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Paris NHM species list?

Discussion in 'France' started by amur leopard, 23 Apr 2020.

  1. amur leopard

    amur leopard Well-Known Member 5+ year member

    23 Feb 2019
    Recently, I have been somewhat obsessed with assembling a species list of the specimens held at the Paris natural history museum. Having been multiple times, I have assembled a decent library of photos but couldn't remember many additional species. I have posted my list as complete as I can get it down below, but I was wondering if anyone else had had this idea before me and assembled a species list. A list for either of the Grande Galerie de L'evolution or la Galerie d'anatomie comparee et de paleontologie would be fantastic, and for both would be out of this world. I'm not expecting anybody to have done it of course - it is an immense task. At any rate, I will try to compile one myself on my next visit. Here is my very incomplete list based on photos and focusing almost uniquely on the large mammals given I only really took photos of them:

    Grande Galerie:

    Bornean orangutan
    White-faced saki
    Cherry-crowned mangabey
    ? Spot-nosed guenon
    Guinea baboon
    Verreaux's sifaka

    Spotted hyena
    African leopard
    Giant panda
    Weddell seal
    North-Chinese or Amur leopard
    Bengal tiger
    Sumatran tiger
    Harp seal
    Southern elephant seal
    European badger
    African wild dog
    Red fox
    Asiatic lion
    African lion
    Eurasian lynx
    Grey wolf
    Striped hyena
    Ungulates + Cetaceans + elephants

    African elephant
    White rhino
    Grevy's zebra
    Grant's zebra
    Reticulated giraffe
    Rothschild's giraffe
    Uganda kob
    Buffon's kob
    Sable antelope
    Black rhino
    Cape buffalo
    Blue wildebeest
    Common warthog
    Asian elephant
    Right whale
    Red river hog
    Collared peccary
    Brazilian tapir
    Greater kudu
    Indian rhinoceros
    Wild boar
    Dama gazelle

    Cuban solenodon
    Ground pangolin
    Giant armadillo
    European hare
    Agouti spp.
    Giant anteater
    African crested porcupine

    Ocean sunfish
    Basking shark

    Extinct taxa:
    Barbary lion
    Cape lion
    Pyrenean ibex
    Schomburgk's deer
    Toolache wallaby
    Eastern hare wallaby
    Lesser bilby
    Crescent nailtail wallaby
    Steller's sea cow

    Harpy eagle
    Southern cassowary
    Greater flamingo
    Purple heron
    Caribbean flamingo
    Demoiselle crane
    Toco toucan
    Marabou stork
    Grey crowned crane
    Helmeted guineafowl
    Great white pelican
    Red-billed hornbill
    Emperor penguin
    Kiwi sp.

    Green anaconda
    Red/yellow footed tortoise
    Nile monitor

    Anatomie comparee

    Proboscis monkey
    Sunda pangolin
    South American fur seal
    Sumatran rhino
    Javan tiger
    Blue whale
    Risso's dolphin
    Amazon river dolphin
    Ganges river dolphin
    Crab-eating macaque
    Common eland
    Northern bottlenose whale
    Antillean manatee
    African manatee
    African elephant
    Cape buffalo
    Giant panda
    Striped hyena
    Spotted hyena
    Venezuelan red howler
    Brown woolly monkey
    Nilgiri langur
    Mitered langur
    West Javan langur
    Malayan sun bear
    Grey brocket
    Mountain goat
    Cape grysbok
    Long-beaked echidna spp.


    African grey parrot
    Rhinoceros hornbill
    Sacred ibis
    Peregrine falcon

    Saltwater crocodile

    Rock beauty
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  2. Mo Hassan

    Mo Hassan Well-Known Member Premium Member 5+ year member

    24 Aug 2018
    London, UK
    I have done something similar - based on two past visits to Paris and the photos I've taken, I have the following taxa:

