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Revista Cubazoo - special anniversary issue

Discussion in 'Cuba' started by carlos55, 27 Apr 2015.

  1. carlos55

    carlos55 Well-Known Member

    19 Jan 2014
    If you can read spanish you may enjoy Cubazoo the journal of the Zoologico Nacional de Cuba. It is online at .
    The latest journal celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first breeding of chimpanzee that occured on the estate of Rosalia Abreu on the 27th of april of 1915. Madame Abreu´s estate was not very far from where the Zoologico Nacional now is. She also bred orangutans in 1929. When she died in 1930 her collection of apes went to the Philadelphia zoo. The article reminds us of this forgotten pioneer of primatology. The photos are great.
    In other volumes of cubazoo you will find much information on cuban zoos and wildlife.
    Disfruten, estimados camaradas.
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