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Save the Arctic - inspired by a bus driver in New Zealand!

Discussion in 'Wildlife & Nature Conservation' started by justine2151, 3 May 2016.

  1. justine2151

    justine2151 New Member

    3 May 2016
    London, England
    When I travelled around New Zealand, probably the best country in the world I've been too with regards conservation, I used Naked buses to get around. I had this one amazing driver between Nelson and Kaikoura, who literally did not shut up all the way there. What he was telling us about was fascinating though, from the wine industry to the history of the farmers and then when we hit the coast it was all about 'food today, and food for tomorrow'.
    He described the eco systems of the coastline there, sheltered by the Kaikoura Canyon under the ocean. Then he talked about the dead water phenomenon, where an animal is fished to the point of extinction in a certain area, and not only does that animal die, those above and below in the food chain do too. That really stayed with me, so when I had a chance to design a poster for a greenpeace contest protesting against industrial fishing fleets entering the Arctic, that's the message I wanted to get across in the image I created.
    The campaign is great and needs plenty of views and support, I've left the link below to everyones posters, mines a way-way down there but if you search 'dead water' you'll find it. Thanks anonymous Kiwi Naked bus driver for educating a veggie Brit and inspiring a poster!