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Pale-throated sloth at Artis

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by vogelcommando, 20 Feb 2015.

  1. vogelcommando

    vogelcommando Well-Known Member

    10 Dec 2012
    fijnaart, the netherlands
    In Europe, the Pale-throated three-toed sloth has done very bad, Zootierliste mention 5 German collections which have kept this species, normaly only for a few days or weeks.
    Also the other European collections did not have better results with the exeption of one specimen which was kept at Rotterdam Zoo from 189? till 1910, also a remarkeble 10 + years !
    Lisboa - no information given
    Madrid - a few days
    London - several animals during the 19th centuary
    Now I came across a note about a female with young which was donated to Artis - Amsterdam Zoo during March 1908. The note was written shortly after the animals came to the Zoo and I didn't find any later notes how long the animals lived at Artis.
  2. Jurek7

    Jurek7 Well-Known Member

    19 Dec 2007
    Everywhere at once
    Three-toed sloths are often said to be specialists feeding on leaves of Cecropia tree, although in the wild they apparently also feed on ficus and some other trees.

    It would be interesting to know what was fed to these few three-toed sloths which survived long outside their home countries.