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Please Help... Dealing with Reptile abuse.

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Themistocles, 13 Apr 2013.

  1. Themistocles

    Themistocles Member

    2 Apr 2013
    CA, USA
    First I am not going to say to where this place is other than in the United State or call it by its name. I will just refer to it as the Zoo.

    I am aware animal abuse is a crime and I am also aware I could just call 911, PETA or HSUS.
    But here is the problem the Zoo has a number of reptile species that are kept in enclosures that are way too small. Too small meaning they can't turn around without hitting there buts first. On top of that they hire cheap labor to clean there enclosures and they use large sticks to poke at the animals. Now I understand that moving some reptiles may need a stick here and there but there is now reason you need a bat sized stick to move a small iguana. It probably wouldn't be so hard if there wasn't four of them in a 3 foot long enclosure only 18 inches tall.
    The place is crazy needless to say.
    My problem comes along if I make the report who is going to come out to investigate?
    I believe its animal control, well animal control calls these guys when there is a reptile problem.

    Believe me I am all for reptiles in zoos and I understand that reptile stores may keep reptiles in relatively small enclosures. Reptile stores usually don't keep animals long term allowing them some leeway on there enclosure sizing. But a zoo should never have exhibits the same size as a reptile store would store a pet for a couple days.
    Believe me I live with large reptiles and know there requirements. The worst part is I know the owners knows there requirements as well.
    I am not sure who I could contact that would have enough knowledge to not be B.S. around by the owner.

    Any help in this situation would be greatly appreciated.
  2. nanoboy

    nanoboy Well-Known Member

    1 Mar 2011
    Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    Just report it to any organisation that will listen - it's all you can do.
  3. BugGirl

    BugGirl Member

    11 Jan 2011
    United Kingdom
    Zoo license equivalent?

    In England all zoos are licensed by the local council, and are inspected by the council (who usually don't have any knowledge of animals, so are accompanied and advised by a zoo vet).

    Not sure if there is a US equivalent to this but if there is, these would be the people to complain to in writing. If you can suggest a reputable reptile expert from a zoo with high welfare standards/best practise who would be able to advise on the conditions, so much the better.

    It's also worth looking at legislation regarding zoo animal welfare. In the UK this is the Zoo Licensing Act

    Zoos who don't conform to the legislation will be licensed under set conditions, and if these are not met for the next inspection risk being shut down.

    Failing that, write to the zoo directly with your complaint. If the response isn't satisfactory, name and shame and look at perhaps starting a petition for a formal investigation by animal welfare organisations?
  4. elefante

    elefante Well-Known Member 10+ year member

    12 Aug 2009
    North Dakota, USA
    I would go ahead and report it. I hate to sound negative, but the AZA doesn't always act on these. The Cat Complex in Omaha is a prime example.