    Galerie d'Anatomie Comparée

    Cheetah (skeleton) Acinonyx jubatus
    Cheetah (skull) Acinonyx jubatus
    Giant panda (skeleton) Ailuropoda melanoleuca melanoleuca
    Eastern red panda (skeleton) Ailurus styani
    Eastern red panda (skull) Ailurus styani
    European elk (bull skull) Alces alces
    American alligator (skull) Alligator mississippiensis
    Black howler monkey (skulls) Alouatta caraya
    Venezuelan red howler monkey (skulls) Alouatta seniculus
    Barbary sheep (skull) Ammotragus lervia
    Two-toed amphiuma (skull) Amphiuma means
    Mallard (skeleton) Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos
    Beecroft's scaly-tailed flying squirrel (skeleton) Anomalurus beecrofti
    Pel's scaly-tailed flying squirrel Anomalurus pelii
    Oriental pied hornbill (skull) Anthracoceros albirostris convexus
    Cape clawless otter (skeleton) Aonyx capensis capensis
    Cape clawless otter (skull) Aonyx capensis capensis
    Three-striped douroucouli (skeleton) Aotus trivirgatus
    Brown kiwi (skeleton) Apteryx australis
    Golden eagle (skeleton) Aquila chrysaetos
    Bonelli's eagle (skull) Aquila fasciata
    Scarlet macaw (skeleton) Ara macao
    Javan binturong (skull) Arctictis binturong penicillatus
    Javan binturong (juvenile skeleton) Arctictis binturong penicillatus
    Northern water vole (skull) Arvicola amphibius
    Radiated tortoise (skeleton) Astrochelys radiata
    White-fronted spider monkey (skull) Ateles belzebuth
    Geoffroy's spider monkey (skeleton) Ateles geoffroyi
    White-cheeked spider monkey (skeleton) Ateles marginatus
    Little owl (skeleton) Athene noctua
    Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine (skull) Atherurus macrourus
    Marsh mongoose (skull) Atilax paludinosus paludinosus
    Eastern avahi (skulls) Avahi laniger
    Common minke whale (skull) Balaenoptera acutorostrata acutorostrata
    Sei whale (skull) Balaenoptera borealis
    Fin whale (skull) Balaenoptera physalus
    Ringtail (skeleton) Bassariscus astutus
    Ringtail (skull) Bassariscus astutus
    Bushy-tailed mongoose (skull) Bdeogale crassicauda puisa
    Arnoux's beaked whale (skull) Berardius arnuxii
    Baird's beaked whale (skull) Berardius bairdii
    Bison (skull) Bos bison
    Bison × cattle (foetal skeleton) Bos bison × B. taurus
    Wisent (skeleton) Bos bonasus
    Yak (skeleton) Bos grunniens
    African bull (skeleton) Bos taurus
    Great bittern (skeleton) Botaurus stellaris stellaris
    Maned three-toed sloth (skeleton) Bradypus torquatus
    Pale-throated three-toed sloth (skeleton) Bradypus tridactylus
    European eagle owl (skeleton) Bubo bubo bubo
    Rhinoceros hornbill (skeleton) Buceros rhinoceros
    Common toad (skeleton) Bufo bufo bufo
    Red bald uakari (skull) Cacajao calvus rubicundus
    Masked titi (skull) Callicebus personatus s.l.
    Northern fur seal (pup skeleton) Callorhinus ursinus
    Pallas' squirrel (skeleton) Callosciurus erythraeus flavimanus
    Bare-tailed woolly opossum (skeleton) Caluromys philander
    Campylognathoides zitteli (fossil) Campylognathoides zitteli
    Indian golden jackal (skull) Canis aureus indicus
    European golden jackal (skull) Canis aureus moreoticus
    Algerian golden wolf (skull) Canis lupaster algirensis
    Grey wolf (cub skeleton) Canis lupus
    Grey wolf (skull) Canis lupus
    Central Asian grey wolf (skull) Canis lupus campestris
    Indian grey wolf (skull) Canis lupus pallipes
    Eastern wolf (skull) Canis lycaon
    Ethiopian wolf (skull) Canis simensis
    Pygmy right whale (skull) Caperea marginata
    Western roe deer (buck skeleton) Capreolus capreolus
    Caracal (skull) Caracal caracal
    Southern cassowary (skeleton) Casuarius casuarius
    Southern cassowary (skull) Casuarius casuarius
    Chinese golden cat (skull) Catopuma temminckii tristis
    Domestic guinea pig (skeleton) Cavia porcellus
    Domestic guinea pig (skull) Cavia porcellus
    Common duiker (female skull) Cephalophus grimmia
    White rhinoceros (skull) Ceratotherium simum
    Mona guenon (skull) Cercopithecus mona
    Crab-eating zorro (skull) Cerdocyon thous
    Crab-eating zorro (skeleton) Cerdocyon thous azarae
    Larger hairy armadillo (skeleton) Chaetophractus villosus
    Greater dwarf lemur (skull) Cheirogaleus major
    Green turtle (skeleton) Chelonia mydas
    Black bearded saki (skull) Chiropotes satanas
    Pygmy hippopotamus (skeleton) Choeropsis liberiensis
    Southern two-toed sloth (skeleton) Choloepus didactylus
    Hoffmann's two-toed sloth (skeleton) Choloepus hoffmanni
    Maned wolf (skull) Chrysocyon brachyurus
    African civet (skull) Civettictis civetta
    Brazilian porcupine (skeleton) Coendou prehensilis
    Common wood pigeon (skeleton) Columba palumbus palumbus
    Molina's hog-nosed skunk (skull) Conepatus chinga
    Patagonian hog-nosed skunk (skull) Conepatus humboldtii
    Striped hog-nosed skunk (skull) Conepatus semistriatus semistriatus
    Gambian pouched rat (skeleton) Cricetomys gambianus
    Gambian pouched rat (skull) Cricetomys gambianus
    Spotted hyaena (skeleton) Crocuta crocuta crocuta
    Spotted hyaena (skull) Crocuta crocuta crocuta
    Common cusimanse (skull) Crossarchus obscurus
    Fossa (skeleton) Cryptoprocta ferox
    Common gundi (skeleton) Ctenodactylus gundi
    Lowland paca (skeleton) Cuniculus paca
    Lowland paca (skull) Cuniculus paca
    Javan dhole (skull) Cuon alpinus javanicus
    Whooper swan (skeleton) Cygnus cygnus
    Yellow mongoose (skeleton) Cynictis penicillata
    Yellow mongoose (skull) Cynictis penicillata penicillata
    Hooded seal (skull) Cystophora cristata
    Red-rumped agouti (skeleton) Dasyprocta leporina
    Eastern quoll (skeleton) Dasyurus viverrinus
    Beluga (skeleton) Delphinapterus leucas
    Tapalcua (skeleton) Dermophis mexicanus
    Russian desman (skeleton) Desmana moschata
    Sumatran rhinoceros (skull) Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
    Big-eared opossum (skull) Didelphis aurita
    Northern three-toed jerboa (skeleton) Dipus sagitta
    Mediterranean painted frog (skeleton) Discoglossus pictus
    Patagonian mara (skull) Dolichotis patagonum
    Dugong (skeleton) Dugong dugon
    Tayra (skulls) Eira barbara
    Tayra (skull) Eira barbara
    Tufted deer (skull) Elaphodus cephalophus
    Asiatic elephant (calf skeleton) Elephas maximus
    Asiatic elephant (dissected skull) Elephas maximus
    Asiatic elephant (molars) Elephas maximus
    Asiatic elephant (skeleton) Elephas maximus
    Sea otter (skeletons) Enhydra lutris
    Grevy's zebra (skull) Equus grevyi
    Turkmenian kulan (skeleton) Equus hemionus kulan
    Plains zebra (skeleton) Equus quagga
    Plains zebra (skull) Equus quagga
    Quagga (skull) Equus quagga quagga
    Western hedgehog (skeleton) Erinaceus europaeus
    Southern right whale (skull) Eubalaena australis
    Mongoose lemur (skeleton) Eulemur mongoz
    Yellow armadillo (skeleton) Euphractus sexcinctus
    Eastern falanouc (skeleton) Eupleres goudotii
    Eastern falanouc (skull) Eupleres goudotii
    Peregrine falcon (skeleton) Falco peregrinus
    European kestrel (skeleton) Falco tinnunculus tinnunculus
    Jungle cat (skeleton) Felis chaus
    Jungle cat (skull) Felis chaus
    South African wildcat (skull) Felis lybica cafra
    North African wildcat (skeleton) Felis lybica lybica
    North African wildcat (skull) Felis lybica lybica
    European wildcat (skull) Felis silvestris
    Fanaloka (skull) Fossa fossana
    Senegal bushbaby (skeleton) Galago senegalensis s.l.
    Senegal bushbaby (skull) Galago senegalensis s.l.
    Pyrenean desman (skeleton) Galemys pyrenaica
    Malayan colugo (skeleton) Galeopterus variegates
    Little grison (skull) Galictis cuja
    Greater grison (skull) Galictis vittata
