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Sedgwick County Zoo Sedgwick County Zoo Species List (06/19/19)

Discussion in 'United States' started by bugboiben, 20 Jun 2019.

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    3 Apr 2018
    Ames, IA
    Yesterday I took a trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo, and it was definitely worth the 5 hour drive! Some of the exhibits were a bit outdated, but they had a really impressive collection. Below are all the species that I either saw or were signed.

    Zoo Entrance
    • Greater Flamingo, Caribbean Flamingo
    • Koi
    Asian Farm
    • Karakul Sheep, Silkie Bantam Chicken
    • Yak
    • Gyr Zebu
    • Domestic Water Buffalo, Indian Runner Duck, Sebastopol Goose, Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig
    American Farm
    • Arapawa Island Goat, Nigerian Dwarf Goat
    • Gloucestershire Old Spot Pig
    • Milking Devon Cow, Ancient White Park Cow, Highland Cow, Heritage Shorthorn Cow, Pineywoods Cow
    • Honeybee
    • Mule, American Cream Draft Horse
    • Poitou Donkey
    • Navajo-Churro Sheep, Magpie Duck, Cayuga Duck, Pilgrim Goose
    • Lakenvelder Chicken, Nankin Bantam Chicken, Bourbon Red Turkey
    African Farm
    • Domestic Guineafowl
    • Sebastopol Goose, Watusi, Guinea Hog
    • Miniature Donkey, Arapawa Island Goat
    • Tunis Sheep
    • Dromedary Camel
    Penguin Cove (Closed when I was there)
    • Humboldt Penguin, Inca Tern, Grey Gull
    Amphibian and Reptile House
    • Gulf Coast Spiny Turtle, River Cooter, Razor-Backed Musk Turtle, Yellow-Blotched Map Turtle, Pascagoula Map Turtle, American Bullfrog, Black Crappie, Longnose Gar, Golden Shiner, Green Sunfish
    • Aldabra Tortoise
    • Alligator Snapping Turtle (Off exhibit)
    • Puff-Faced Water Snake, Tentacled Snake
    • African Dwarf Mud Turtle
    • Rio Cauca Caecilian
    • Western Bearded Anole
    • Rough-Scaled Python, Splendid Treefrog
    • Kaup’s Caecilian
    • Green and Black Poison Dart Frog
    • Venezuelan Lancehead, Eyelash Viper
    • Chinese Crocodile Lizard
    • Golden Mantella
    • Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle, Mandarin Rat Snake, Black-Spined Toad
    • Okinawa Newt
    • Oaxacan Knob-Scaled Lizard (Off exhibit)
    • Black-Bellied Salamander
    • Rubber Boa
    • European Green Toad, Scheltopusik
    • Eastern Hellbender
    • Spotted Turtle, Bog Turtle
    • King Cobra
    • King Cobra
    • Berber Skink, Egyptian Tortoise
    • Sonoran Desert Toad, Sonoran Spiny-Tailed Iguana
    • Gila Monster, Chuckwalla
    • Muller’s Clawed Frog
    • Carrot-Tail Viper Gecko
    • Kaiser Newt
    • Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake
    • Long-Nosed Snake
    • Madagascar Spider Tortoise
    • Karsten’s Plated Lizard
    • Black Mamba
    • Cape Twig Snake
    • Indochinese Spitting Cobra
    • Gaboon Viper
    • Sabah Spiny Stick Insect
    • Salmon Pink Birdeater Tarantula
    • Asian Forest Scorpion
    • Asian Giant Centipede
    • Giant Cave Cockroach
    • New Guinea Spiny Walkingstick
    • Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula
    • Free Flight: Beautiful Fruit Dove, Collared Finch-Billed Bulbul, Blue-Gray Tanager, Black Crake, Golden-Breasted Starling, Grosbeak Starling, Crested Wood Partridge, Crested Coua, Sunbittern, Cinereous Finch, Wonga Pigeon, Speckled Mousebird, Giant Indian Flying Fox, Crested Quail Dove, Golden-Headed Quetzal, Great Blue Turaco, Red-Crested Turaco, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Emerald Starling, Taiwan Yuhina, Violet-Backed Starling, Bush Thick-Knee, Baikal Teal, Marbled Teal, Mandarin Duck, North American Ruddy Duck, Ringed Teal, Nicobar Pigeon, Oriole Warbler, Chinese Hwamei, Edward’s Pheasant, Tambourine Dove, Black-Naped Fruit Dove, Snowy-Crowned Robin-Chat, Regent Parrot, Peruvian Thick-Knee, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, African Collared Dove, Scarlet-Faced Liocichla, White-Breasted Wood Swallow, Luzon Bleeding-Heard Dove, Common Bulbul, Spangled Cotinga, Blue-Bellied Roller, Asian Fairy Bluebird, Red-Capped Cardinal
    • White-Spotted River Ray, Plecostomus
    • Guam Kingfisher
    • Mariana Fruit Dove, Golden White-Eye
    • Guam Rail
    • Sunda Wrinkled Hornbill
