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Auckland Zoo Nyala for Auckland Zoo!

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by ZooBoyNZ, 21 Mar 2016.

  1. ZooBoyNZ

    ZooBoyNZ Well-Known Member

    5 Mar 2016
    New Zealand
    During a 'sneak peek' video of the new Auckland Zoo Savannah development (open to the public Friday onwards) a sign is visible of some African Savannah animals; and a nyala is pictured on the sign, which was strange because all the other animals on the sign can be found at Auckland Zoo. So out of interest, I messaged Auckland Zoo on Instagram asking if maybe nyala would be added to their African Savannah. And sure enough, I got a reply saying: "Hi there, it's in our plans to have nyala in our African Savannah development. Once we have confirmed dates we'll be letting people know." So I personally think this is great news; nyala are going to be a great addition to the pridelands, fingers crossed the plans don't change. Of course, the nyala be acquired from Wellington Zoo, so I look forward to hearing further information and conformation dates of when they will be out with the other African animals at Auckland Zoo! :)