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Polar Bear Enrichment

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Wilson Sub Zeros, 10 Nov 2016.

  1. Wilson Sub Zeros

    Wilson Sub Zeros New Member

    9 Nov 2016
    Milwaukee Wisconsin
    Hello ZooChat,

    We are 5th and 6th grade students studying polar bears and the different enrichments they receive in the zoo. We have been working on creating an audio track that could be played for polar bears off exhibit to help keep their minds active. We also want the audio tracks to represent their natural habitat.

    So far we have come up with one audio track that is meant to be played on repeat. We created it in Garageband using different sound effects. The first track is called "Arctic Ocean" and features sounds like; calm ocean, calm wind, seagulls and seals.

    You can listen to it here:

    We are currently working on a second audio track that will be called "Snow Storm" and features sounds like; ice cracking, glaciers falling, stepping through snow, and howling wind.

    We would love any feedback or ideas of other sounds. We hope you like it.

    Thank you

    SubZero Lego Robotics Team
    Wilson Elementary
  2. animal_expert01

    animal_expert01 Well-Known Member

    13 Sep 2015
    QLD Australia
    Very interesting! Maybe you could play the Artic Ocean soundtrack while it is summer, because then is when the polar bears spend time near the sea. The you could play the Snow Storm soundtrack during winter when the polar bears are inland and there is more big snow storms.
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  3. jbnbsn99

    jbnbsn99 Well-Known Member

    3 Feb 2009
    I would focus on adding some Arctic birds to the mix. They'll give a more authentic sound.
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  4. Zooplantman

    Zooplantman Well-Known Member

    23 Jan 2008
    New York, USA
    If you think about it as an animal behaviorist then you might ask what sort of sensory experiences are enriching to polar bears. Do soothing sounds matter to them? Would smells be more enriching? Or are they visual creatures?
    So my question to you is: why did you decide on audio enrichment?
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