    • Red-Tailed Giant Gourami, Fly River Turtle, Spotted Scat, Seven-Spotted Archerfish, Queensland Red Claw Yabby, Northern Snakeneck Turtle, Boeseman’s Rainbowfish, Australian Lungfish, Silver Moony
    • Blind Cave Tetra
    • Red-Tailed Silverside, Pinstripe Damba, Gold Saroy, Marakely,
    • Cuban Crocodile
    North America
    • Grizzly Bear
    • American Black Bear (Off exhibit)
    • Wild Turkey, White-Tailed Deer, Sandhill Crane
    • River Otter (Off exhibit)
    • Western Hognose Snake, Great Plains Rat Snake
    • Osage Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake
    • Prairie Rattlesnake
    • Speckled Kingsnake
    • North American Ruddy Duck, Blue-Winged Teal, Hooded Merganser, Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, Cinnamon Teal
    • Bald Eagle
    • Elk
    • Bald Eagle
    • Mexican Grey Wolf
    • American Bison
    • Pronghorn
    • Puma
    • Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
    • Amur Leopard
    • Bar-Headed Goose, Ruddy Shelduck, White Stork
    • Malayan Tapir
    • Red Panda
    • Amur Tiger
    • Amur Tiger
    • Burmese Brow-Antlered Deer
    • Great White Pelican, Pink-Backed Pelican
    • Red-Ruffed Lemur
    • Black-and-White Colobus Monkey
    • Western Lowland Gorilla
    • Black Crowned Crane, Okapi
    • Saddle-Billed Stork, Okapi
    • African Bush Elephant
    • Meerkat
    • Meerkat
    • Red River Hog
    • African Lion
    • African Painted Dog
    • Warthog
    • Grevy’s Zebra
    • Hippopotamus
    • Black Rhinoceros
    • Black Rhinoceros
    • Caracal
    • Reticulated Giraffe
    • Double-Wattled Cassowary
    • Free Flight: Plumed Whistling Duck, Masked Lapwing, Laughing Kookaburra, Tawny Frogmouth, Blue Crowned Pigeon, Red-Breasted Goose, Tammar Wallaby, Australian Wood Duck, Pied Imperial Pigeon, Eastern Rosella, Crested Pigeon, New Zealand Shoveler, Chestnut Teal, Freckled Duck, Radjah Shelduck, Straw-Necked Ibis, Black Swan, Scaly-Sided Merganser, Pale-Headed Rosella, Red-Crested Pochard
    • Grand Eclectus Parrot
    • Blue-Faced Honeyeater
    • Grand Eclectus Parrot, Salmon-Crested Cockatoo, White Cockatoo, Dollarbird, Galah, Bush Thick-Knee
    • Masked Lapwing, Pesquet’s Parrot
    • Common Wallaroo, Emu
    • Kea
    South America
    • Free Flight: Yellow-Naped Amazon, Pudu, Red-Fronted Macaw, Bahama Pintail, Puna Ibis, White-Faced Whistling Duck, Venezuelan Troupial, Blue-Knobbed Curassow, Scarlet Macaw, Argentine Ruddy Duck, Green Winged Macaw, Red Shoveler, Boat-Billed Heron, Yellow Shouldered Amazon, Coscoroba Swan, Hyacinth Macaw, Roseate Spoonbill, Puna Teal, Orinoco Goose, Wood Stork, Buffon’s Macaw, Blue-and-Yellow Macaw, Chiloe Wigeon
    • Yellow-Collared Macaw, Yellow-Headed Amazon
    • Yellow-Footed Tortoise, Jamaican Iguana
    • Maned Wolf
    • Blue-Headed Pionus, Sun Conure
    • Southern Screamer, Golden Conure
    • King Vulture
    • Hyacinth Macaw, Blue-Throated Macaw, Guira Cuckoo, Green Jay, Green Aracari
    • Chacoan Peccary
    • Red-Legged Seriema
    • Capybara
    • White-Nosed Coati
    • Giant Anteater
    Chimpanzee and Orangutan Complex
    • Chimpanzee
    • Sumatran Orangutan
    I may have missed a couple species, especially in the free-flight areas since they have such a large bird collection. Some species that were listed on the website but were not seen include:
    • Glossy Snake
    • Eastern Bongo
    • Mongoose Lemur
    • Ring-Tailed Lemur
    • Giant Madagascar Day Gecko
    • Demoiselle Crane
    • Palm Cockatoo
    • Blue-Crowned Motmot
    • Common Squirrel Monkey
    • Broad-Snouted Caiman
    • Common Vampire Bat
    • Green Woodhoopoe
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    3 Feb 2022
    Oklahoma, USA
    Thank you for posting this list! I haven't been to the Sedgwick County Zoo since March of 2013, but it has an impressive collection - especially the bird representation! I'm happy to see that almost all of the birds and mammals that I remember from 2013, were still present in 2019. I hope to make a trip up there this summer - It's less than a four-hour drive for me. Would love to see the Keas, the Buffon's Macaw, and the Crested Quail Dove.
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    The black rhinos are both Eastern Black Rhinos
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