    Ring-tailed vontsira (skull) Galidia elegans
    Broad-striped vontsira (skull) Galidictis fasciata
    Gharial (skull) Gavialis gangeticus
    Isabelline dorcas gazelle (skeletons) Gazella dorcas isabella
    Feline genet (skull) Genetta felina
    Small-spotted genet (skull) Genetta genetta
    North African small-spotted genet (skeleton) Genetta genetta afra
    North African small-spotted genet (skull) Genetta genetta afra
    European small-spotted genet (skull) Genetta genetta genetta
    West African small-spotted genet (skull) Genetta genetta senegalensis
    Cape genet (skulls) Genetta tigrina
    Cape mole-rat (skeleton) Georychus capensis
    Cape gerbil (skeleton) Gerbilliscus afra
    Giraffe (skeleton) Giraffa sp.
    Western lowland gorilla (skull) Gorilla gorilla gorilla
    Risso's dolphin (skeleton) Grampus griseus
    American wolverine (skull) Gulo gulo luscus
    European griffon vulture (skeleton) Gyps fulvus fulvus
    European griffon vulture (skull) Gyps fulvus fulvus
    Grey bamboo lemur (skull) Hapalemur griseus
    Sun bear (skeleton) Helarctos malayanus
    Sun bear (skull) Helarctos malayanus
    Bornean sun bear (cub skeleton) Helarctos malayanus euryspilus
    Bornean sun bear (cub skull) Helarctos malayanus euryspilus
    Lowland streaked tenrec (skeleton) Hemicentetes semispinosus
    Banded civet (skull) Hemigalus derbyanus derbyanus
    Ichneumon (skull) Herpestes ichneumon
    South African ichneumon (skeleton) Herpestes ichneumon cafra
    South African ichneumon (skull) Herpestes ichneumon cafra
    Common hippopotamus (calf skull) Hippopotamus amphibius
    Roan antelope (skull) Hippotragus equinus
    Human (foetal skeletons) Homo sapiens
    Human (skeleton) Homo sapiens
    Human brain (preserved) Homo sapiens
    Brown hyaena (skull) Hyaena brunnea
    Capybara (skeleton) Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris
    Capybara (skull) Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris
    Steller's sea cow (skeleton) Hydrodamalis gigas
    Australian water rat (skeleton) Hydromys chrysogaster
    Hog deer (fawn skeleton) Hyelaphus cf. porcinus
    European tree frog (skeleton) Hyla arborea
    Northern bottlenose whale (skull) Hyperoodon ampullatus
    Malayan porcupine (skeleton) Hystrix brachyura
    Crested porcupine (skeleton) Hystrix cristata
    Crested porcupine (skull) Hystrix cristata
    Sunda porcupine (skull) Hystrix javanica
    White-tailed mongoose (skull) Ichneumia albicauda
    Guinea white-tailed mongoose (skull) Ichneumia albicauda loempo
    Ceylon caecilian (skeleton) Ichthyophis glutinosus
    Zorilla (skull) Ictonyx striatus striatus
    Indris (skeleton) Indri indri
    Indris (skull) Indri indri
    Amazon river dolphin (skeleton) Inia geoffrensis geoffrensis
    Lesser Egyptian jerboa (skeleton) Jaculus jaculus
    Northern mountain viscacha (skeleton) Lagidium peruanum
    Plains viscacha (skull) Lagostomus maximus
    Banded hare-wallaby (skull) Lagostrophus fasciatus
    Brown woolly monkey (skeleton) Lagothrix lagotricha s.l.
    Golden lion tamarin (skeleton) Leontopithecus rosalia
    Ocelot (skulls) Leopardus pardalis
    White-footed sportive lemur (skull) Lepilemur leucopus
    Serval (skeleton) Leptailurus serval
    Serval (skull) Leptailurus serval
    Smoky jungle frog (skeleton) Leptodactylus pentadactylus
    Mountain hare (skeleton) Lepus timidus
    Marine otter (skull) Lontra felina
    Neotropical otter (skull) Lontra longicaudis
    Southern river otter (skeleton) Lontra provocax
    Southern river otter (skull) Lontra provocax
    Grey-cheeked mangabey (skeleton) Lophocebus albigena
    Red crossbill (skeleton) Loxia curvirostra
    African savannah elephant (skeleton) Loxodonta africana
    Black-backed jackal (skull) Lupulella mesomelas mesomelas
    Pampas zorro (skeleton) Lycalopex gymnocercus
    Pampas zorro (skull) Lycalopex gymnocercus
    Patagonian weasel (skull) Lyncodon patagonicus
    Canada lynx (skull) Lynx canadensis
    Bobcat (skull) Lynx rufus
    Crab-eating macaque (juvenile skeleton) Macaca fascicularis
    Bonnet macaque (skull) Macaca radiata
    Barbary macaque (skull) Macaca sylvanus
    Alligator snapping turtle (skeleton) Macrochelys temminckii
    Eastern grey kangaroo (skull) Macropus giganteus
    Salt's dik-dik (female skull) Madoqua saltiana
    Brazilian spiny tree rat (skeleton) Makalata didelphoides
    Mandrill (skull) Mandrillus sphinx
    Sunda pangolin (skeleton) Manis javanica
    Sunda pangolin (skull) Manis javanica
    Murine mouse opossum (skeleton) Marmosa murina
    Alpine marmot (skull) Marmota marmota
    Woodchuck (skull) Marmota monax
    American marten (skull) Martes americana s.l.
    Yellow-throated marten (skull) Martes flavigula
    Beech marten (skeleton) Martes foina
    Beech marten (skull) Martes foina
    Sable (skull) Martes zibellina
    Grey brocket deer (skull) Mazama gouazoubira
    Greater false vampire bat (skull) Megaderma lyra
    European badger (skeleton) Meles meles meles
    Ratel (kit skeleton) Mellivora capensis
    Ratel (skeleton) Mellivora capensis
    Ratel (skull) Mellivora capensis
    Indian ratel (skull) Mellivora capensis indica
    Javan ferret badger (skull) Melogale orientalis
    Sloth bear (skeleton) Melursus ursinus
    Sloth bear (skull) Melursus ursinus
    Sri Lankan sloth bear (skull) Melursus ursinus inornatus
    Striped skunk (skull) Mephitis mephitis mephitis
    Sowerby's beaked whale (skeleton) Mesoplodon bidens
    Grey mouse lemur (skeleton) Microcebus murinus
    Talapoin (skeleton) Miopithecus sp.
    Southern elephant seal (skull) Mirounga leonina
    Japanese mole (skeleton) Mogera wogura
    Mediterranean monk seal (skeleton) Monachus monachus
    Narwhal (skull) Monodon monoceros
    Siberian musk deer (male skull) Moschus moschiferus
    Least weasel (skeleton) Mustela nivalis
    Least weasel (skull) Mustela nivalis
    Italian weasel (skull) Mustela nivalis boccamela
    Malay weasel (skull) Mustela nudipes
    Western polecat (skeleton) Mustela putorius
    Western polecat (skull) Mustela putorius
    Siberian weasel (skull) Mustela sibirica moupinensis
    Siberian weasel (skeleton) Mustela sibirica moupinensis
    American mink (skeleton) Mustela vison
    Teledu (skeleton) Mydaus javanensis javanensis
    Teledu (skull) Mydaus javanensis javanensis
    Coypu (skull) Myocastor coypus
    Giant anteater (skeleton) Myrmecophaga tridactyla
    Prehensile-tailed hutia (skeleton) Mysateles prehensilis
    Two-spotted civet (skull) Nandinia binotata
    Proboscis monkey (skeleton) Nasalis larvatus
    Ring-tailed coati (skeleton) Nasua nasua
    Ring-tailed coati (skull) Nasua nasua nasua
    Sunda clouded leopard (skull) Neofelis diardi
    Burmese clouded leopard (skull) Neofelis nebulosa macrosceloides
    Northern white-cheeked gibbon (skeleton) Nomascus leucogenys
    Northern white-cheeked gibbon (skull) Nomascus leucogenys
    Western brush wallaby (skull) Notamacropus irma
    Southern marsupial mole (skeleton) Notoryctes typhlops
    Eurasian curlew (skeleton) Numenius arquata
    Raccoon dog (skeleton) Nyctereutes procyonoides
    Black-crowned night heron (skeleton) Nycticorax nycticorax nycticorax
    Walrus (skull) Odobenus rosmarus
    Okapi (skull) Okapia johnstoni
    Muskrat (skull) Ondatra zibethicus
    Orca (skeleton) Orcinus orca
    Rocky Mountain goat (skull) Oreamnos americanus
    Aardvark (skull) Orycteropus afer
    European rabbit (skeleton) Oryctolagus cuniculus
    South American sea lion (skeleton) Otaria flavescens
    Domestic sheep (conjoined skulls) Ovis aries
    Domestic sheep (skull) Ovis aries
    Long-nosed hocicudo (skull) Oxymycterus hocicudo
    Masked palm civet (skulls) Paguma larvata
    Masked palm civet (skull) Paguma larvata
