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Sea Beach Zoo , Bathing Station , Aberdeen (1906-1909)

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    22 Mar 2019
    Sea Beach Zoo , Bathing Station , Aberdeen and Alhambra Music Hall , Aberdeen (1906-1909) ... This establishment was begun in 1906 by Entrepreneur Mr John Sinclair ....

    This Zoo was commenced in 1906 for the first year the adverts state only that there were Wild Beast , Birds and Reptiles at the Zoo and the admission price was 2d for Adults and 1d for Children and the opening times were 10 am to 9.30pm...

    By April 1907 it was announced that Chaka the Lion had arrived from Dublin Zoo he was aged approx 9 1/2 years old and had cost £100 ... He was reputed to be the largest Lion in captivity in Britain ..... The Collection at the Zoo now was listed as a Pair of African Lions , Bears, Wolves , Hyenas , Llamas , Antelope, Monkeys , Birds and Reptiles..

    In May 1907 several animals were placed here on loan from the soon to be closed Duthie Park Zoo .. Mr Sinclair had announced he would only take healthy animals..

    In October 1907 the Animals were moved to their Winter Quarters which was the Alhambra Music Hall which was at the junction of Market Street and Gould Street ... In the gallery of the Hall was placed Parrots and Birds that had arrived from the Duthie Park Zoo ... Additions to the Winter Zoo were a 7 week old Black Bear , A Persian Gazelle and additional Monkeys ... The Winter Quarters were officially opened on the 14th October 1907

    April 1908 it was regretfully announced that Chaka the Lion had to be euthanised by poison due to an irrecoverable illness ....

    By July 1908 Camel rides were being given on the Beach by "Mary" the Zoo Camel... Also in this month 2 Black Seals arrived at the Zoo and a Deer and an Opossum were born at the Zoo

    By March 1909 a Bull Calf Camel was born to Mary and the name given to it was Friday

    April 1909 5 Wolf Cubs were born at the Zoo this was the second litter of Wolves for the Zoo ... A close eye was to be kept on them as the previous litter saw 2 Pups killed by a Leopard at the Zoo.

    November 1909 saw the demise of the Zoo as Mr Simpson advised the Alhambra Hall in October that he was unable to pay the November rent ... Immediately the Hall owners called in the local Sheriff and straight away all Mr Sinclairs Animals and Equipment at the Hall were impounded... A few days before this occurred Mr Sinclair had managed to remove some of his Animals from the site ... However , the Sheriff announced that this warrant was to remain in force and all Animals that could be brought back should be brought back .... It turned out that one Bear was on loan to Mr Sinclair and therefore was not "impounded" ... The owner of that Bear was able to seek another Zoo that would take it as soon as possible ... However , the Sheriff announced that all of the rest of the Animals that belonged to Mr Sinclair were to be sold to satisfy the debt .... The debt was disputed as to whether it was £35 or £70 but due to the sum of a maximum £70 the Zoo was lost forever..

    Images 1 and 2 show Effectively the site of the Zoo Image 3 is the Zoo advert of 1906 Image 4 is the Alhambra Music Hall site as it was recently
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