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Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Species list by exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo

Discussion in 'United States' started by Moebelle, 15 Nov 2011.

  1. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    There are some changes to the list.

    Children's Zoo
    Brown-nosed coatimundi(1) is not on display anymore

    Reptile House
    Asian Vine Snake**(1) off exhibit
    Sudan plated lizard**(1) off exhibit
    Gray tree frog(1) off exhibit
    Add Dumeril’s Ground Boa(5)
    Add Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake(8)
    Add Amazonian Milk Frog(?)

    Manatee Springs
    Florida Cottonmouth(1) off exhibit
    Add Timber Rattlesnake*(2) to Florida Biodiversity and take off from Palmetto Scrub.

    Jungle Trails
    Add Coquerel's sifaka**(1.1) to African Animals
    African Striped Weasel**(1) left zoo
    Add Potto**(7) over striped weasel
    Add Large-spotted genet*(1.0) to bamboo lemur's place
    Add Grey Bamboo Lemur***(2) next after aye-aye
  2. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Here's an organized list of World of the Insect species and sections.

    What is an Insect?: Green Lead Cockroach, Emerald ash borer, Vinegaroon, Dragon-headed Katydid, Blue Death Feigning Beetle, Mexican redknee tarantula, Zebra Bug, Togo Starburst Spider, Red-eyed Assassin Bug, Deer-horned Stag Beetle, Malayan Leaf Katydid, Giant desert hairy scorpion.
    Success of the Insect: Bat Cave Cockroach, Yellow-bellied Beetle, Jade-headed Buffalo Beetle, Emperor scorpion, Tin-foil Beetle, Thorny Devil, Dead leaf mantis, Brown recluse spider, East African Whip Scorpion, Cave Whip Spider, Sonoran desert centipede, Honey ant, Grey Bird Grasshopper, Giant Jumping Stick, Sunburst Diving Beetle, Golden silk orb-weaver.
    What Eats Insects: Blue Spiny Lizard, Black tree monitor, Rough Green Snake, Dyeing Poison Dart Frog, Madagascar giant day gecko, Ornate Horned Frog, Emperor tamarin.
    Insects in Motion: Australian Walking Stick, Giant Spiny Leaf Insect, Water Scavenger Beetle, Giant water bug, Indian Whisker Shrimp, Water scorpion, Water strider.
    Naked Mole Rats: Naked mole rat
    From Egg to Adult: White-eyed Assassin Bug, Velvet ant, Red-lined Darkling Beetle.
    Insect Lifestyles: Taxicab beetle, Madagascar hissing cockroach, Brazilian salmon tarantula, Eastern lubber grasshopper, Giant cockroach, Bullet ant, Giant Walking Stick, Leaf-cutter ant, Green-leaf Katydid, Big headed ant, Honeybee.
    Butterfly Rainforest: Jambu Fruit Dove, Spangled Cotinga, West Peruvian Dove, White-naped Pheasant Pigeon, Golden-headed Manakin, Blue Ground Dove, Passion Flower Butterfly.
  3. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Sorry I messed up. From the tin-foil beetle to the honey ant is the section called, "What Insects Eat".
  4. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Cat Canyon
    *Tiger (white)
    *Malayan Tiger
    *Snow Leopard

    Reptile House. From right to left.
    *Ornate monitor
    *Jameson's mamba
    *Rio Fuerte beaded lizard
    *Desert grassland whiptail lizard
    *Angolan python
    *Black milk snake
    *Aruba Island rattlesnake
    *Everglades rat snake
    *Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake/Mexican west coast rattlesnake
    *King Cobra
    *Brazilian rainbow boa
    *African pancake tortoise
    *California kingsnake
    *Puff adder
    *Razo Island Skink***
    *Yucatan Neotropical rattlesnake
    *Black rat snake
    *Brazilian lancehead
    *Madagascar giant day gecko
    *Nelson's milk snake
    *Dumeril's ground boa
    *Green tree python
    *Blue tree monitor
    *Gaboon viper
    *Center: Chinese alligator, alligator snapping turtle, Florida snapping turtle, red-eared slider.
    *Outside: Galapagos tortoises

