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Review of Parque del Este Zoo

Discussion in 'Venezuela' started by WLV30SAS, 10 Jul 2014.

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    2 Aug 2012
    Ribera, New Mexico, USA
    This is the first Zoo I have been o in another Country, and being from the US I had mixed feelings, but this Zoo is actually really nice.

    First off the zoo is located inside this monstrous Size City Park, called Parque del Este. It did take me and my colleague awhile to find the zoo once we arrived in the park. The park has large trees, and several ponds in the area. Many wild Parrots and Macaws live in the area giving the park a special kick. The ZOO is a Free Zoo***. You can see the large animals for free. There is a really cheap fee to see the Zoos outstanding reptile house. The Zoo also has an impressive collection of birds. Ill start with the Large Animal Exhibits:

    Large Animal Exhibits. The Zoo has several large island like exhibits that house animals such as Jaguar/ Puma, Capuchins, Muscovy's, Giant River Otters, and American Crocodiles. I will start by saying every exhibit, except for the moneys has several large trees, plenty of water, and a lot of space, and great places for the organism to hide. The Puma/Jaguar exhibit was bigger then any Jaguar exhibit I have seen in the US. It also has multiple view points to see the animals. The Giant River otter Exhibit was similar to many River Otter exhibits in the US, but lacked underwater viewing. The Muscovy exhibit once housed other animals according to one of the keepers, but after the animal passed away of old age, the Muscovy's moved in and conquered. Now the Zoo holds American Crocodiles from a deal made with the Dallas Aquarium I believe. I have never seen an American Crocodile in US Zoos, but got to see a couple here. The Zoos ponds with these animals also hold large species and fish and turtles, that were not identified. There are two other crocodile ponds housing Orinoco Crocodiles, and Caimans. The monkey island is the least attractive of the exhibits, It is large and spacious, but the trees are cut down to size. The monkey here were all former pets donated to he zoo. The exhibit would be nicer if there was glass protecting the outside, because people can easily throw stuff at the Monkeys.

    Next we have the large bird Aviaries. Now most of these are Cement Wire Cages, but Most once again were very large and gave the birds space to fly. The most impressive exhibit is the large Cage for he Zoos beautiful Harpy Eagle. This was a first for me. The Zoo had many species of local birds. Impressive collection of Macaws and Owls housed here.

    The final Portion of the Zoo is the promoted Reptile house. The Zoo boasts the Largest reptile collection in Venezuela and I assume it lives up to the name, after visiting. I am a herp guy who works with snakes and frogs, so this was what I wanted to see. I will start by saying 80% of the terruims are very large and it doesn't make the animal look squished. Besides about two exhibits the snakes were abled to fully stretch out in their homes. The Zoo houses amazing Creatures I have only seen in books like Dwarf Caimans. The Zoo also houses a truly monstrous Tiger Python that was as large as the anacondas we worked with on this trip. There also many turtles kept in a large island in the middle of the reptile house. Baby crocs are kept with them. The zoo has several species of frogs, and a couple different lizards. There is an impressive amount of vipers housed here.

    Overall, if anyone is in Caracas, I recommend seeing this Zoo. Its a hidden gem, and was not super busy for a hot weekend day.