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Orana Wildlife Park praise for kiwis

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Coquinguy, 8 Nov 2006.

  1. Coquinguy

    Coquinguy Well-Known Member

    30 Aug 2005
    just checking out oranas website which has been modified to include some nice new pictures. news items...
    *2 sumatran tigers, bred at taronga have been transferred
    *a baby rothschild giraffe has been born-another on the way.

    a few more points. orana's critical level of involvement with native new zealand species is admirable considering its privately-owned status.
    and i was unaware that they were the first zoo in the world to breed scimitar oryx from AI. they are also the only zoo in the region breeding white rhino from zoo-bred stock, have bred 11 cheetah and most surprising and hopeful for someone who wants to have my own zoo) the whole zoo has been built on less than $5 million capital!!!