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Sailfish in Aquamarine Fukushima

Discussion in 'Japan' started by condor, 25 Nov 2009.

  1. condor

    condor Well-Known Member

    3 Apr 2008
    There are three small sailfish in Aquamarine Fukushima. One looks bad (broken sword and skinny) and I think probably won't survive but the two others look better. About two months ago they came to the aquarium but I just discovered it. Don't know if they are still there. You can use Google Translate to translate Japanese but not all text make sense. On first video you can see one catch a small fish.

    Aquamarine Fukushima news 2009/9/14
    So-net blog 2009-09-27

    Amazing looking fish but pelagic and perhaps not really suited for any aquarium. But if some aquariums like Monterey can keep large fast swimming fish like tunas perhaps sailfish is also possible in a big tank? I guess the risk of broken sword make it more difficult?
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