    Sumatran masked palm civet (skull) Paguma larvata leucomystax
    Lion (dissected skull) Panthera leo
    Jaguar (skull) Panthera onca
    Leopard (skeleton) Panthera pardus
    Leopard (skulls) Panthera pardus
    Hamadryas baboon (skull) Papio hamadryas
    Guinea baboon (skeleton) Papio papio
    Guinea baboon (skull) Papio papio
    Chacma baboon (skull) Papio ursinus
    Common palm civet (skeleton) Paradoxurus hermaphroditus s.s.
    Common palm civet (skull) Paradoxurus hermaphroditus s.s.
    Golden palm civet (skull) Paradoxurus zeylonensis
    House sparrow (skeleton) Passer domesticus domesticus
    Collared peccary (skull) Pecari tajacu
    Fisher (skull) Pekania pennanti
    Great white pelican (skeleton) Pelecanus onocrotalus
    Edible frog (skeletons) Pelophylax kl. esculentus
    Long-nosed bandicoot (skeleton) Perameles nasuta
    Olive-backed pocket mouse (skeleton) Perognathus fasciatus
    Red giant flying squirrel (skeleton) Petaurista petaurista
    Brush-tailed rock wallaby (skeleton) Petrogale penicillata
    Brush-tailed rock wallaby (skull) Petrogale penicillata
    North African elephant shrew (skeleton) Petrosaltator rozeti
    African warthog (skull) Phacochoerus africanus
    Great cormorant (skeleton) Phalacrocorax carbo
    Northern common cuscus (skull) Phalanger orientalis
    Koala (skeleton) Phascolarctos cinereus
    Maxwell's duiker (skeleton) Philantomba maxwelli
    Northern giant slender-tailed cloud rat (skull) Phloeomys pallidus
    Spotted seal (skull) Phoca largha
    Greater flamingo (skeleton) Phoenicopterus roseus
    Common redstart (skeleton) Phoenicurus phoenicurus
    Mexican plateau horned toad (skeleton) Phrynosoma orbiculare
    Sperm whale (deformed mandible) Physeter catodon
    Sperm whale (mandible) Physeter catodon
    Green woodpecker (skeleton) Picus viridis viridis
    Eurasian spoonbill (skeleton) Platalea leucorodia
    Ganges river dolphin (skeleton) Platanista gangetica
    Bichir (skeleton) Polypterus sp.
    Bornean orang-utan (skeleton) Pongo pygmaeus
    Pygmy hog (skeleton) Porcula salvania
    Giant otter shrew (skeleton) Potamogale velox
    Long-nosed potoroo (skull) Potorous tridactylus
    Kinkajou (skull) Potos flavus
    Leopard cat (skull) Prionailurus bengalensis
    Indian leopard cat (skull) Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis
    Chinese leopard cat (skull) Prionailurus bengalensis chinensis
    Sumatran leopard cat (skull) Prionailurus javanensis sumatranus
    Flat-headed cat (skeleton) Prionailurus planiceps
    Flat-headed cat (skull) Prionailurus planiceps
    Rock hyrax (skull) Procavia capensis
    Syrian rock hyrax (skull) Procavia capensis syriacus
    Crab-eating raccoon (skeleton) Procyon cancrivorus
    Crab-eating raccoon (skull) Procyon cancrivorus
    North American raccoon (skeleton) Procyon lotor
    North American raccoon (skulls) Procyon lotor
    Diademed sifaka (skull) Propithecus diadema
    Verreaux's sifaka (skull) Propithecus verreauxi
    Aardwolf (skeleton) Proteles cristatus
    False killer whale (skeleton) Pseudorca crassidens
    Siberian flying squirrel (skeleton) Pteromys volans
    Giant otter (skeleton) Pteronura brasiliensis
    Giant otter (skull) Pteronura brasiliensis
    Puma (skull) Puma concolor
    Red-shanked douc (skeleton) Pygathrix nemaeus
    Red-shanked douc (skull) Pygathrix nemaeus
    Eurasian bullfinch (skeleton) Pyrrhula pyrrhula
    African rock python (skull) Python sebae
    Ray (jaws) Raja sp.
    Steenbok (male skull) Raphicerus campestris
    Cape grysbok (male skull) Raphicerus melanotis
    Norway rat (skulls, jaws and long bones) Rattus norvegicus
    Ship rat (skeleton) Rattus rattus
    Darwin's rhea (skeleton) Rhea pennata
    South American common toad (skeleton) Rhinella margaritifera
    Cane toad (skeleton) Rhinella marina
    Indian rhinoceros (skeleton) Rhinoceros unicornis
    Indian rhinoceros (skull) Rhinoceros unicornis
    Golden snub-nosed monkey (skull) Rhinopithecus roxellana
    Chequered elephant shrew (skeleton) Rhynchocyon cirnei
    Alpine chamois (skull) Rupicapra rupicapra
    Sambar (skull) Rusa unicolor
    Secretary bird (skeleton) Sagittarius serpentarius
    Secretary bird (skull) Sagittarius serpentarius
    Midas tamarin (skull) Saguinus midas
    Atlantic salmon (skeleton) Salmo salar
    Eastern mole (skull) Scalopus aquaticus
    Fox squirrel (skeleton) Sciurus niger
    Greater hedgehog tenrec (skeleton) Setifer setosus
    Greater hedgehog tenrec (skull) Setifer setosus
    Ground pangolin (skeleton) Smutsia temminckii
    Coruro (skeleton) Spalacopus cyanus
    Greater mole rat (skeleton) Spalax microphthalmus
    Magellanic penguin (skeleton) Spheniscus magellanicus
    Common spotted cuscus (skull) Spilocuscus maculatus
    Ostrich (skeleton) Struthio camelus
    Common starling (skeleton) Sturnus vulgaris vulgaris
    Suricate (skull) Suricata suricatta
    Suricate (skeleton) Suricata suricatta
    Palawan bearded pig (skull) Sus ahoenobarbus
    Indian wild boar (skull) Sus cristatus cristatus
    Wild boar (piglet skeleton) Sus scrofa
    Wild boar (skull) Sus scrofa
    Andaman wild pig (skull) Sus scrofa domesticus
    Cape buffalo (skull) Syncerus caffer caffer
    Short-beaked echidna (skeleton) Tachyglossus aculeatus
    Malayan tapir (skeleton) Tapirus indicus
    Mountain tapir (skull) Tapirus pinchaque
    Brazilian tapir (calf skull) Tapirus terrestris
    Brazilian tapir (mandible) Tapirus terrestris
    Brazilian tapir (skull) Tapirus terrestris
    Indian gerbil (skeleton) Tatera indica
    White-lipped peccary (skull) Tayassu pecari
    Tailless tenrec (skeleton) Tenrec ecaudatus
    Hermann's tortoise (skeleton) Testudo hermanni
    Four-horned antelope (female skull) Tetracerus quadricornis
    Western capercaillie (skeleton) Tetrao urogallus
    Gelada (skull) Theropithecus gelada
    Sacred ibis (skeleton) Threskiornis aethiopicus
    Thylacine (skeleton) Thylacinus cynocephalus
    Elegant fat-tailed mouse opossum (skull) Thylamys elegans
    Tasmanian pademelon (skeleton) Thylogale billardierii
    Tasmanian pademelon (skull) Thylogale billardierii
    Spectacled bear (skeleton) Tremarctos ornatus
    Common brushtail possum (skull) Trichosurus vulpecula
    Common tree shrew (skeleton) Tupaia glis
    Common tree shrew (skull) Tupaia glis
    Common blackbird (skeleton) Turdus merula merula
    American black bear (skull) Ursus americanus
    Brown bear (dissected skull) Ursus arctos
    Brown bear (foetal skeleton) Ursus arctos
    Grizzly bear (skull) Ursus arctos horribilis
    Himalayan brown bear (skull) Ursus arctos isabellinus
    Syrian brown bear (skeleton) Ursus arctos syriacus
    Polar bear (skull) Ursus maritimus
    Asiatic black bear (skull) Ursus thibetanus
    Short-tailed mongoose (skull) Urva brachyura
    Indian grey mongoose (skull) Urva edwardsii edwardsii
    Javan mongoose (skull) Urva javanica
    Javan mongoose (skulls) Urva javanica
    Crab-eating mongoose (skull) Urva urva
    Water monitor (skeleton) Varanus salvator
    Parti-coloured bat (skeleton) Vespertilio murinus
    Large Indian civet (skeleton) Viverra zibetha
    Large Indian civet (skull) Viverra zibetha
    Rasse (skulls) Viverricula indica indica
    Arctic fox (skull) Vulpes lagopus
    Pale fox (skeleton) Vulpes pallida
    Swift fox (skull) Vulpes velox
    Red fox (cub skeleton) Vulpes vulpes
    Red fox (skull) Vulpes vulpes
    North American red fox (skull) Vulpes vulpes fulva
    North American red fox (skulls) Vulpes vulpes fulva
    Egyptian red fox (skeleton) Vulpes vulpes niloticus
    Andean condor (skeleton) Vultur gryphus
    Pichi (skeleton) Zaedyus pichiy
    Western long-beaked echidna (skeleton) Zaglossus bruijni