    Jungle Trails
    *Mueller's Gibbon
    *Lesser Adjutant
    *Sumatran orangutan
    *Northern Luzon giant cloud rat
    *Pygmy slow loris
    *Sugar glider
    *White-handed gibbon
    *Francois' langur
    *Lion-tailed macaque
    *Pink-backed pelican
    *Saddle-billed stork
    *Black-and-white-ruffed lemur
    *Congo peafowl
    *Diana monkey
    *Garnett's galago
    *Large-spotted genet
    *Coquerel's sifaka
    *Emperor scorpion
    *Ruddy shelduck
    *Golden-breasted starling
    *Eastern yellow-billed hornbill
    *Eastern lesser bamboo lemur
    *Dumeril's ground boa
  5. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    From the other side of the emperor scorpion exhibit, grey bird grasshoppers, giant jumping sticks, orb weaver spiders, and sunburst diving beetles is the section called, Defense and Escape.
  6. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    New/Returned Species:
    -Thai Red Mountain Rat Snake
    -Yellow Pond Turtle
    -Two-toed Amphiuma
    -Amazon Millipede
    -Desert Hairy Scorpion
    -Giant Black Stag Beetle

    Replaced/Removed Species:
    -Brazil's Lancehead
    -Razo Island Skink
    -Hyacinth Macaw
    -Crested Screamer
    -Alligator Snapping Turtle (Manatee Springs Greenhouse only)
    -Giant African Millipede
    -Red-lined Darkling Beetle
    -Velvet Ant
    -Dead Leaf Mantis
    -Yellow-billed Hornbill
    -Golden-breasted Starling
    -Four-banded Sandgrouse
    -Sonoran Desert Centipede
    -Green Anole
    -Large-spotted Genet
  7. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Here's an updated list as of October 21, 2013. The stars no longer tell the value of an animal. One star stands for an old animal species that is new to the area. Two stands for an old species that was previously replaced and is now back on exhibit. Three stars represents a completely new species since the year 2011. All these animals are in order of how you would see them. The highlighted, individual animals are the ones that I've noticed who get the most attention.

    Elephant Reserve
    1. Indian Elephant - Schottzie, My-Thai
    -Malaysian Elephant - Jati, Sabu

    Africa and Giraffe Ridge
    1. Masai Giraffe/Grey-crowned Crane
    2. Greater Flamingo
    3. Southeast African Lion
    4. Cheetah/Domestic Cat/Fishing Cat/Serval/Red River Hog
    5. Cheetah

    Discovery Forest
    1. Blue-and-gold Macaw
    2. Boa Constrictor
    3. Linnaeus’s Two-toed Sloth

    Gibbon Islands and Red Pandas
    1. Red Panda
    2. Siamang
    3. Buff-cheeked Gibbon

    Children's Zoo
    1. African Penguin
    2. Little Penguin-ZB-ZB
    3. Bearcat
    4. Homing Pigeon
    5. Gopher Tortoise/Radiated Tortoise/Red-footed Tortoise
    6. Southern Three-banded Armadillo
    7. Domestic Chicken/Red Junglefowl
    8. Nigerian Dwarf Goat
    9. Dexter Cattle
    10. Jacob Sheep
    11. Miniature Cattle
    12. Nigerian Dwarf Goat
    13. Alpaca/Llama
    14. Baby Doll Sheep/Miniature Donkey
    15. Bennett’s Wallaby/Parma Wallaby

    Swan Lake
    1. Red-crowned Crane
    2. Florida Sandhill Crane (Wetland Trail)
    -American Paddlefish
    -Common Carp
    -Canada Goose
    -Layson Duck
    -Mandarin Duck
    -Northern Pintail
    -Redhead duck
    -Trumpeter Swan
    -Wood Duck

    Wildlife Canyon
    1. Sumatran Rhinoceros
    2. Visyan Warty Pig***
    3. Sichuan Takin
    4. Przewalski’s Horse
    5. Bactrian Camel
    6. Emu

    Eagle Eyrie
    1. Steller's Sea Eagle
    2. Andean Condor

    Reptile House
    1. Chinese Alligator/Alligator Snapping Turtle/Florida Snapping Turtle/Red-eared Slider
    2. Ornate Monitor
    3. Fire Salamander***
    4. Cave Salamander/Long-tailed Salamander***
    5. Amazon Milk Frog***
    6. Jamseson’s Mamba
    7. Terciopelo/Parrot Snake***
    8. Cat-eyed Snake***
    9. Beaded Lizard
    10. Angolan Python
    11. Black Milk Snake
    12. Aruba Island Rattlesnake
    13. Tropical Racer***
    14. Desert Grassland Whiptail Lizard/Yucatan Neotropical Rattlesnake
    15. King Cobra
    16. Timber Rattlesnake*
    17. Pancake Tortoise
    18. California Kingsnake
    19. Thai Red Mountain Rat Snake***
    20. Mexican West Coast Rattlesnake
    21. African fat-tailed Gecko
    22. Black Rat Snake
    23. Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
    24. Brazilian Rainbow Boa
    25. Rhinoceros Viper
    26. Nelson’s Milksnake
    27. Dumeril’s Ground Boa
    28. Green Tree Python
    29. Blue Tree Monitor
    30. Gaboon Viper
    31. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo/Salmon-crested Cockatoo
    32. Galapagos Tortoise

