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Seal saga at Reykjavík Zoo

Discussion in 'Iceland' started by Shirokuma, 7 Aug 2015.

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    1 Sep 2009
    Earlier this week the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police received an unusual callout: a seal pup was hanging out at Laugardalur camping ground. Some tourists had come across the pup on their morning walk.

    The seal was returned to its home at the nearby Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo but not before biting one of the officers, who was taken to the hospital’s emergency department for treatment.

    It was reported that the pup will be slaughtered this autumn and used as feed for the zoo’s foxes because there is no room for the animal at the zoo. In fact it was killed this week.

    A Facebook page called Spare the Life of the Sprinter Seal was created following its capture. It was liked by almost 1,400 people, but that was not sufficient to change the minds of park officials. Despite suspicions by pup fans that its escape attempt has resulted in capital punishment, zoo officials claim there is no connection. On the contrary, they maintain that every pup not intended for breeding must be slaughtered by the end of summer due to lack of space in the zoo. That statement has further increased the grief of the pup’s fans who are convinced the pup knew its days were numbered and, therefore, attempted to escape. They believe this to have been a clear sign of unusual intelligence and, thus, a reason to use the pup for breeding.

    Chris Draper, Programmes Manager for the Born Free Foundation, said: “The case of this seal provides yet further evidence of a dirty secret in the zoo industry: zoos kill healthy animals. Zoos must accept responsibility to maintain their animals in good health and to provide them with adequate lifetime care – anything less is a betrayal of the animals, zoo visitors and the wider public. We are calling for swift action to end the killing of healthy animals in zoos.”

    There are also reports of zoo staff 'feasting' on zoo animals every autumn. What they neglect to add is that almost all of these animals at the zoo are domestic farm animals.

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