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Louisville Zoo New Species List

Discussion in 'United States' started by Moebelle, 13 Nov 2015.

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    Louisville Zoo Full Species List as of November 12, 2015

    1. Aldabra Tortoise, Demoiselle Crane, Oriental White Stork
    2. Sumatran Tiger/Sumatran Orangutan/Babirusa/Siamang/Malayan Tapir

    Islands Pavilion
    1. Island Birds of the World: Mariana Fruit Dove, Sulawesi Ground Dove, Ne-Ne Goose, Golden-breasted Starling, Crested Wood Partridge
    2. Rodriguez Flying Fox
    3. Birds of the Tropical Pacific: White-throated Ground Dove, Papuan Mountain Pigeon, Magnificent Fruit Dove, Jambu Fruit Dove, Sulawesi Ground Dove, Emerald Dove, Black-necked Stilt, Mariana Fruit Dove
    4. Birds of the American Isles: Socorro Dove, White-tailed Trogan, Blue-grey Tanager, Red-crested Cardinal
    5. Birds of the Tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean: Red Fody, Golden White-eye, Beautiful Fruit Dove, Blue-backed Fairy Bluebird, Sulawesi Ground Dove, Golden-breasted Starling
    6. Islands Rotation Exhibit Dayroom Indoor Exhibit
    7. Forest Bird Trail: Jambu Fruit Dove, Sulawesi Ground Dove, Emerald Dove, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Papuan Mountain Pigeon, Pied Imperial Pigeon, Mariana Fruit Dove, Nicobar Pigeon, Golden-breasted Starling, Green-naped Pheasant Pigeon, White-throated Ground Dove, Black-necked Stilit
    8. Prehensile-tailed Porcupine
    9. Penguin Coast: Southern Rockhopper Penguin, Incan Tern, Red Shoveler
    10. Cuban Crocodile
    11. Komodo Dragon

    1. Aquatic Biome: African Cichlids
    2. The Forests: Dyeing Poison Dart Frog, Green-and-black Poison Dart Frog
    3. The Arid Lands: Woma
    4. The Amazon River: Redhook Metunnis, Arowana, Banded Leporinus, Dolphin Catfish
    5. Black Pirahna
    6. Hog-nosed Brochis
    7. The Coral Reef: Lookdown, French Angel, Porcupine Puffer, Queen Angel, Spanish Hogfish, French Grunt
    8. The Mangrove Swamp: Bumble Bee Goby, Gliding Gecko, Philipine Sailfin Lizard, Mono, Mudskipper, Orange Chromide, Diamondback Terrapin, Archerfish, Fiddler Crab, Spotted Scat
    Adaptions to Land
    9. Spotted Turtle
    10. Fire-bellied Toad
    11. Crested Gecko
    12. Northern Leopard Frog
    13. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
    King Louise
    14. Amazon River Exhibit (See Above)
    15. Alligator Snapping Turtle
    16. White American Alligator
    17. Chinese Alligator
    18. Burmese Python
    Forests: A Diversity of Life Forms
    19. Calabar Serpent
    20. Theraphosids
    21. Red-tailed Ratsnake
    22. Gaboon Viper
    23. Madagascar Tree Boa
    24. Green Tree Python
    25. Cane Toad
    Montane Forests
    26. Mexican Burrowing Python
    27. Honduran Milk Snake
    28. Asian Box Turtle
    29. Rainbow Boa
    Kentucky Temperate Forests
    30. Red Chicken Snake, Black Ratsnake
    31. Cottonmouth
    32. Broad-headed Skink, Fowler's Toad, American Toad, Fence Swift, Grey Tree Frog
    33. Northern Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake
    34. Komodo Dragon Outdoors
    35. Boa Constrictor
    36. Sheltopusik
    37. Angolan Python
    38. Prairie Rattlesnake
    39. Rock Rattlesnake
    40. Western Hognose Snake
    41. Egyptian Cobra
    The Dirunal Desert
    42. Theraphosid
    43. African Bullfrog
    44. California Kingsnake
    45. Sinai Desert Cobra
    46. Tiger Rattlesnake
    47. Pygmy Spiny-tailed Skink
    48. Indian Star Tortoise, Mastigure Lizard
    The Underground Desert
    49. Sandfish
    50. Rough Scale Sand Boa
    51. Four-lined Plated Lizard
    52. Golden Skink
    Nocturnal Desert
    53. Red Diamondback Rattlesnake
    54. Gila Monster
    55. Sonoran Desert Toad
    56. Trans Pecos Ratsnake
    57. Desert Sidewinder
    58. Common Vampire Bat
    59. Kentucky's Freshwater: Redear Sunfish
    60. Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
    61. Louisiana Pine Snake

    1. Black Swan Exhibit

    Cats of the Americas
    1. Ocelot
    2. Bald Eagle
    3. Cougar

    South America
    1. Maned Wolf
    2. Chilean Flamingo, Southern Screamer
    3. European Black Stork, Waldrapp Ibis
    4. Snow Leopard
    5. Jaguar
    6. Hyacinth Macaw
    7. Guanaco, Trumpeter Swan

    1. Lorikeet Landing: Swainson's Lorikeet, Red Lory, Black-winged Lory, Green-naped Lorikeet, Perfect Lorikeet
    2. Wallaroo Walkabout: Wallaroo, Bennet's Wallaby, Laughing Kookaburra, Tawny Frogmouth, Emu

    Glacier Run
    1. Snowy Owl
    2. Steller's Sea Eagle, Mandarin Duck, Harlequin Duck
    3. California Sea Lion, Harbor Seal
    4. Polar Bear/Grizzly Bear (2 Exhibits)

    Crane Breeding Yard
    1. Red-crowned Crane

    Tiger Tundra
    1. Amur Tiger

    Gorilla Forest
    1. Western Lowland Gorilla
    2. Hippo Falls: Pygmy Hippopotamus

    1. Lemurs: Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur, Ring-tailed Lemur
    2. Warthog
    3. Southern White Rhinoceros
    4. Wattled Crane
    Giraffe House
    5. Rock Hyrax, African Pygmy Falcon
    6. Steller's Sea Eagle
    7. Giraffe Indoors

    8. Masai Giraffe, Ruppell's Vulture, East African Crowned Crane
    9. Eastern Bongo, East African Crowned Crane
    10. Addax
    11. Dromedary
    12. African Bush Elephant, Indian Elephant
    13. Southeast African Lion
    14. Hartmann's Mountain Zebra
    BOMA Petting Zoo
    15. African Spur-thighed Tortoise, African Pygmy Goat, Nubian Goat, Domestic Donkey
    African Outpost
    16. Meerkat
    17. Naked Mole Rat

    Monkey Island
    1. Woolly Monkey
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