    Monkey Island
    1. Japanese Macaque

    Night Hunters
    1. Eurasian Eagle Owl
    2. Pallas's Cat-ZB
    3. Fossa
    4. Aardwolf
    5. Clouded Leopard
    6. Banded Palm Civet*
    7. Common Vampire Bat
    8. Potto-ZB
    9. Aardvark/Indian Flying Fox/Greater Bushbaby
    10. Southern Brazilian Ocelot-ZB
    11. Burmese Python
    12. Black-footed Cat
    13. Arabian Sand Cat
    14. Caracat
    15. Bearcat
    16. Tayra
    17. Bat-eared Fox
    18. Fennec Fox
    19. Fishing Cat
    20. Bobcat
    21. Eastern Siberian Lynx

    Cat Canyon
    1. Cougar
    2. White Tiger
    3. Malayan Tiger
    4. Snow Leopard

    Gorilla World
    1. Western Lowland Gorilla-ZB
    2. Black-and-white Colobus
    3. Grey’s Crowned Guenon

    Lemur Lookout and Dragons!
    1. Ring-tailed Lemur
    2. Ackies Dwarf Monitor
    3. Green Tree Monitor
    4. Quince Monitor
    5. Crocodile Monitor
    6. Komodo Dragon

    Manatee Springs
    1. American Alligator
    2. Barbour’s Map Turtle***/Florida Cooter/Longnose Gar/Mississippi Map Turtle***/Red-eared Slider/Western Mosquitofish
    3. American Crocodile
    4. Caribbean Hermit Crab
    5. Alligator Snapping Turtle/Black Crappie/Channel Catifish/Largemouth Bass/Redeared Sunfish
    6. Knight Anole
    7. Brown Anole***/Green Tree Frog
    8. Florida Manatee/Alligator Gar/Bluegill/Chain Pickerel/Channel Catfish/Grass Carp/Florida Gar/Largemouth Bass/Longnose Gar/Spotted Gar/Golden Shiner
    9. Azureus Cichlid/Banded Dwarf Cichlid/Green Severum/ Mozambique Tilapia/Tiger Oscar/ Red-bellied Piranha/Red Devil Cichlid
    10. Florida Pine Snake***
    11. Two-toed Amphiuma
    12. Green Chromis/Margarita Snail/Royal Gramma Basslet/Florida Decorated Crab/Peppermint Shrimp/Royal Coral Shrimp/Scarlet Hermit Crab/Turbo Snail
    13. Southern Copperhead
    14. Mangrove Water Snake
    15. Loggerhead Musk Turtle
    16. Yellow-bellied Slider***/Western Mosquitofish
    17. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake/Everglades Rat Snake/Grey Rat Snake***

    Rhino Reserve
    1. Indian Rhinoceros
    2. Okapi/Yellow-backed Duiker**
    3. Eastern Bongo
    4. Greater Flamingo-ZB-ZB
    5. Grevy’s Zebra
    6. Indian Rhinoceros
    7. Eastern Black Rhinoceros

    White Lions of Timbavati
    1. Southeast African Lion

    Jungle Trails
    1. Mueller's Gibbon
    2. Lesser Adjutant Stork
    3. Sumatran Orangutan/White-handed Gibbon
    4. Pygmy Slow Loris*
    5. Large-spotted Genet*
    6. Feather-tail Glider
    7. Lion-tailed Macaque
    8. Francois Langur
    9. Pink-backed Pelican/Saddle-billed stork
    10. Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur
    11. Congo Peafowl** (Summer only)/White-naped Raven (Cold weather only)
    12. Coquerel’s Sifaka*** (Summer only)/Angolan Colobus (Cold weather only)
    13. Bonobo
    14. Potto
    15. Garnett's Galago-ZB
    16. Grey Bamboo Lemur/Potto
    17. Coquerel’s Sifaka (indoors)
    18. Black-casqued Hornbill/Hammerkop/Ruddy Shelduck
    19. Emperor Scorpion
    20. Bonobo (indoors)
    21. Aye-Aye
    22. Dumeril’s Ground Boa

    Lords of the Arctic and Bear Hill
    1. Arctic Fox***
    2. Polar Bear
    3. Spectacled Bear
    4. American Black Bear

    Sea Lion Falls
    1. California Sea Lion

    Wolf Woods
    1. Grey Fox
    2. North American River Otter
    3. Mexican Wolf
    4. Barred Owl*

