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Pregnant Petre calm, zoo keepers keep close eye on baby - Sydney Morning Herald

Discussion in 'Google News: Zoos' started by RSS, 5 May 2015.

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    <table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="7" style="vertical-align:top;"><tr><td width="80" align="center" valign="top"><font style="font-size:85%;font-family:arial,sans-serif"><a href=""><img src="//" alt="" border="1" width="80" height="80"><br><font size="-2">Sydney Morning Herald</font></a></font></td><td valign="top" class="j"><font style="font-size:85%;font-family:arial,sans-serif"><br><div style="padding-top:0.8em;"><img alt="" height="1" width="1"></div><div class="lh"><a href=""><b>Pregnant Petre calm, <b>zoo</b> keepers keep close eye on baby</b></a><br><font size="-1"><b><font color="#6f6f6f">Sydney Morning Herald</font></b></font><br><font size="-1">As vets fussed over her, Petre chowed on some food and seemed nonplussed over the fuss her offspring will cause, as it will be the first pygmy hippo calf born at Melbourne <b>Zoo</b> in 33 years. <b>Zoo</b> spokeswoman Judith Henke said vets saw the calf moving on&nbsp;...</font><br><font size="-1" class="p"></font><br><font class="p" size="-1"><a class="p" href=""><nobr><b>and more&nbsp;&raquo;</b></nobr></a></font></div></font></td></tr></table> More...