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Patricks photos

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by jay, 8 Nov 2006.

  1. jay

    jay Well-Known Member

    8 Jan 2004
    brisbane, qld, australia
    Hey Pat
    thanks for being so quick with the ele photos and including the orangs. I am really looking forward to visiting next week. From your pictures I don't minf the 'un nautuarl' look. The use of timber ensures it still has an 'earthy' look and as you said the trees will look good in a few years time. The whole exhibit looks as if it blends in well withthe eles.
  2. patrick

    patrick Well-Known Member

    29 Nov 2004
    melbourne, victoria, australia
    my pleasure.

    it does blend in nicely, the whole precinct. i was actually quite supprised at home much i liked the feel of it. particuarly the mesh exhibit. whilst there is not so much a single plant with the area the idea of having that open-air mesh thing means that the orangs can nonetheless be surrounded by a green and lively backdrop (whilst they could never before see other species they can now see elephants and giraffes among others). somehow this section has a rehab sanctuary kinda feel to it.

    i pobably would love it if the other exhibit was all-out there natural, with more dead trees, simulated eroded mudbanks for walls and artificial vines and more real shrubs, but you find it hard to critcise an exhibit when you see the new inhabitants enjoying it so much!