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Bioparco di Roma Rome Zoo - non zoo nerd - what to recommend ?

Discussion in 'Italy' started by zoospud, 15 Feb 2015.

  1. zoospud

    zoospud Well-Known Member

    28 Jul 2007
    Chester, UK.

    I have been asked by a good friend of mine as to the highlights of Rome zoo. She is over in Italy to watch Wales play rugby. She often visits zoos on her travels so is 'aware' but is not a zoo 'nerd'.

    What would the Top 5 enclosures in Rome zoo be ?

    Regards, Paul M.

    PS. her and her husband enjoy a pint so please feel feel to recommend any decent local ale nearby !

    PS 2. they are then flying from Rome to Amsterdam however I will raise that in a separate thread.
  2. zooboy28

    zooboy28 Moderator Staff Member

    1 Aug 2010
    Melbourne, Aust (ex. NZ)
    Why does your friend need a list of the top 5 exhibits?

    The best part of the Rome Zoo was the Reptile House, the native species exhibit, and I also liked the Addax enclosure, but mostly because it was just weird seeing them in the snow. Not much else springs to mind, although the Orang exhibit has been extended so that might be good now. Most of the zoo was fairly average, with some parts quite run down.