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Discussion in 'General Zoo Discussion' started by Holly2873, 29 Aug 2023.

  1. Holly2873

    Holly2873 Active Member

    13 Aug 2023
    So you know how you can go on safari to see lions(and other animals)in the wild, notice the vehicles don’t have anything to stop the lions getting in like windows or barriers etc.

    My question is could a zoo create their own safari where visitors will get into a vehicle and be driven around a lion enclosure and the vehicle will have no windows or barriers etc on it? Would it work? Would the lions ignore the vehicle like the ones in the wild do? Given they have a lot of space like say 100 acres. Is this possible? Has anyone tried?
  2. RandomConservationist

    RandomConservationist Well-Known Member

    2 Feb 2021
    Mississippi, USA
    There are differences in the expectations of safety and the liability that is associated with seeing and interacting with wildlife in a zoo versus in their natural habitat. I don't think you'll ever see a responsible zoo offer direct contact with even sub-adult lions. You can find certain institutions that allow you to interact with cheetahs, and animals like cheetahs are regularly handled via direct contact methods unlike larger big cats like lions, leopards, and tigers.

    You can find many places in the US that allow you to take driven tours, or even drive your own cars, through safari-like areas but the pastures that these tours take place in are generally home to large hoofed stock like giraffes, zebras, antelope, etc.
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