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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Zooreviewsuk, 27 Jan 2019.

  1. Zooreviewsuk

    Zooreviewsuk Well-Known Member

    14 May 2017
    Okay just under 2 years ago I took my first visit whilst reviewing and gave Peak quite a high review for the park it was, the potential it had and based on a lot what keepers and staff said.

    21 months later I made my second trip to Peak to see just what has happened in the best part of 2 years.

    It's very rare I would look to be too negative about a park, but in the case of Peak, bitterly disappointed doesn't even come close.

    Two years ago when I made my visit there was comments of the Aviary's near the entrance would be used, the African birds in with the Dik Dik would get new exhibits and so would the Dik Dik and that impressive exhibit would be used for something else. There was walk of doing work on the other side of the park and there was plans a foot to add wetland birds into the Wetland area near the Sika Deer,

    21 months ago, there was a Tapir on show, Black Lemurs in the Lemur walkthrough, Capybara's with the Mara, African birds in the Dik Dik enclosure and a couple of other small Aviary's used.

    Fast forward 21 months and the changes are sad, and disappointing. They now have Black and Common Brown Lemurs off show, they are down to 2 White and Black Ruffed Lemur, the Tapir is now offshow, in fact in the second side of the park, most of it has been fenced off, old impressive aviary's unused. Two paddocks full of goats but fenced off, what could have been great exhibits for larger birds like Vultures or Condor's fenced off. All that's on the far side of the park now, is Rabbits and Black Face Sheep, in fact the Black Face sheep used to be next to the Kune Kune Pigs but have been moved to the other side, in an exhibit which 2 years ago they said was going to be a new walkthrough exhibit for new species, but instead it now houses Black Faced Sheep.

    The main park has seen the Kune Kune have access to the old Black Face Sheep paddock as well and the only improvements are that the Zebra now have a indoor stabling and hard standing area. The Sika Deer now only have access to the far side of the wetland area and a stable has been built for them there.

    Added to this, work that started on the pond around the back of the penguins which was muted to be a new Otter exhibit to replace the old one, is in exactly the same state as it was 2 years ago and the housing area next to it, is now a workshop.

    The old mini Aviary's which were going to have birds, are now labelled as nature spots where bees and other native animals can use.

    No work has been done on any of the paddocks on the wetland.

    Capybara's have left the collection and all the African birds in with the Dik Dik have now gone and the Dik Dik is still in there, but mainly staying in his heated off show house.

    So in 21 months there have been no additions to the collection at all, but African Birds, and Capybara, have left the collection and the Brown Lemur, Black Lemur and Tapir are now offshow.

    The only change is a hard standing area for the Zebra, and a house, and a stable for the Deer.

    It's impossible not to be disappointed. They have a car park that holds around 500 cars!!!! They have increased admission from £10.95 to £11.95 and they do the sell to try and get people to buy annual membership.

    The collection consists of;

    Humbolt Penguins
    Bennetts Wallaby
    Mara (Could only see 2, was about 5/6 last time)
    African Spurred Tortoise
    Red Squirrel
    Flemish Bunnies
    African Pygmy Goats
    Black Faced Sheep
    Otters (These are also very old by the colouration of their coats)
    Sika Deer
    Ring Tailed Lemur
    White & Black Ruffed Lemur
    Kune Kune Pig
    Visayan Warty Pig (Now appears to be only 1, was 3 before)
    Cameroon Sheep (x 1 in with black faced)
    Maneless Zebra

    In fact the biggest change I noticed was a big indoor play area they had erected!

    So what have they done to ask for a price increase, why in two years has the collection of animals decreased and not increased, why have they created more play areas, and a huge car park ?? For me it's beyond disappointing, and all the potential area they have is being wasted and not even maintained.

    I fear that they will announce new exhibits and all it will be is the Brown and Black Lemurs now living in what is a fenced off exhibit opposite where the Tapir lives, this is same exhibit that had Brown Lemur in when it was on show and as was the Tapir, but are now off show.

    So frustrated and so disappointed and if it wasn't for buying a cup of tea and a cake, I simply couldn't have spent an hour there.

    2 years 0 progress, just regression. It would need major developments for me to visit again, I just can't see them happening. It would appear all the money is being pumped into their sister park in Wales, which is small on species wise but impressive exhibits and a lot of big ABC animals and at least an enjoyable half day. Peaks no change in 2 years is a nice site being wasted. Underwhelmed is an understatement.
  2. zoogiraffe

    zoogiraffe Well-Known Member

    12 Sep 2007
    Middlewich,Cheshire U.K
    Those of us that remember the place as it used to be when it was Blackbrook would say that it was always a backward step from that and much of what you suggested was what was their before the change of name.When it first opened I had a very interesting chat with the person in charge of the collection some of his plans were very interesting,the sum total of the plans that have been done are NIL and at least 25% of them should have been done by now from his timescale.When the place closes I for one will not be surprised because the plans were to ambitious for the location!!
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  3. Quincey

    Quincey Well-Known Member

    2 Dec 2015