    Galerie de Paléontologie
    Acanthostega gunnari (skull) Acanthostega gunnari
    Aceratherium tetradactylum (skull) Aceratherium tetradactylum
    Giant cheetah (bones) Acinonyx pardinensis
    Acrophoca longirostris (skull) Acrophoca longirostris
    Adapis (skulls) Adapis sp.
    Adcrocuta eximia (mandible) Adcrocuta eximia
    Adcrocuta eximia (skull) Adcrocuta eximia
    Aegyptopithecus zeuxis (skull) Aegyptopithecus zeuxis
    Aeolodon priscus (skull) Aeolodon priscus
    Aepisaurus elephantinus (humerus) Aepisaurus elephantinus
    Elephant bird (eggs) Aepyornis maximus
    Elephant bird (skeleton) Aepyornis maximus
    Agriotherium insigne (jaw fragment) Agriotherium insigne
    Aldabrachelys abrupta (shell) Aldabrachelys abrupta
    Aldabrachelys grandidieri (shell) Aldabrachelys grandidieri
    Alephis lyrix (skull) Alephis lyrix
    Allosaurus fragilis (skeleton) Allosaurus fragilis
    Amphicyon major (skull) Amphicyon major
    Amphipithecus mogaungensis (mandible) Amphipithecus mogaungensis
    Amphistium paradoxum (fossil) Amphistium paradoxum
    Anancus arvernensis (jaw fragment) Anancus arvernensis
    Andrewsarchus mongoliensis (skull) Andrewsarchus mongoliensis
    Angistorhinus talainti (skull) Angistorhinus talainti
    Anisodon grande (foot bones) Anisodon grande
    Anoplotherium commune (skull with brain endocast) Anoplotherium commune
    Anoplotherium commune (skull) Anoplotherium commune
    Antrimpos speciosus (fossil) Antrimpos speciosus
    Arambourgiania philadelphiae (cervical vertebra) Arambourgiania philadelphiae
    Archaeobelodon filholi (skull) Archaeobelodon filholi
    Archaeobelodon filholi (skeleton) Archaeobelodon filholi
    Archaeoindris fontoynontii (skull) Archaeoindris fontoynontii
    Archaeolemur majori (skull) Archaeolemur majori
    Archaeolemur majori (skulls) Archaeolemur majori
    Archaeonycteris trigonodon (fossil) Archaeonycteris trigonodon
    Archaeopteryx lithographica (fossil) Archaeopteryx lithographica
    Arcius rougieri (mandible) Arcius rougieri
    Arctocyon primaevus (skull) Arctocyon primaevus
    Arctocyonides arenae (skull) Arctocyonides arenae
    Arganasuchus dutuiti (mandible) Arganasuchus dutuiti
    Arsinoitherium zitteli (skull) Arsinoitherium zitteli
    Asiatherium reshetovi (fossil) Asiatherium reshetovi
    Askeptosaurus (fossil) Askeptosaurus sp.
    Atocetus iquensis (skull) Atocetus iquensis
    Aurorazhdarcho micronyx (fossil) Aurorazhdarcho micronyx
    Australopithecus afarensis (partial skeleton) Australopithecus afarensis
    Barunlestes butleri (skull and jaw) Barunlestes butleri
    Bathygale lemanensis (skull) Bathygale lemanensis
    Benthesikyme gracilis (fossil) Benthesikyme gracilis
    Brachydelphis mazeasi (skull) Brachydelphis mazeasi
    Bradysaurus baini (skull) Bradysaurus baini
    Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis (fossil) Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis
    Calymene blumenbachii (fossil) Calymene blumenbachii
    Calymene niagarensis (fossils) Calymene niagarensis
    Dire wolf (skull) Canis dirus
    Cantius trigonodus (skull and mandible) Cantius trigonodus
    Carcharodon hubbelli (tooth) Carcharodon hubbelli
    Carnotaurus sastrei (skull) Carnotaurus sastrei
    Carnotaurus sastrei (skeleton) Carnotaurus sastrei
    Catonyx tarijensis (skull) Catonyx tarijensis
    Catopithecus browni (skull) Catopithecus browni
    Catopsbaatar catopsaloides (skull) Catopsbaatar catopsaloides
    Caturus furcatus (fossil) Caturus furcatus
    Cercopithecoides kimeui (skull) Cercopithecoides kimeui
    Chaetodon ficheuri (fossil) Chaetodon ficheuri
    Chalicotherium goldfussi (skull) Chalicotherium goldfussi
    Chilcacetus cavirhinus (skull) Chilcacetus cavirhinus
    Chilotherium persiae (skull) Chilotherium persiae
    Choerolophodon pentelici (skull) Choerolophodon pentelici
    Chotecops ferdinandi (fossil) Chotecops ferdinandi
    Chresmoda obscura (fossil) Chresmoda obscura
    Golden pheasant (skeleton) Chrysolophus pictus
    Claudiosaurus germaini (fossil) Claudiosaurus germaini
    Coelacanthus (fossil) Coelacanthus sp.
    Woolly rhinoceros (skull) Coelodonta antiquitatis
    Compsognathus longipes (fossil) Compsognathus longipes
    Concornis lacustris (fossil) Concornis lacustris
    Coryphodon oweni (jaws) Coryphodon oweni
    Cricotus (skull) Cricotus sp.
    Cristatusaurus lapparenti (jaw fragments) Cristatusaurus lapparenti
    Cristatusaurus lapparenti (claw) Cristatusaurus lapparenti
    Cave hyaena (skull) Crocuta crocuta spelaea
    Croizetoceros ramosus (mandible and limb bones) Croizetoceros ramosus
    Croizetoceros ramosus (antlers) Croizetoceros ramosus
    Cryptoclidus eurymerus (skeleton) Cryptoclidus eurymerus
    Cryptornis antiquus (fossil) Cryptornis antiquus
    Cuvieronius hyodon (skull) Cuvieronius hyodon
    Cyclobatis major (fossil) Cyclobatis major
    Cynelos lemanensis (skull) Cynelos lemanensis
    Cynthiacetus peruvianus (skull) Cynthiacetus peruvianus
    Cynthiacetus peruvianus (skeleton) Cynthiacetus peruvianus
    Dapedium granulatum (fossil) Dapedium granulatum
    Daptocephalus leoniceps (skull) Daptocephalus leoniceps
    Deinonychus antirrhopus (manus) Deinonychus antirrhopus
    Deinotherium bozasi (molars) Deinotherium bozasi
    Deinotherium giganteum (cheek teeth) Deinotherium giganteum
    Deinotherium giganteum (skull) Deinotherium giganteum
    Dicerorhinus sansaniensis (skull) Dicerorhinus sansaniensis
    Dicksonosteus arcticus (fossil) Dicksonosteus arcticus
    Dicrocerus elegans (antlers) Dicrocerus elegans
    Dihoplus megarhinus (skull) Dihoplus megarhinus
    Dihoplus pikermiensis (skull) Dihoplus pikermiensis
    Dihoplus ringstroemi (skull) Dihoplus ringstroemi
    Dimetrodon (skull) Dimetrodon sp.
    Dipleura dekayi (fossil) Dipleura dekayi
    Diplocynodon ratelii (skeleton) Diplocynodon ratelii
    Diplocynodon ratelii (skull) Diplocynodon ratelii
    Diplodocus carnegii (skeleton) Diplodocus carnegii
    Diprotodon optatum (skull) Diprotodon optatum
    Discosauriscus pulcherrimus (fossil) Discosauriscus pulcherrimus
    Doedicurus (carapace fragment) Doedicurus sp.
    Dolichopithecus ruscinensis (skull) Dolichopithecus ruscinensis
    Doryaspis arctica (fossil) Doryaspis arctica
    Dromaeosaurus albertensis (skull) Dromaeosaurus albertensis
    Dryopithecus fontani (mandible) Dryopithecus fontani
    Dunkleosteus terrelli (skull) Dunkleosteus terrelli
    Edingerella madagascariensis (fossils) Edingerella madagascariensis
    Edmontosaurus annectens (fossilized skin) Edmontosaurus annectens
    Ekembo nyanzae (bones) Ekembo nyanzae
    Elasmotherium sibiricum (skull) Elasmotherium sibiricum
    Elginia mirabilis (skull) Elginia mirabilis
    Elosuchus cherifiensis (skull) Elosuchus cherifiensis
    Elrhazosaurus tenerensis (femur) Elrhazosaurus tenerensis
    Eastern moa (skeleton) Emeus crassus
    Eomaia scansoria (fossil) Eomaia scansoria
    Eosimias centennicus (mandible) Eosimias centennicus
    Equus mauritanicus (skull) Equus mauritanicus
    Eryops megacephalus (skeleton) Eryops megacephalus
    Eucladoceros senezensis (male skull) Eucladoceros senezensis
    Euparkeria capensis (fossil) Euparkeria capensis
    Euromycter rutenus (skull) Euromycter rutenus
    Eurypterus lacustris (fossil) Eurypterus lacustris
    Eusmilus bidentatus (mandible) Eusmilus bidentatus
    Eusthenopteron foordi (fossil) Eusthenopteron foordi
    Galianemys emringeri (skull) Galianemys cf. emringeri
    Gallimimus bullatus (skull) Gallimimus bullatus
    Gallodactylus canjuersensis (fossil) Gallodactylus canjuersensis
    Gazellospira torticornis (horns) Gazellospira torticornis
    Giraffa gracilis (mandible) Giraffa gracilis
    Glossotherium robustum (skull) Glossotherium robustum
    Glyptagnostus reticulatus (fossil) Glyptagnostus reticulatus
    Glyptodon reticulatus (skeleton) Glyptodon reticulatus
    Glyptodon reticulatus (skull) Glyptodon reticulatus
    Glyptodon reticulatus (carapace pieces) Glyptodon reticulatus
    Gomphotherium angustidens (molar) Gomphotherium angustidens
    Gomphotherium angustidens (skull) Gomphotherium angustidens
    Graecopithecus macedoniensis (skull) Graecopithecus macedoniensis
    Hadropithecus stenognathus (jaw fragments) Hadropithecus stenognathus
    Helicoprion bessonowi (tooth whorl) Helicoprion bessonowi
    Helladotherium duvernoyi (jaw fragment) Helladotherium duvernoyi
    Hexaprotodon palaeindicus (skull) Hexaprotodon palaeindicus
    Hexaprotodon sivalensis (skull) Hexaprotodon sivalensis
    Hippidion principalis (skull) Hippidion principalis
    Hippopotamus major (skull) Hippopotamus major
    Hippotherium primigenium (skull) Hippotherium primigenium
    Homoeosaurus maximiliani (fossil) Homoeosaurus maximiliani
    Homotherium crenatidens (skull) Homotherium crenatidens
    Perrier's hyaena (mandible) Hyaena perrieri
    Hyaenictis graeca (juvenile mandibles) Hyaenictis graeca
    Hyaenodon filholi (juvenile mandibles) Hyaenodon filholi
    Hyaenodon filholi (skull) Hyaenodon filholi
    Hyaenodon leptorhynchus (mandible) Hyaenodon leptorhynchus
    Hyaenodon minor (skull) Hyaenodon minor
    Hyaenotherium wongii (jaws) Hyaenotherium wongii
    Hydropotopsis lemanensis (skull) Hydropotopsis lemanensis
    Hyotherium major (skull) Hyotherium major
    Hypacrosaurus stebingeri (juvenile fossil) Hypacrosaurus stebingeri
    Hypselosaurus priscus (bones) Hypselosaurus priscus
    Hypselosaurus priscus (eggs) Hypselosaurus priscus
    Hyracotherium vasacciense (skeleton) Hyracotherium vasacciense
    Iberomesornis romerali (fossil) Iberomesornis romerali
    Ichthyosaurus acutirostris (skull) Ichthyosaurus acutirostris
    Ichthyostega (skull) Ichthyostega sp.
    Ichthyovenator laosensis (vertebrae) Ichthyovenator laosensis
    Iguanodon bernissartensis (skull) Iguanodon bernissartensis
    Indarctos maraghanus (mandible) Indarctos maraghanus
    Iranotherium morgani (skull) Iranotherium morgani
    Karaurus sharovi (fossil) Karaurus sharovi
    Kobus sigmoidalis (horns) Kobus sigmoidalis
    Kopidodon macrognathus (fossil) Kopidodon macrognathus
    Labidosaurus hamatus (fossil) Labidosaurus hamatus
    Lapparentemys vilavilensis (skull) Lapparentemys vilavilensis
    Lapparentosaurus madagascariensis (femur) Lapparentosaurus madagascariensis
    Lehmanophorus segusianus (fossil) Lehmanophorus segusianus
    Lepidotes gigas (fossil) Lepidotes gigas
    Leptadapis magnus (skull) Leptadapis magnus
    Leptictidium auderiense (fossil) Leptictidium auderiense
    Leptobos elatus (horns) Leptobos elatus
    Limnoscelis paludis (fossil) Limnoscelis paludis
    Limosa gypsorum (fossil) Limosa gypsorum
    Liodon compressidens (jaws) Liodon compressidens
    Lomacetus ginsburgi (skull) Lomacetus ginsburgi
    Loricatosaurus priscus (humerus) Loricatosaurus priscus