    Wings of the World
    1. Blue-and-gold Macaw/Crested Screamer/Hyacinth Macaw***/Scarlet Macaw
    2. Laughing Kookaburra
    3. Boat-billed Heron***, Mata Mata, Elegant Crested Tinamou, Guiro Cuckoo, Golden Conure, Northern Helmeted Curassow, Opal-rumped Tanager, Paradise Tanager, Pervian Pigeon*, Red-capped Cardinal, Southern Lapwing, Red Shoveler, Saffron Finch, Scarlet Ibis, Sunbittern, Yellow-rumped Cacique
    4. Pesquett’s Parrot
    5. Lady Ross’s Turaco*
    6. Asian Fairy Bluebird, Bali Mynah, Black-crowned Fruit Pigoen, Blue-crowned Laughing Thrush, Giant Fruit Bat, Guam Rail, Nicobar Pigeon, Ornate Fruit Dove, Rhinoceros Hornbill, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, White-throated Ground Dove
    7. Masked Bobwhite Quail, Thick-billed Parrot
    8. Black-winged Red Bishop, Blue-naped Mousebird, Buff-crested Bustard, Golden-breasted Starling, Hammerkop*, Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Violet-backed Starling
    9. Double-crested Cormorant, Tri-colored Heron, Ruddy Duck, Red-bellied Cooter, Peninsula Cooter
    10. Blue-breasted Kingfisher
    11. Bourke’s Parakeet, Croaking Ground Dove, Gouldian Finch, Red-flanked Lorikeet
    12. Blue-breasted Kingfisher
    13. Crested Auklet, Harlequin Duck, Least Auklet, Whiskered Auklet, Spectacled Eider, Smew
    14. Common Murre, Harlequin Duck, Horned Puffin, Pigeon Guillemot, Spectacled Eider
    15. Black-faced Ibis, Chiloe Wigeon, Inca Tern, King Penguin, Magellanic Penguin, Southern Rockhopper Penguin

    Lorikeet Landing
    1. Black-capped Lory
    -Cardinal Lory
    -Cape Barren Goose
    -Magpie Goose
    -Nicobar Pigeon
    -Ornate Lorikeet
    -Pied Imperial Pigeon
    -Rainbow Lorikeet
    -Red Lory
    -Ruddy Shelduck
    -Speckled Pigeon*

    World of the Insect
    1. Green Leaf Cockroach
    2. Emerald Beetle
    3. Vinegaroon
    4. Amazon Millipede
    5. Blue Death Feigning Beetle
    6. Mexican Redknee Tarantula
    7. Zebra Bug
    8. Togo Starburst Tarantula
    9. Bat Cave Cockroach
    10. Giant Jumping Stick
    11. Cave Whip Spider
    12. Red-eyed Assassin Bug
    13. Goliath Tarantula**
    14. Florida Orb Weaver***
    15. Emperor Scorpion
    16. Jade-headed Buffalo Beetle
    17. Thorny Devil Stick Insect
    18. Vietnamese Centipede***
    19. Brown Recluse Spider
    20. Desert Hairy Scorpion
    21. Domino Beetle***
    22. Honey Ant
    23. Tin Foil Beetle
    24. Grey Bird Grasshopper
    25. Sunburst Diving Beetle
    26. Blue Spiny Lizard
    27. Black Tree Monitor
    28. Rough Green Snake
    29. Golden Poison Dart Frog***
    30. Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
    31. African-helmeted Turtle-ZB
    32. Emperor Scorpion
    33. Australian Walking Stick/Giant Spiny Leaf Insect
    34. Water Scavenger Beetle***
    35. Giant Water Bug
    36. Water Scorpion
    37. Water Strider
    38. Naked Mole Rat
    39. White-eyed Assassin Bug
    40. Yellow-bellied Beetle
    41. Taxicab Beetle
    42. Green Leaf Katydid***
    43. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
    44. Giant Cockroach
    45. Malayan Leaf Katydid
    46. Eastern Lubber Grasshopper
    47. Bullet Ant
    48. Giant Walking Stick
    49. Leaf-cutter Ant
    50. Big-headed Ant
    51. African-helmeted Turtle, African Pygmy Goose, Blue Ground Dove, Golden-headed Manakin, Passion Flower Butterfly, Spangled Cotinga, White-naped Pheasant Pigeon

