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Cologne Zoo Neotropical Primates from Colonge Zoo in Bonn Musuem

Discussion in 'Germany' started by Tim May, 24 Jul 2018.

  1. Tim May

    Tim May Well-Known Member Premium Member

    16 Nov 2008
    London, England
    I have come across a fascinating article about the neotropical primates from Cologne Zoo now in the Koenig Museum in Bonn.

    This is especially interesting for those of us who remember when Cologne Zoo had a fine collection of uakaris and saki monkeys, as we probably saw many of the specimens detailed in this article when they were living in the zoo.

    See the link below:-

    neotropical primates from Cologne Zoo in Koenig Museum
  2. Kifaru Bwana

    Kifaru Bwana Well-Known Member

    25 Jan 2006
    Amsterdam, Holland
    Hi Tim, thanks for sharing. I have known this for some time and read some of the background papers to the Neotropical Koelner Zoo primates in their collection.

    I might go and check up some time soon.