    Loricatosaurus priscus (vertebrae) Loricatosaurus priscus
    Atlas elephant (molar) Loxodonta atlantica
    Ludiortyx hoffmanni (fossil) Ludiortyx hoffmanni
    Lystrosaurus murrayi (skeleton) Lystrosaurus murrayi
    Lystrosaurus murrayi (skull) Lystrosaurus murrayi
    Macrocranion tupaiodon (fossil) Macrocranion tupaiodon
    Majungasaurus crenatissimus (mandible) Majungasaurus crenatissimus
    Majungasaurus crenatissimus (skull fragment) Majungasaurus crenatissimus
    American mastodon (molar) Mammut americanum
    Borson's mastodon (molar) Mammut borsoni
    Southern mammoth (molar) Mammuthus meridionalis
    Southern mammoth (skull) Mammuthus meridionalis
    Woolly mammoth (molar) Mammuthus primigenius
    Woolly mammoth (preserved face) Mammuthus primigenius
    Woolly mammoth (preserved leg) Mammuthus primigenius
    Woolly mammoth (skull) Mammuthus primigenius
    Steppe mammoth (calcaneus) Mammuthus trogontherii
    Steppe mammoth (mandible) Mammuthus trogontherii
    Mastodonsaurus giganteus (tooth) Mastodonsaurus giganteus
    Megacerops (skull) Megacerops sp.
    Megaladapis edwardsi (skull) Megaladapis edwardsi
    Megaladapis edwardsi (skeleton) Megaladapis edwardsi
    Meganeura monyi (fossil) Meganeura monyi
    Megantereon cultridens (skull) Megantereon cultridens
    Megantereon megantereon (jaws and canine) Megantereon megantereon
    Megatherium americanum (skeleton) Megatherium americanum
    Megatherium americanum (skull) Megatherium americanum
    Mekosuchus inexpectatus (mandible) Mekosuchus inexpectatus
    Menelikia lyrocera (horn cores) Menelikia lyrocera
    Menelikia lyrocera (skull) Menelikia lyrocera
    Mesolimulus walchi (fossil) Mesolimulus walchi
    Mesopithecus monspessulanus (jaw fragment) Mesopithecus monspessulanus
    Metacervoceros philisi (jaws) Metacervoceros philisi
    Metaxytherium medium (skeleton) Metaxytherium medium
    Metaxytherium serresii (jaw fragment) Metaxytherium serresii
    Metaxytherium subapenninum (skull) Metaxytherium subapenninum
    Metoposaurus (skull) Metoposaurus sp.
    Metriorhynchus superciliosus (skull) Metriorhynchus superciliosus
    Microstonyx major (skull) Microstonyx major
    Mionetta blanchardi (skeleton) Mionetta blanchardi
    Moeritherium lyonsi (skull) Moeritherium lyonsi
    Morotopithecus bishopi (upper jaw) Morotopithecus bishopi
    Mosasaurus hoffmanni (jaws) Mosasaurus hoffmanni
    Nanotyrannus lancensis (skull) Nanotyrannus lancensis
    Necrolemur antiquus (skull) Necrolemur antiquus
    Nematherium angulatum (skull and mandible) Nematherium angulatum
    Queensland lungfish (skeleton) Neoceratodus forsteri
    Nigeremys gigantea (skull) Nigeremys gigantea
    Ninjemys oweni (skull) Ninjemys oweni
    Notharctus tenebrosus (skeleton) Notharctus tenebrosus
    Notiomastodon platensis (femur) Notiomastodon platensis
    Odobenocetops leptodus (male skull) Odobenocetops leptodus
    Odobenocetops peruvianus (female skull) Odobenocetops peruvianus
    Odobenocetops peruvianus (male skull) Odobenocetops peruvianus
    Oioceros rothii (horn cores) Oioceros rothii
    Olenellus (fossil) Olenellus sp.
    Olenoides nevadensis (fossil) Olenoides nevadensis
    Onnia goldfussi (fossil) Onnia goldfussi
    Oreopithecus bambolii (skull) Oreopithecus bambolii
    Otavipithecus namibiensis (mandible) Otavipithecus namibiensis
    Pachylemur insignis (skull) Pachylemur insignis
    Pachylemur insignis (skulls) Pachylemur insignis
    Pakicetus attocki (skeleton) Pakicetus attocki
    Pakicetus attocki (skull) Pakicetus attocki
    Palaelodus ambiguus (skeleton) Palaelodus ambiguus
    Palaeochiropteryx tupaiodon (fossil) Palaeochiropteryx tupaiodon
    Palaeoleuciscus oeningensis (fossil) Palaeoleuciscus oeningensis
    Palaeoloxodon recki (skull) Palaeoloxodon recki
    Palaeoloxodon recki (molars) Palaeoloxodon recki
    Giant sloth lemur (skull) Palaeopropithecus maximus
    Palaeoreas lindermayeri (skulls) Palaeoreas lindermayeri
    Palaeorhynchus altivelis (fossil) Palaeorhynchus altivelis
    Palaeotherium magnum (fossil) Palaeotherium magnum
    Palaeotherium medium (skull) Palaeotherium medium
    Palaeotragus rouenii (skull) Palaeotragus rouenii
    Cave lion (skull) Panthera spelaea
    Paraceratherium transouralicum (bones) Paraceratherium transouralicum
    Paradolichopithecus arvernensis (skull) Paradolichopithecus arvernensis
    Paradoxides davidis (fossil) Paradoxides davidis
    Paradoxides spinosus (fossil) Paradoxides spinosus
    Paralejurus brongniarti (fossil) Paralejurus brongniarti
    Parasuchus magnoculus (skull) Parasuchus magnoculus
    Parotosuchus nasutus (skull) Parotosuchus nasutus
    Patriofelis ulta (skull) Patriofelis ulta
    Pelagosaurus typus (skull and osteoderms) Pelagosaurus typus
    Pelecyodon cristatus (skull) Pelecyodon cristatus
    Phacops (fossil) Phacops sp.
    Phalagnostus glandiformis (fossils) Phalagnostus glandiformis
    Phiomia serridens (cheek teeth) Phiomia serridens
    Phiomia serridens (skull) Phiomia serridens
    Phosphatherium escuilliei (cheek teeth) Phosphatherium escuilliei
    Phosphatherium escuilliei (skull) Phosphatherium escuilliei
    Piocormus laticeps (fossil) Piocormus laticeps
    Piscobalaena nana (skull) Piscobalaena nana
    Piscophoca pacifica (skull) Piscophoca pacifica
    Piveteausaurus divesensis (braincase) Piveteausaurus divesensis
    Platecarpus tympaniticus (skull) Platecarpus tympaniticus
    Plesiadapis tricuspidens (skull and jaw) Plesiadapis tricuspidens
    Pleurosaurus (fossil) Pleurosaurus sp.
    Plioviverrops orbignyi (skull) Plioviverrops orbignyi
    Pondaungia cotteri partial (mandible) Pondaungia cotteri
    Potamotherium valletoni (skull) Potamotherium valletoni
    Prenocephale prenes (skull) Prenocephale prenes
    Pristiophorus tumidens (fossil) Pristiophorus tumidens
    Pristiphoca occitana (mandible) Pristiphoca occitana
    Proailurus lemanensis (skull) Proailurus lemanensis
    Procapreolus cusanus (frontal bone and antlers) Procapreolus cusanus
    Proetus latifrons (fossils) Proetus latifrons
    Prognathodon mosasauroides (jaws) Prognathodon mosasauroides
    Prohylobates (jaw fragments) Prohylobates sp.
    Pronycticebus gaudryi (skull) Pronycticebus gaudryi
    Protoceratops andrewsi (skull) Protoceratops andrewsi
    Pteranodon (skull) Pteranodon sp.
    Pterodaustro guinazui (fossil) Pterodaustro guinazui
    Pterodon dasyuroides (skull and mandible) Pterodon dasyuroides
    Ptychogaster emydoides (skeleton) Ptychogaster emydoides
    Quercygale angustidens (skull) Quercygale angustidens
    Rana aquensis (fossil) Rana aquensis
    Dodo (skeleton) Raphus cucullatus
    Reedops cephalotes (fossil) Reedops cephalotes
    Rhabdodon priscus (femur) Rhabdodon priscus
    Rhamphorhynchus muensteri (fossil) Rhamphorhynchus muensteri
    Rhamphosuchus crassidens (jaws) Rhamphosuchus crassidens
    Rhinobatos maronita (fossil) Rhinobatos maronita
    Rhinoceros leptorhinus (skull) Rhinoceros leptorhinus
    Ronzotherium filholi (skull) Ronzotherium filholi
    Sacabambaspis janvieri (fossil) Sacabambaspis janvieri
    Saghacetus osiris (skull) Saghacetus osiris
    Sansanosmilus palmidens (skull) Sansanosmilus palmidens
    Sapheosaurus thiollierei (fossil) Sapheosaurus thiollierei
    Sarcosuchus imperator (skeleton) Sarcosuchus imperator
    Sarcosuchus imperator (skull) Sarcosuchus imperator
    Saukiella pepinensis (fossil) Saukiella pepinensis
    Prosauropod (skull) Sauropodomorpha indet.
    Scapanorhynchus (fossil) Scapanorhynchus sp.
    Scaumenacia curta (fossil) Scaumenacia curta
    Scelidotherium leptocephalum (skull) Scelidotherium leptocephalum
    Schizodelphis sulcatus (skull) Schizodelphis sulcatus
    Sclerocalyptus ornatus (carapace) Sclerocalyptus ornatus
    Sclerocalyptus perfectus (tail club) Sclerocalyptus perfectus
    Scorpaena jeanneli (fossil) Scorpaena jeanneli
    Scutosaurus karpinskii (skull) Scutosaurus karpinskii
    Scutosaurus karpinskii (skull) Scutosaurus karpinskii
    Catshark (fossil) Scyliorhinus sp.
    Selenopeltis buchii (fossil) Selenopeltis buchii
    Seymouria (fossil) Seymouria sp.
    Simonsius grangeri (jaws) Simonsius grangeri
    Sinodelphys szalayi (fossil) Sinodelphys szalayi
    Sivapithecus indicus (skull) Sivapithecus indicus
    Smilodon populator (skull) Smilodon populator
    Spheniscus urbinai (skull) Spheniscus urbinai
    Sphenocoelus hyognathus (skull) Sphenocoelus hyognathus
    Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (mandible) Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
    Squalodon grateloupii (skull) Squalodon grateloupii
    Squalodon grateloupii (jaw) Squalodon grateloupii
    Squatina alifera (fossil) Squatina alifera
    Stegodon orientalis (molar) Stegodon orientalis
    Steneofiber eseri (jaws) Steneofiber eseri
    Steneosaurus heberti (skull) Steneosaurus heberti
    Etruscan rhinoceros (skull) Stephanorhinus etruscus
    Stygimoloch spinifer (skull) Stygimoloch spinifer
    Sylviornis neocaledoniae (skull fragment) Sylviornis neocaledoniae
    Sylviornis neocaledoniae (tibia) Sylviornis neocaledoniae
    Tapirus arvernensis (mandible) Tapirus arvernensis
    Tarbosaurus bataar (skull) Tarbosaurus bataar
    Teleosaurus cadomensis (osteoderms) Teleosaurus cadomensis
    Tetralophodon longirostris (molar) Tetralophodon longirostris
    Thalassocnus natans (skeleton) Thalassocnus natans
    Thalassocnus natans (skull) Thalassocnus natans
    Thoracosaurus macrorhynchus (skull) Thoracosaurus macrorhynchus
    Titanochelon perpiniana (skeleton) Titanochelon perpiniana
    Tombaatar sabuli (fossil) Tombaatar sabuli
    Toxodon platensis (skull) Toxodon platensis
    Tragelaphus nakuae (toothrow) Tragelaphus nakuae
    Tragelaphus nakuae (horn cores) Tragelaphus nakuae
    Trematosaurus brauni (skull) Trematosaurus brauni
    Triceratops horridus (skull) Triceratops horridus
    Trionyx stiriacus (skull) Trionyx stiriacus
    Turkanapithecus kalakolensis (skull) Turkanapithecus kalakolensis
    Uintatherium anceps (skeleton) Uintatherium anceps
    Uintatherium anceps (skull) Uintatherium anceps
    Undina penicillata (fossil) Undina penicillata
    Unenlagia comahuensis (skeleton) Unenlagia comahuensis
    Unenlagia comahuensis (skull) Unenlagia comahuensis
    Uranocentrodon senekalensis (mandible) Uranocentrodon senekalensis
    Ursavus tedfordi (skull) Ursavus tedfordi
    Etruscan bear (partial skull) Ursus etruscus
    Ursus minimus (mandible) Ursus minimus
    Cave bear (skull) Ursus spelaeus
    Victoriapithecus macinnesi (skull) Victoriapithecus macinnesi
    Vomeropsis triurus (fossil) Vomeropsis triurus
    Xenacanthus gaudryi (fossil) Xenacanthus gaudryi
    Xiphodon gracilis (skull with brain endocast) Xiphodon gracilis
    Zygolophodon turicensis (molar) Zygolophodon turicensis