    Completely Off Display or Passed Away
    1. Cane Toad
    2. Razo Island Skink
    3. Gila Monster
    4. Asian Vine Snake
    5. Caatinga Lancehead
    6. Grey Tree Frog
    7. Margay
    8. Geoffroy’s Cat
    9. Meerkat
    10. Blind Cave Fish
    11. Black-headed Douroucouli
    12. Southern Douroucouli
    13. South American Cacomistle
    14. Golden Silk Orb-weaver
    15. Florida Softshell Turtle
    16. Eastern Gulfcoast Waterdog
    17. Northern Luzon Cloud Rat
    18. African Striped Weasel
    19. Eastern Box Turtle
    20. Northern Lapwing
    21. Ragianna Bird-of-Paradise
    22. Scarlet-chested Parrot
    23. Imperial Shag
    24. American Burying Beetle
    25. Magnificent Flower Beetle
    26. Salmon-pink Tarantula
    27. Green June Bug
    28. Velvet Ant
    29. Red-lined Darkling Beetle
    30. Dyeing Poison Frog
    31. Deaf Leaf Mantis
    32. Four-banded Sand Grouse
    33. Sonoran Desert Centipede
    34. Green Anole
    35. Tri-colored Backswimmer
    36. Indian Whisker Shrimp
    37. Giant African Millipede
    38. Ornate Horned Frog
    39. Henkel’s Leaf-tailed Gecko

    Wings of Wonder Bird Show
    1. Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
    2. African Penguin
    3. American Alligator
    4. Bald Eagle
    5. Black Vulture
    6. Blue-and-gold Macaw
    7. Emu
    8. Hyacinth Macaw
    9. Laughing Kookaburra
    10. Red-legged Seriema
    11. Red-winged Macaw
    12. Rhinoceros Hornbill
    13. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

    Animals in Encounters (incomplete list)
    1. American Alligator
    2. Angolan Python
    3. Brown-nosed Coati
    4. California Kingsnake
    5. Eurasian Eagle Owl
    6. Red River Hog
    7. Solomons Island Skink
    8. Eyelash Viper
    9. Fishing Cat
    10. Barn Owl
    11. Indian Star Tortoise
    12. Miniature Juliana Pig
    13. Six-banded Armadillo
    14. Serval
    15. Southern Hairy Armadillo
    16. Corn Snake
    17. Screaming Hairy Armadillo
    18. Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill
    19. Yellow Rat Snake
    20. White-throated Monitor

    Outside during Festival of Lights
    1. Japanese Macaque
    2. Cougar
    3. White Tiger
    4. Malayan Tiger
    5. Snow Leopard
    6. White Lion
    7. Polar Bear
    8. Spectacled Bear
    9. American Black Bear
    10. California Sea Lion
    11. Mexican Wolf
    12. Nigerian Dwarf Goat
    13. Dexter Cattle
    14. Jacob Sheep
    15. Red Panda
  8. ThylacineAlive

    ThylacineAlive Well-Known Member

    20 Oct 2012
    Connecticut, U.S.A.
    Is the Banded Palm Civet really new to Night Hunters? He's been there a while as far as I can tell. Also, the Angolan Colobuses were out during the summer when I visited.

  9. gerenuk

    gerenuk Well-Known Member

    4 Jul 2010
    Do you ever see the paddlefish at the zoo?
  10. ThylacineAlive

    ThylacineAlive Well-Known Member

    20 Oct 2012
    Connecticut, U.S.A.
    Nope. They're pretty much living wild in that huge pond and I would think you'd have to be unbelievably lucky to see one in there. It's pretty much like going to the edge of a large natural pond, looking in, and hoping to see some fish.

  11. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I didn't quite explain this well but if it was a change after 2011, it's considered new for this thread.
  12. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    As for the sifakas, that was before they let them go outside since Bobby's birth. Now that he's used to the outdoor yard, this rotation will remain and the Colobus will be out only after and before sspring.
  13. 11jadaway

    11jadaway Well-Known Member

    5 Sep 2012
    Kingston Upon Thames
    It would be cool if someone could do this for Singapore Zoo.
  14. zoogiraffe

    zoogiraffe Well-Known Member

    12 Sep 2007
    Middlewich,Cheshire U.K
    Well seeing as you are visiting soon well volunteered!!
  15. Bib Fortuna

    Bib Fortuna Well-Known Member

    18 Dec 2010
    Is the species list for Night Hunters today still the same ?
  16. Moebelle

    Moebelle Well-Known Member

    15 Jun 2011
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Put Spectacled Owls at number one and replace the lynx with the Eurasian Eagle Owl

    A new species list will be out at the end of the year.
  17. Bib Fortuna

    Bib Fortuna Well-Known Member

    18 Dec 2010
    Thank you.
  18. OhSnapItsKirby

    OhSnapItsKirby Member

    4 Jan 2013
    Dothan, Alabama
    Wow, I didn't realize Aardwolves were so special when we had them!