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Shocking Look into Chinese Fur Farms

Discussion in 'Wildlife & Nature Conservation' started by ThylacineAlive, 30 Mar 2013.

  1. ThylacineAlive

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    20 Oct 2012
    Connecticut, U.S.A.
    WARNING: This video shows some very disturbing things I would have preferred not to see:(

    A Shocking Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms (2005) - YouTube


    Here's the petition I found this video on:

    I know how most of you feel about petitions but if any of you decide you want to sign it's there......

    EDIT: The guy that released that video has released a few more on his channel. I've not watched them myself, though, so do not know how disturbing they are. While the video above is from 2005 I believe there's a video of the same type of activity from 2012:(