    Grande Galerie d'Évolution
    Brown kiwi (stuffed) Apteryx australis
    Little spotted kiwi (stuffed) Apteryx owenii
    African brush-tailed porcupine (stuffed) Atherurus africanus
    Cory's shearwater (stuffed) Calonectris diomedea
    Blond-crested woodpecker (stuffed) Celeus flavescens
    Bare-necked umbrellabird (stuffed) Cephalopterus glabricollis
    Long-wattled umbrellabird (stuffed) Cephalopterus penduliger
    Northern pig-footed bandicoot (stuffed) Chaeropus yirratji
    Common 'amakihi (stuffed) Chlorodrepanis virens
    Spotted hyaena (stuffed) Crocuta crocuta crocuta
    Tibetan eared-pheasant (stuffed) Crossoptilon harmani
    Cyclomedusa radiata (fossil) Cyclomedusa radiata
    Doria's tree kangaroos (stuffed) Dendrolagus dorianus
    'I'iwi (stuffed) Drepanis coccinea
    Quagga (stuffed) Equus quagga quagga
    Eastern falanouc (stuffed) Eupleres goudotii
    Carpet chameleon (stuffed) Furcifer lateralis
    California condor (stuffed) Gymnogyps californianus
    Grey seal (stuffed) Halichoerus grypus
    Harpy eagle (stuffed) Harpia harpyja
    Akiapola'au (stuffed) Hemignathus wilsoni
    Huia (female - stuffed) Heteralocha acutirostris
    Huia (male - stuffed) Heteralocha acutirostris
    Common waterbuck (stuffed) Kobus ellipsiprymnus
    Weddell seal (stuffed) Leptonychotes weddellii
    Imperial shag (stuffed) Leucocarbo atriceps
    Palila (stuffed) Loxioides bailleui
    Pine marten (stuffed) Martes martes
    Red brocket deer (fawn - stuffed) Mazama americana
    Martinique giant rice rat (stuffed) Megalomys desmarestii
    Saint Lucia giant rice rat (stuffed) Megalomys luciae
    Burmese ferret badger (stuffed) Melogale personata
    Numbat (stuffed) Myrmecobius fasciatus
    Giant anteater (stuffed) Myrmecophaga tridactyla
    Mhorr gazelle (stuffed) Nanger dama mhorr
    Crescent nail-tail wallaby (stuffed) Onychogalea lunata
    European mouflon (ram - stuffed) Ovis orientalis musimon
    Cape lion (stuffed) Panthera leo melanochaita
    South China tiger (stuffed) Panthera tigris amoyensis
    Guinea baboon (stuffed) Papio papio
    Collared peccaries (stuffed) Pecari tajacu
    Resplendent quetzal (male - stuffed) Pharomachrus mocinno
    Sooty albatross (stuffed) Phoebetria fusca
    Broad-faced potoroo (stuffed) Potorous platyops
    Giant armadillo (stuffed) Priodontes maximus
    O'u (stuffed) Psittirostra psittacea
    Small Mauritian flying fox (stuffed) Pteropus subniger
    Levantine shearwater (stuffed) Puffinus yelkouan
    Reindeer (stuffed) Rangifer tarandus
    Kagu (stuffed) Rhynochetos jubatus
    Cuban solenodon (stuffed) Solenodon cubanus
    Thylacine (stuffed) Thylacinus cynocephalus
    Desert monitor (stuffed) Varanus griseus
  3. Mo Hassan

