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rhesus macaque

Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by zatanvic, 1 Jan 2011.

  1. zatanvic

    zatanvic New Member

    1 Jan 2011
    brighton east sussex UK
    It looks like it's rather hard to find rhesus macaques (or any macaques) in UK zoos.

    to give disclosure:

    I'm a scientist who is making the world's largest whole brain computer simulation of a primate brain (including people) using the UK's largest super computer.

    At the moment I spend most of my time doing macaque neuro-anatomy using sources from 1905 onwards.

    animals were most definitely harmed gathering all that data, but I don't use new data and it seems a waste to throw it out. It's unique.

    we do use new data,but not that harms any animals. same techniques used on people.

    a macaque brain is really very like a human's, but smaller. and the 106 years of research I've got (that killed animals) gives us information we can't get easily from humans.

    those are the facts. If I was willing to hurt macaques then there are studies I could be doing that I think have merit.

    But I'm not. I make computer models instead.

    I'd like to see a group of rhesus (or any macaque, but hopefully rhesus) in Zoo somewhere in southern england.

    I guess a safari park is best, But I don't drive.

    are there any zoos with groups of rhesus or other macaques? Preferably large groups. Or safari parks where you don't need a car?

    One problem is rhesus are a bit common. they're all over northern india. but their behaviour is geared towards exploiting humans (tourists actually, they discriminate the easy targets)

    I'd like to see them at least semi-wild.

    cheers....sorry about brodman, walker, baily and all the rhesus killing posse from before 1950, and certainly the stuff from 80's 90's.

    It would disturb you to know how much of what we know about what happens to live human bodies under very extreme conditons comes from Nazi experiments.

    we keep the data. of course we do.