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San Diego Zoo Safari Park, San Diego Zoo Photo Requests

Discussion in 'United States' started by Anteaterman, 21 Jun 2019.

  1. Anteaterman

    Anteaterman Well-Known Member

    28 Jul 2017
    This July, I'll be heading to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. (Maybe the San Diego Zoo as well). I won't be doing any species lists (because I went last year, and the collections can't have changed that much.) Instead, I'll be going to take some (hopefully) good photos of animals. I was wondering if anyone wanted any photos of any specific animals that are at the Safari Park or Zoo. The deadline for requests is July 10th. I will make a list of requests for photos, then try to take photos of each animal requested. Once I have the photos, I will post them in the ZooChat folders, where they can be viewed.

    Some things to note:
    • Keep in mind that small, nocturnal, or shy animals (For example, Black Footed Cats or Kagus) will probably not be photographed unless I get really lucky and see them.
    • I will be going on the Asian Cart Safari at the park, so Asian animal photo requests (For example, Greater One-Horned Rhinos) are welcomed.
    • I might also be going on the Behind-the-Scenes Safari, so photos from off-exhibits animal areas will obviously be taken.
    • No need to request photos of Anteaters because they're already on my list. (Obviously.)
    In other news...
    • San Francisco Zoo Complete Species List coming earlier than expected, going in either July or August.
    • Woodland Park Zoo Complete Species List still coming in August.
  2. drill

    drill Well-Known Member

    26 Feb 2017
    Norfolk, Va
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