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New Developments Belgium 2018

Discussion in 'Belgium' started by britishzoofan, 29 Aug 2018.

  1. britishzoofan

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    20 Mar 2018
    This is the Belgian version of the thread which aims to record all current and future projects in Belgian zoos. This thread lacks as much information as past ones, partly due to the language barrier, which in turn means Belgian zoos are less well covered on zoochat. I have versions for the Netherlands and Germany which I will upload soon.

    Those projects in bold have been completed. Any mistakes or additional info or omissions please let me know.

    Antwerp Zoo

    Bird House renovations – March 2018

    Pairi Daiza

    New Birds of Paradise aviaries (Lesser Bird of Paradise, Greater Bird of Paradise) – June 2018
    New Macaw greenhouse (Spix Macaw, Lears Macaw) – June 2018
    New Francois Langur enclosure – August 2018
    New Clouded Leopard exhibit – 2018
    New Japanese Macaque enclosure – May 2018
    New Bharal and Binturong enclosure – May 2018

    Parc Animalier de Bouillon

    New Giraffe and Nyala enclosure

    ZooParc Vallée de la Sûre

    New zoo (Parrots, Otters, Barn Owls, Emperor Tamarins, Common Marmosets, Agoutis, Flamingos, Rhea, Cockatoos, Zebras, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Tortoises, Antelope, Zebra, Guinea Fowl, Artic Fox, Prairie Dogs, Skunks, Storks, Water Birds) - 2019
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