similar to the cheetah's one but slightly smaller and sans the viewing tower. The animals will be given special enrichment items of different sorts.

    Past the painted dogs and the cheetahs and you're greeted with a sight of a huge mixed enclosure with a large river meant to replicate a watering hole with a bachelor herd of giraffes, some plains zebras, scmitar-horned oryx, ostriches, and helmeted guineafowl. From the watering hole, there's a boardwalk, also wheelchair friendly, which leads to the rest of Africa.

    From the boardwalk, 2 enclosures can be seen, the largest one with white rhinoceros and a smaller one with warthog. As soon as you see the warthogs, you get down from the boardwalk and to the lion's den, which is a grassy lawn with some rocks for the lions to rest on. There's also another smaller viewing area for the lions where you can get closer to them.

    Away from the lions leads to an underwater viewing area for Nile hippos and some African cichlids to spice up the atmosphere of the hippo tank. Adjacent to the hippo tank is an exhibit for Nile crocodiles and another for African penguins, who also have an outdoor viewing area. The guests exit Africa from a primate-themed area with large exhibits for chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, mandrills, and finally a lemur walkthrough habitat and head on to the next zoo section, Eurasia.

    Stay tuned for more about my dream zoo!
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