    Mo Hassan Well-Known Member Premium Member 5+ year member

    24 Aug 2018
    London, UK
    The above is by no means complete - I concentrated on taxa I hadn't seen specimens of before, and those which were well preserved and presented. Taxonomy is corrected in many cases.
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  4. amur leopard

    amur leopard Well-Known Member 5+ year member

    23 Feb 2019
    Wow! Thank you so much! I was definitely not expecting a list at all, but you just turned up with it all! I'll still have to go and take a few notes, but it matters not! Thank you so much, I can't tell you how useful this is :)
    It seems you have missed off the same kind of species as I would have, so I reckon I really wouldn't have much work to do after this! :)
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  5. Tim May

    Tim May Well-Known Member 15+ year member Premium Member

    16 Nov 2008
    London, England
    That's a very comprehensive list; well done.

    It's some years since I was last in Paris but the "Grande Galerie" also included the mounted skin of the famous Asiatic elephant "Siam" who lived in Vincennes Zoo for many years.

    And the extinct taxa exhibition included the sleleton of a Kangaroo Island emu.
  6. Onychorhynchus coronatus

    Onychorhynchus coronatus Well-Known Member

    30 Sep 2019
    Wow ! , that list is almost as long as a Tolkien or Tolstoy novel
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  7. James w

    James w Active Member 5+ year member

    2 Jul 2018
    Great job..I'm a former keeper and spent years in wildlife fields..loved this place especially palaeontology displays..Nice to be able to see some specimens up close without glass and bad lighting hint hint smilodon fatalis dumped in dark corner in London.. the grand gallery I only look at for WEKE the giant squid, most specimens are not preserved with resin method..was v impressed..Nice to see an A.dux as it would have been..not floppy!..also the extinct Hall as someone said..v rare specimens..only king island emu skeleton in the world, only one skin exists too I think..the anatomy museum is great..when you train to be a keeper now on the UK to be qualified have to do two years intense study. Part of it Sparsholt have an anatomy class their where an enthusiastic teacher who does it as a hobby also, dissects something interesting..they have a special cupboard with the weird, unusual, and anomaly museum had a few v weird ones....Great job..I recorded zoo tours, even before being a keeper..and also do museums like you....bravo..your list is helping me decide to spend a lot of money on a 2nd prices suck
  8. James w

    James w Active Member 5+ year member

    2 Jul 2018
    Also forgot to note..I have my own collection..3 cabinets of palaeontology and zoology stuff I have found, brought ethically cleaned, scrubbed, cut and a zombie apocalypse I would take over and claim kensington as all mine